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  1. VikingGrrrl

    General Chat

    I just watched it earlier today for the first time!
  2. VikingGrrrl

    Friday 7PM dudettes

    #*@%!&#€$*!! I thought it was Thursday too, until I read your comment
  3. VikingGrrrl

    General Chat

    I've seen weirder conversations here...
  4. VikingGrrrl

    General Chat

    I'm sorry, but you're going to be disappointed. I've never seen a house with an interior window like that. It's very creepy And yeah The Snowman is..
  5. VikingGrrrl

    General Chat

    Have some cake..
  6. VikingGrrrl


    Electrifying indeed!
  7. I'm there, I'm there! Now I just have to wait for you guys to get here
  8. Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
  9. That's unfair! It doesn't work like that in our time zone. We have to wait an extra hour before we get the guest announcements.