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  1. Thank you both for replying! I think I’m going to take some of my favourite framed but then put the rest in an album where people can just look through them - because I have collected quite a lot over the years
  2. Hi guys, im just curious about if you display your autographs and how? At the moment I have them all in a folder but want to make more of them!
  3. I had some fantastic experiences with guests during the weekend: Christina Ricci was very chatty. She spoke to me about how beautiful my home city is (Bath) and about how I wanted to be an actor. Then when I met her for a photo the next day she remembered me, which I was extremely happy about. Jason Isaacs was talking to everyone. He was shocked when I said I was a fan of the films and insisted I carry on reading the books, after I told him I was in process of it (even though it has been a while ). Robert Carlyle was an utterly fantastic guest! It was the first time I have seen a guest who was actually giving people at the photo shoots a kiss on the cheek! Again, he was very talkative...and I think he is one of the best guests I have met before, and I already have my DP calendar up! Lana Parrilla was taking the time to do poses with everyone, after wanting to meet her for a very long time I was not disappointed but I haven’t heard any different! She wasn’t doing personalisations but sneakily leant over and asked me my name. But, I had a cringy experience with her at the autograph table as all my words just went and when I tried to ask her to sign in a certain place in my book all that came out was: “Could you sign...” and at this point she had already started but stopped and leant over and said: “What do you want me to write?” She was a very memorable guest. And may I say looks absolutely STUNNING in real life. Tom Ellis was great but when I met him at the photo opportunity all my words just went and when he asked how I was all I said was: “Ah...uh...um...yeah I’m fine thanks, you?” And he was very nice about it. However, he had a straight face in my photo which I was quite disappointed about . Tom Felton was very nice but shy. Val Kilmer was doing what he could and it was an absolute honour to meet him! Emilie De Ravin was great! And I love her autograph (puts so much effort into every single person’s)! Sorry the last few are short but I know most of you would be bored reading it i had a fantastic weekend, the organisation was brilliant and it was definitely one of/if not the best cons I have ever been to. So, thank you SM!
  4. Anyone else got a huge case of comic-con blues?
  5. Brilliant guest! One of the best I have ever met at LFCC before....he was taking the time to personalise everyone’s autographs and talking to them and shaking everyone’s hand at both the autograph table and photo ops.Gutted I missed his talk - i’m sure he had a lot of interesting stories to tell!
  6. How come no one has started one of these already! She’s been an absolutely fantastic guest! I wondered why her line for her photo shoot was moving so slowly but then I realised she was taking the time to do everyone’s poses! She was also very chatty at the autograph table, she wasn't doing personalisations but she just leant over to me and asked me what my name was - which was great as everyone in my OUAT Book has personalised it. I had a moment where all my words just flopped out on the table when I was trying to ask her where to sign it, but as soon as I tried to speak again, she asked me what she wanted me to write - then I asked her if it was her first time in London (Why would I ask that??) - what I meant to say was this your first time at a London Convention. May not seem that bad but I have been cringing ever since...luckily I had a much better experience with her in her solo op and duo with Robert (this was that she didn't remember me ) Would love to meet her again...SM please invite her back next year!
  7. Today I was in the queue for an autograph from Tom Felton and was later told that I had to wait until Sunday as that’s when I booked the photo ticket (I booked a dp). Is this new as I can’t remember this from any of the previous years? Will be grateful for the help!
  8. Now to decide Hayden or Val Kilmer? I think I’ll wait for Friday first though
  9. *Crosses fingers* PLEASE BE SOMEONE FROM HARRY POTTER...PLEASE BE SOMEONE FROM HARRY POTTER! *Keeps fingers crossed until 7PM Friday*
  10. Cool stuff! Really hoping he's able to make it this time...Gutted when he had to cancel last time, but understandable. Definetely one for me!
  11. Excellent announcement! Finally another one for me...its been a while!!!
  12. Very Cool! Casper and The Addams Family will always be classics to me. A deffo meet!
  13. Especially Jeff Goldblum Laura Dern Martin Freeman Mark Gatiss Mr T but also anyone from: Star Wars Harry Potter Sherlock Jurassic Park Marvel MCU Rocky
  14. I’ve been trying for at least an hour and it’s still not working
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