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  1. On Facebook… KEVIN MCNALLY will be appearing at our sister show London Film Fair! Unfortunately due to a schedule change, Kevin is unable to appear at London Comic Con Spring this February. All photoshoot tickets for Kevin have automatically been transferred to London Film Fair. If you’re unable to attend, please email enquiries@showmastersevents.com by 27th January and a voucher will be issued for use at a future Showmasters Event.
  2. I don’t recall any early pass pick ups for any show other than the main Summer LFCC, including the Spring and Winter shows, but I could be wrong.
  3. It’s possible, but there have been times when they’ve said similar and the general public have not agreed with those types of remarks when the guest was announced. We shall see though.
  4. Could just be a first time signer for Showmasters The Spring show. That is why this was posted in the Spring forum.
  5. Personally, I think it did. I very much seem to be in the minority but I was disappointed.
  6. Bruce Willis was dead the whole time.
  7. They need to bring Hattie and Norman from Red Dwarf in to do this. I’d 100% buy that photo!
  8. I didn’t get one that had the plexiglass but honestly, the ones I’ve seen from LFCC are the best I’ve seen at any con. You can tell that they’ve put time into researching how to do it and it’s hardly noticeable if it can be seen at all. I’m VERY impressed!
  9. Seeing a few price rises in autographs today. Mark Rolston is £25 instead of £15.
  10. I’m seeing all the gold pass people having to join the same entry queue as standard entry. This can’t be right surely?!
  11. It will be previously bought tickets that now have the new dates on them. It’s not free, your old tickets will no longer work and you’ll need to use the new one.
  12. Yeah, I can’t see her. She is on the schedule. Best bet is to check if she’s there on the day and buy at the sales desk unless things change.
  13. Honestly, I’m not sure anyone other than SM can help I’m afraid. This year is strange due to the pandemic and I have no idea how they’re implementing things. Good luck!
  14. If you can tell us who, we can help better.
  15. If a guest isn’t on the schedule and doesn’t have any photos on sale, it is highly unlikely they will be added.
  16. I don't expect there to be a Thursday collection this year as my guess for the reason the Friday doesn't start until 5pm is because they can't get into the venue until Friday. Friday morning pickup might be possible but we'll have to wait and see if they announce anything.
  17. Keep an eye on both areas, as chances are that one my be running a bit late. If that's the case then go to the earlier one first, or if not just pick one. Explain to a crew member what your clash is and they will help to rush you through.
  18. Not once the schedule’s out! Generally, it’s up to what the guests want to do and the deals SM make with them. At this stage, if they’re not doing a talk, it’s VERY unlikely that one from them will be added.
  19. There’s all kinds of issues with missing guests and others being on that have cancelled or moved events. There’s a lot less than a normal LFCC to organise and more wrong with it than usual it seems!
  20. The lack of communication is getting concerning. Especially with no schedule and several guests still unconfirmed. We don’t even have active mods on here anymore to try and help out.
  21. One guest cancelled, so they’re moving the whole event!
  22. SM have put a note on Facebook saying that if you have this issue, you need to contact them. “We've been made aware that Eventbrite are currently experiencing some technical issues related to new orders. If you have tried to make a purchase and have not received confirmation message but have been charged, please do not retry the purchase and drop us a Facebook message with your email address and the team will be able to look into it further.”
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