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  1. Abigail94

    New Attendees Advice Thread

    Thanks everyone as was nervous with them all being on diamond passes but will just have to see
  2. Abigail94

    New Attendees Advice Thread

    I've been going to these events since 2005 but need some advice: Am planning on attending Sunday and will get there at an hour before opening or maybe 90 mins before if I can. Am planning on trying to meet Lana Parilla, Robert Carlyle, emilie De ravin and Christina ricci (at the moment). I've never tried to meet so many on diamond passes without a diamond pass before, I normally decide to meet 2 on diamond pass without getting 1. Depending on how quick they sign and vts should this be possible in 1 day ???
  3. Wow that is brilliant , love her in sleepy hollow
  4. Abigail94

    Who are you meeting!?

    Hopefully if I can with no diamond pass on a Sunday Robert Carlyle Lana Parilla Emilie de Ravin
  5. Abigail94


    Seriously everyone should meet him , he is honestly one of the nicest guests ever
  6. Yes!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!! Love Belle
  7. Thank you!!! Love her in once upon a time
  8. Am hoping could be someone from star trek discovery as coincides with the 2nd season premiere
  9. Thank you!!! Another smallville guest to add to the collection and love her as supergirl
  10. Thanks for getting him back as missed him last time. Very happy about this!!!!
  11. Abigail94

    Latest Guest Announcement - JOHN SIMM

    This is brilliant, love him as the master. Thanks sm