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  1. She said on an Instagram post that she was only there Saturday
  2. Is the any way to get them on a Friday like lfcc in summer , or is it getting them when inside on Saturday
  3. just waiting to be updated with alex kingston shoot times now :)
  4. Bugger but I've had good luck on cancellations so far
  5. am i going crazy i can't seem to find charlie sheen on Sunday at all
  6. never had a bad experience with any wrestler , favourite was hacksaw jim duggan , just whooping all day long and a nice guy to boot
  7. *Hopes for Karen Gillan or Nathan Fillion *
  8. Well let's hope and let the guessing begin I'm going for Sarah Michelle cellar Tom hanks Robert Downey hr
  9. there is a fairly high chance me and the wife might show at the Thursday
  10. I'm guessing the solo shoots for sunday will also be refunded
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