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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - COSTAS MANDYLOR

    I have to admit my first thought as well was OMG how is Tanith going to take this.
  2. Help on friday

    I have to completely agree with Reylenth on nearly every point here, the event times are set in stone and to change them would be nearly impossible for reasons such as the start times are written into guest contracts, agreements between SM and smallholders etc so I'm sorry but this will not be happening. in respect of your attire, as the others have said London is a very diverse city that is VERY used to these sorts of events and I really wouldn't anticipate you facing any issues.
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - MARY MCDONNELL

    On a personal note I am over the moon with this announcement, Mary is an absolute dream guest for me.
  4. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you all.
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - PEARL MACKIE

    There are loads of pictures if you type this into google images.
  6. Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    I absolutely loved it, can’t wait to see it again.
  7. Latest Guest Announcement - JASON MOMOA

    There have been a couple of posts today regarding posts being removed. As I said last night the moderators are not going to get into a discussion on pricing, and ask that people refer to the statement above. In respect of hidden posts, again Reylenth has covered the main reason why posts sometimes get hidden. Unfortunately some of these threads have a tendency to become an argument on pricing which we don’t want to get into on here, please remember that guests and their agents DO use this forum.
  8. Latest Guest Announcement - JASON MOMOA

    Whilst the mods are not going to be getting into a discussion on pricing, Reylenth has summed it up perfectly. Each guest, Diamond or not will be different, there is absolutely nothing to say that the premiums have gone up on Diamond guests. Ultimately these names are are in high demand, the package and the fees involved are set at what they are for a reason otherwise they quite simply wouldn’t be coming. In the case of Jason, since his last appearance he has been involved in some major projects and has even more to come.
  9. We are pleased and very excited to announce that Apollo 13 astronaut Fred Haise will be making a very special appearance as Destination Star Trek.
  10. We are very pleased to announce that Jonathan Frakes will be joining us at Destination Star Trek.
  11. liverpool comic con

    Unfortunately this is one of those wait and see questions that we can't answer, if there is to be a show in Liverpool it will be announced on here and on the social media.
  12. We are very pleased to welcome Mary Chieffo to Destination Star Trek 2018. Photo / Autograph- £TBC
  13. We are very pleased to welcome Kenneth Mitchell to Destination Star Trek 2017. Photo / Auto - £TBC
  14. We are very pleased to welcome Mr David Zapone to Destination Star Trek 2018.
  15. We are very pleased to welcome back Deep Space Nine Executive Producer, Ira Behr to our Deep Space Nine Reunion at Destination Star Trek.