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  1. Group Photo Battlestar Galactica

    Closing this one here, as the others have said group shots are normally announced much closer to the show due to the negotiation process involved in making them happen (yes I appreciate its getting close now .) I always use the DS9 Cast as an example, their group shot was announced the day before the event as that was the soonest something could be agreed. We are hopeful that something will take place but it is not a guarantee that it will, as ever it will be announced on here as and when we have further info.
  2. About a year for me, I missed LFCC the year Jeremy Renner attended but was back the following show. Sadly going to be takIng another year out as it now appears I won’t be able to make it to LFCC this year now.
  3. Literally the first thing I hear in my head when I see Tim’s face
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - RAY PARK

    I will never forget standing in the guest area at Newcastle when Ray spontaneously started doing a lightsaber demo which turned into a battle between he and Garrett Wang,
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - MARK STRONG

    We are aware of this and will follow it up.
  6. General Chat

    To confirm Scottish notes are legal tender and should be accepted.
  7. As promised, wherever we can we will provide an update when tickets are getting low for our guests, as yet this is the first and only update we have. "We are now running low on the Saturday photo shoot tickets for Jason Momoa. You can book now through our website: www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com"
  8. And with several months still to go and lots more amazing guests still to come, I'm sure there will be more diamond passes to be had!!
  9. General Chat

    I don't normally read those sort of articles but the one last year was brought to my attention and was a HORRIBLE read, I have to totally agree with you I do despair at these sort of write ups.
  10. 2018 Anniversaries

    Again, until something is formally announced we can't "officially" answer this. Upgrades MAY be possible in this situation but this is really something we would have to review at the time.
  11. I will see what I can find out, as always when we are close to anything selling out, if we are able to we will give a warning.
  12. Totally agree, I believe 50% of the Diamond Passes sold on the first night alone, we fully anticipate they will sell out before the event.
  13. Sarah Michelle Gellar: April Fools?

    To confirm Sarah Michelle Geller has NOT been announced for LFCC.
  14. Sorry guys but I’m going to lock this here, whilst I appreciate you are making suggestions we have had a number of threads similar to this all of which have spiralled out of control and become arguments into people either liking or not liking the “announcement coming threads”. We all have our views on these threads but they have always proved largely successful and I can’t see the format changing any time soon.
  15. Hi all Well that was a interesting night :-) Here are some of my thoughts the morning after :-) I think if you and others re read the post i made last week about this announcement you will see all that i say in it is true , and the "Hype" is very much of its own making by some of the fans and not ours, we just told it just how it is . Here are the words from the post we used to announce this big guests announcement "Ok we thought this was not ever going to happen and we just closed it…" Fact "On Wednesday we have a big guest announcement and it is legendary! "Again its a fact The fact that we had the guest announcement on this day and that the guests is in fact legendary , in the Dr Who community he is a guest that no one though would ever do events , he is not a background guest he is the first Doctor of the new show AND HAS NEVER DONE A SIGNING A COMIC CON ANWERE IN THE WORLD EVER "This will be something that people will talk about for years and look back and say this was the show where it happened." Again total Fact, the First ever event that Christopher Eccleston has agreed to attend to meet the fans and sign autographs and have photographs take with fans "So join us at 7 pm on Wednesday when we will announce someone that will make so many of you fans happy.” Again this is a fact many fans are happy people that love Dr Who and Christopher’s other film work which there is a solid body of work. This event is looking to be our best Comic Con “EVER” Again we feel this to be totally true , we know what offers we have out with guests we are hoping to close and the demand for the guests that we have booked this year are all showing that they will all sell out so we know the event is going to be a sell out event and the guests we have booked and are boing also look like they will all sell out also so we know we have the budget we need to go and book many more big guests for this years show and as such we do feel this years event will be our biggest one year , again all facts not “Hype" "Here are some clues:” "They are a lead;" Fact "They have never been to a comic con or signing event where they have signed or done photo ops anywhere in the world ever;" Fact "Its someone we never thought we would get to one of our events let alone any event anywhere;" Fact "This is a very important guest in our hobby and this will most likely be their only event that they will attend;” Fact we do think this is the case "Many many of the fans will need this person's autograph to complete their collection.” total Fact for all Dr who fans "Ok that’s it no more - its just too exciting :-D” Fact we are all excited here everyone of us as we all want to meet him 'As an extra bonus - the first person to have liked this post and correctly guess the guest will get a free autograph from this guest!” Fact one lucky person did win 'One last thing if we get 500 likes on this post which helps get the word out we will announce more than one guest on Wednesday :-)” Fact we did post up several guests last night "Get your guesses in now!” So nowhere do I feel we hyped it up where there is any untruths in any way We never implied that it was Harrison Ford or any guests in any way other than the facts at hand. Some call this "Hype” we call it promotion and also some fun , its how we get everyone that’s Into comic cons to know we have a big guest announcement and so no one misses that these guests are attending this years event. The fact that we have sold out around 50% of the tickets we have to offer for Christopher shows that the way we have promoted this and the pricing and the demand is what we would expect for a big guests announcement. Its not like we have not done this before its what we have done sins we have had forums and Facebook so we have not acted in any way different. One other thing and again this has been the same from day one , one fans A list guests is sometimes not another fans A list guest we are all into different things and that’s and that’s cool and expected as we are all very different , but this fact needs to be respected as just because you don’t feel a guest is what you might call an A list it does not make it a fact they are or not as again its all down to your thoughts so no one can say really what is or is not a A list guest. Its like saying whats the best all time film ever made there is not one answer and can never be. Last night we all saw some really unneeded comments and at one point when our mods could not keep right up to speed on every post it turned into a angry mob which was quite amazing and just disrespectful. This is a hobby and its meant to be fun, its what makes us the same in this world we are all fans , fans of Comic Cons and meeting guests , but last night was incredible when small amount of people did not get the guests that was in there head felt like they could just stay anything with out any respect or restraint And it was a very small amount of people out of the 80 to 100,000 that will attend the Comic Con this year ad this small group just lost there inner control of there thoughts and just typed whatever they felt like with no respect to the other fans and the guests them selves. Its not what I what to see on here and its not what we would except to see from fandom over the years and its not something we can let go or want to let go as it leads to bulling and where the fans that are not loud get drowned out by the few , so our amazing mods will hide posts or ban people that are dominating there views or shouting people down and are not respecting each other or the guests that they are commenting in there thread as this place is for fans that respect to others and that are open to all religions all people of this planet and for having fun and enjoyment with fellow fans and that’s what Comic Con is all about. I hope this helps to explain our position and a little of what happened last night. We should all be a tolerant understanding and forgiving group of people and that’s What we intend to protect so we keep what is so amazing about comic con safe for many years to come. Thank you for reading this and for you understanding and all your support now and over the many years. Yours Jason and the team at Showmasters