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  1. Sold Out warnings

    As Diamonds can't be shared, will this be strictly enforced on the day(s)? NB - I have no intention of sharing any of my diamonds, but I am seeing a lot of posts on facebook with the photo option of the diamond up for 'sale'.
  2. Diamond purchased straight away. No hesitation.
  3. Sold Out warnings

    Looks like Tom Baker and Jason Momoa diamonds are also sold out.
  4. LFCC spring 2019

    Depends on the guests announced but that date too close to other cons for me.
  5. Newcastle film and comic con

    I doubt its happening this year. The date is only 7 weeks away and there's been no advertising or guest announcements. The Arena is not even acknowledging it on their website. Maybe next year.
  6. What have you not watched?

    So many things I haven't seen, a quick Google, and I've yet to watch; Films Pulp Fiction The Artist Requiem for a Dream The Big Lewbowski The Usual Suspects Reservoir Dogs Goodfellas The Goonies Blade Runner Apocalypse Now Transformers Any Batman movie Any Spiderman movie My Left Foot Dances with Wolves The Third Man The Great Escape Cool Hand Luke Dead Poets Society Dirty Harry Rebel without a Cause All Disney cartoon movies, such as Bambi, Cinderella, Jungle Book etc I've tried watching, and got bored Harry Potter The Fast & The Furious Citizen Cane TV Shows Vampire Diaries Supernatural House of Cards Better Call Saul Arrested Development Six Feet Under Deadwood American Horror Story The X Files Shameless Entourage Vikings The Fall Suits Twin Peaks Brooklyn Nine Nine The Tudors True Blood Prison Break The Crown
  7. Would love to meet him but I arrive in London on the Friday and I would need an LNER guarantee they will run on time, before I risk buying a DP.
  8. Who are you meeting!?

    I haven't really got anything to say except, I don't know where the delete button is

    Disappointing but I'll console myself by putting the refund towards a James Caan photo op instead and hopefully Toby will come to next years LFCC.
  10. OMG yes missed him last time, glad he's come back.
  11. My colleagues wouldn't dare promise me anything and not following it through
  12. Why not just announce it as there's seriously nothing else to look forward to tonight.