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  1. SM never really say what the gifts are for diamond passes before the show these days. I’d look at them as an added bonus rather than a reason to get the diamond pass. last time Meatloaf was at LFCC he didn’t get through many VQ ticket autographs as he really likes to spend time with each person. I would advise a diamond for him. As for Alice, I have no idea as to my knowledge he’s not done one of these before so there’s no telling how he’ll be. If you really want to guarantee that auto though, diamond is the way to go as he will surly be very busy.
  2. Have you asked the new hotel if you could drop you bags off early?
  3. Come on now. I know that Nate likes to have a joke and get people wound up, but making jokes about the Jurassic Bark episode of Futurama is crossing a line.
  4. I had it spoiled because if you go and ask google to tell you what the spoiler from last night’s Dr Who episode is, it apparently will tell you! It totally ruined it for me.
  5. I've watched a few things so far this year that have been good; Watchmen, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3, but hands down the best thing on TV at the moment has to be The Goes Wrong Show. I love Mischief Theatre and all their plays that I have managed to see so far and the TV show has lived up to exactly what I wanted it to be and more. There's still one more episode to air but go on iPlayer and watch the others if you haven't seen them. The episodes are not connected so I suggest you watch the court room episode first as it's the best one in my opinion.
  6. With these great guests I can't decide if I should start a Witcher poster or not. Guess I'll have to... toss a coin!
  7. I really miss Tim Balloon. Such a great guy.
  8. That’s not Henry Cavill. This guy has a beard.
  9. Haven’t you just been watching Sex And The City 2 on repeat for 10 years?
  10. I think Sir Michael Caine would have something to say about that!
  11. I have watched nearly 200 films this year and gave up posting them here for the most part. To save myself hours of work I decided I would keep my rankings only to films on their first release in 2019 that I saw at the cinema. There are plenty of other films I saw in a cinema or were released this year that I saw at home, but I'm just keeping this simple.
  12. It will only be confirmed once all the needed details are in place, so I'm afraid you will have to be patient. If I remember correctly, in the past, if a show is not going ahead then no announcement of any kind has been made.
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