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  1. Funko Pop Collection

    Just picked up some new "poopies" at the post office. Aragorn, Pippin and Night King with Viserion
  2. Holiday thread, apparently :)

    My gifs are for VIPs only
  3. Holiday thread, apparently :)

    You on android or apple?
  4. Holiday thread, apparently :)

    Huh... Just checked my ipad, it doesn't show there. But it shows on my android phone
  5. Holiday thread, apparently :)

    I'm finally able to get the gif links working on my phone and only half of the people can see them
  6. Holiday thread, apparently :)

    I don't understand!! Whyyyyy????!!
  7. Holiday thread, apparently :)

    He's walking his dog
  8. General Chat

    Soooo fffllluuufffffyyyyyy!!
  9. General Chat

    Sorry. Don't know much about cons in scandinavia in general, so don't know which one you're talking about
  10. General Chat

    I'm having cravings.. cravings for guest announcements!!
  11. Funko Pop Collection

    It's a nickname, ok?!