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  1. Thank you , thank you, thank you, thank you. Been wanting to meet him for years so this is amazing!!!!!!
  2. I have a small thing. Basically at Emilie de ravins auto table I told the staff there I just wanted to have a look and see what photos she had. Emilie wasnt there yet and have never been told I couldn't just look to see before. Went to have a look explaining why and get shouted at for it saying no you cant do that even though was to just see what pictures she had. Dont know if this is a new policy to not let someone just see the pics to make sure there is one they'll like anymore even when the guest isn't there yet??
  3. Today has been amazing as got to meet everyone I wanted , jason Isaacs, shazad latif, emilie de ravin (who said she liked my top which was sweet) and ben barnes. They were all really nice and super chatty. The Tom Felton talk was brilliant especially with him singing. Then that was all topped off with David Morrissey having no one seeing him so quickly chatted to him and got a quick photo. It has probably been one of my favourite LFCCs I've been to and cant wait till next year
  4. Thanks and will be there early tomorrow to get his vq and hopefully meet him :-)
  5. I know it won't guarantee it for tomorrow but was ben barnes doing photos over the table today?
  6. If anyone has met shazad latif, what was he like today ??
  7. Quick question for shazad latifs photoshoot on sunday on the app it says it's at Photo F but on the schedule here it says Photo C . Which is the right one ?
  8. Love her as river song!!! Definitely gonna try and meet her
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