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  1. Thank you SM , missed him couple years ago
  2. One of the nicest guests ever!!
  3. Abigail94

    Statement From Jason

    Hoping for either Ian mckellen and/or Jeff goldblum
  4. Abigail94

    Latest Guest Announcement - FINN JONES

    May have to finally meet him. Thanks sm :-)
  5. Abigail94

    Guest Days & Prices LFCC 2019

    Unless I'm being dense I cant see Tom Felton or shazad latif on there?
  6. Abigail94

    Latest Guest Announcement - TOM FELTON

    Thanks SM , another Harry Potter guest I haven't met yet!!!!
  7. Abigail94

    Big guest announcement wednesday @7pm

    Hoping its Paul Rudd
  8. Missed her before hopefully will catch her this time !!
  9. Wow .....that is amazing. Thanks sm!!!!
  10. Abigail94

    Latest Guest Announcement - GINA TORRES

    This is great, thanks sm
  11. Abigail94


    thank you so much!!!!! He's one of the main ones from star trek discovery I want to meet.
  12. Abigail94

    Latest Guest Announcement - JASON ISAACS

    Well hopefully if budgeting allows both will be possible :-)
  13. Abigail94

    Latest Guest Announcement - JASON ISAACS

    Thank you SM!!!!!! Now need to decide whether to get him to sign harry potter or star trek discovery
  14. Thank you as couldn't make the spring convention, so this is brilliant!!