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  1. StuartG2198

    Latest Guest Announcement - MICHELLE FORBES

    I have to admit I’m super excited about this one, Michelle was excellent as Ensign Ro but Admiral Cain was an awesome villain.
  2. StuartG2198

    Showmasters 2019 Vouchers

    Unfortunately 2019 gift vouchers will not be on sale this time, the mods have no further information as to why but sadly these will not be sold this year.
  3. StuartG2198

    RIP Stan Lee

    The very sad news of the passing of Stan Lee appears to be just breaking. It was a true privilege to have had Stan over for LFCC, this is a huge loss to this community and our thoughts are with Stans friends family and millions of fans across the world
  4. StuartG2198

    Films watched in 2018

    This year has been without a doubt one of the toughest years I've ever had and I can honestly say the making of Cinema and films in general have got me through it. So far my 2018 film list (that I can remember) Sicario Sicario: Day of the Soldado Black Panther Avengers: Infinity War Darkest Hour Venom Johnny English 3 IT The Predator Pacific Rim: Uprising Moana Halloween First Man The Greatest Showman Ant-Man and the Wasp Ready Player One Deadpool 2 The Quiet Place Solo Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom The Meg The Equaliser 2
  5. StuartG2198

    Selfies, Photos or Posed Photos

    The Dales has summarised this one nicely, I am going to lock this one here as I’ve hidden a few comments on here and don’t want it to spiral as it has before. If there is a sign is up saying No Photos/Posed Photos it is there for a reason and is at the request of the guest or guests team and we would ask that it is respected as to ask will only lead to potentially awkward and embarrassing situations for all concerned. If a guest with a sign up offers themselves then that is completely at their discretion.
  6. StuartG2198

    No Gold Tickets?

    As above from Reylenth can confirm gold passes will be available this year.
  7. Join us tomorrow for our first big guest announcement for LFCC 2019 at 1pm tomorrow. See you then.
  8. StuartG2198

    Destination Star Trek 2019

    Destination Star Trek returns to Birmingham in 2019, from the 25th to 27th October! Where we are really pleased to announce that George Takei will be joining us as our first confirmed guest. A new forum will be coming soon meanwhile tickets are on sale now! eventbrite.co.uk/e/destination-… See you there!
  9. StuartG2198

    Photo thread

    I will be forever grateful to SM and ME for making this happen!
  10. StuartG2198

    Big guest announcement at 8pm tonight

    Beat me to it , I have pinned this post.
  11. We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Destination Star Trek will be hosting the world premiere of the highly anticipated Deep Space Nine Documentary “What We Left Behind” Tickets are on sale Wednesday 7pm, for full details head over to destinationstartrek.com or visit us on Facebook.
  12. StuartG2198

    Talk Schedule

  13. StuartG2198

    Have we lost a Dax

    As above.
  14. Unfortunately Camille is no longer able to join us for DST Birmingham. Refunds will be issued shortly.