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  1. I think these ones are gonna go down well!!
  2. Great read mate!! Was a pleasure to spend a bit more time with you at this show and thank god you convinced me to get Vals autograph o think it ended up being my favourite haha.
  3. OMG I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who had issue with the fish and chips my fish haha
  4. On a personal note, despite the fact I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Bill at a few shows over the years, he was in amazing form this weekend.
  5. The organisers will have a read through feedback on the forum so This will be fed back in.
  6. Gold Pass holders DO require VQ tickets for diamond guests. This is how it was set up a few years ago and hasn’t changed since, the gold pass just gives those holders a bit of a head start on getting VQs for Diamond Guests.
  7. Nice to meet you too mate I’m sorry it was just so fleeting! Also I speak for both QS (Who is currently flying home) and I when I say thank you to all the people that came and introduced themselves to us both it was so nice to meet so many people from on here.
  8. I can’t add much further to what Reylenth has but appearances are subject to so many things and SM get them to where they can, when they can and for however long they can. Ultimately LFCC is the flagship show and is internationally renowned so will always have a certain presence to it but that’s not to say guests won’t come to other shows
  9. After the show is all dismantled and debriefed the organisers will have a look at the feedback and hopefully some of the points in here may be clarified. None of the “mod squad” attended this evening event I’m afraid so it’s difficult for us to comment.
  10. I spent ages at his desk looking through his work it was fantastic, sadly didn’t end up buying anything though. There is always a next time however!!
  11. His talk was fantastic. As above he talked about Peter Falk and Columbo as well as his trip to France, his new show Unexplained, a story about putting a fire out on the set of ST-5 to avoid a delay in the production to allow him to start filming as TJ Hooker. Was a great talk the man is so natural in front of a crowd, it’s always a pleasure to have him here.
  12. Really pleased for you, it’s what makes these things worth it.
  13. For what it’s worth I was crouched down putting something in my bag and someone knocked me over and sprained my knee on Friday I literally crawled out of the autograph area and looked like a right clown (which is fairly normal for me to be honest haha) so don’t feel silly.
  14. I am going to lock this here as this topic is very political and we don’t want to get into it in the forum.
  15. Someone camped out Friday into Saturday this year...totally unnecessary but each to their own!!
  16. That is not out understanding of how this should work, Ravogd I will try my best to keep an eye on this thread any issues let us know me and QS are in the venue and will help where we can.
  17. If you are there from opening to closing I think you’ll manage, the DP guests for the most part do get into the VQs. Gina and Zachary for example managed to get well into the hundreds today.
  18. As Reylenth has said this should be absolutely fine with the sales desk, you will likely purchase your diamond pass and the photo will be refunded (which won’t be immediate) However if you are at the show most of the day I don’t see you having a huge problem getting Jenna on a VQ depending what else you have on, the diamond just gives you the guarantee that no matter what you’ll get your photo and autograph..
  19. There are no plans to add any addition photos (that we are aware of on here) due to the fact he did make his shoot.
  20. Just confirmed via the twitter mods Peter is now Saturday only, all tickets for Friday and Sunday will be refunded. Again we have JUST had this info
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