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  1. My list so far: - Tom Ellis (photo) - Jason Isaacs (photo) - Ben Barnes (photo + auto) - Shazad Latif (photo + auto) - Adam Baldwin (photo + auto) - Michael Shanks (photo + auto) - Finn Jones (photo) - Jessica Henwick (photo) - Joe Flanigan (photo) - Kirk Acevedo (photo) - David Morrissey (photo) maybe: - Robert Patrick (photo) - Vladimir Furdik (photo) - Lennie James (photo) - Daniel Mays (photo)
  2. In addition to Jenna Coleman I would love to see more Victoria cast members: - David Oakes - Ferdinand Kingsley - Tom Hughes - Nell Hudson (she is starring in Outlander too) Outlander: - Caitriona Balfe - Sam Heughan - John Bell - Cesar Domboy - Tobias Menzies - Sophie Skelton - Richard Rankin also: - Sebastian Stan - Chris Pratt - Tom Hiddleston - Kiernan Shipka - Richard Madden to be continued...
  3. minus Matthew Modine, Steven Strait and Lucy Davis plus Tom Baker (Friday) might add photos of Ivana Milicevic and William Hope tomorrow
  4. minus one for me. 6 cancellations for me so far...
  5. Nearly everyone I booked photos with for saturday is cancelling right now... So I will have a relaxed saturday it seems.
  6. Here is my updated and hopefully final photo list, but you'll never know. Never done so many photoshoots before so lets see how it will work out. Friday: James Callis Edward James Olmos Eugene Brave Rock Tom Welling Johnny Whitworth Costas Mandylor Ray Park Saturday: Iwan Rheon (DP) Matthew Modine Rahul Kohli Paige Turco Steven Strait Staz Nair Said Taghmaoui Sunday: Rose McIver Daniel Gillies Peter Capaldi Christopher Eccleston Arthur Darvill Aidan Turner Lucy Davis Richard Wilson Planned autographs: David Bradley, Rose McIver, Rahul Kohli, Johnny Whitworth, Paige Turco, William Hope, Vladimir Furdik, Julian Glover
  7. plus: Rahul Kohli (photo + auto) Paige Turco (photo) Johnny Whitworth (photo + auto) Costas Mandylor (photo + auto)
  8. Yeeees!!! As a big The 100 fan I'm more than pleased. 2 guests from The 100 tonight.
  9. At least we are waiting all together and share the excitement!
  10. That was exact my thinking! Haven't bought any photo ops for quite a while.
  11. Good to know. I'm going to see the play on July 26th. But as Raylenth said I need his signature on a few posters as well...
  12. Here is my updated list: Iwan Rheon (Diamond pass) James Callis (photo + auto) Jamie Bamber (photo) Edward James Olmos (photo) Ray Park (photo) Eugene Brave Rock (photo) Lucy Davis (photo) Said Taghmaoui (photo) Staz Nair (photo + auto) Rose McIver (photo + auto) Matthew Modine (photo + auto) Tom Welling (photo) Daniel Gillies (photo) Peter Capaldi (photo) Christopher Eccleston (photo) Paul McGann (auto) William Hope (auto) Vladimir Furdik (auto) David Bradley (auto) Emily Carey (auto) Adrienne Barbeau (auto) Tom Atkins (auto) Sarah Douglas (auto) Not so busy with photos this year as the last ones... But busy enough. And since The Fog is my all time favourite horror movie I have to try to get Tom Atkins and Adrienne Barbeaus autographs!
  13. I would love to see LOTR/Hobbit actors! After Sylvesters cancellation there is no one left.
  14. Fantastic news indeed. I love Lucifer. As I assume not everyone has seen S3 of Lucifer yet, it's a big spoiler you posted there Liv.
  15. I am wondering if there are any kidneys left to sell after all these years attending LFCC I am hoping for some guests from the marvel universe. TV or movies... or both
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