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  1. StuartG2198

    Photo thread

    I will be forever grateful to SM and ME for making this happen!
  2. StuartG2198

    Big guest announcement at 8pm tonight

    Beat me to it , I have pinned this post.
  3. We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Destination Star Trek will be hosting the world premiere of the highly anticipated Deep Space Nine Documentary “What We Left Behind” Tickets are on sale Wednesday 7pm, for full details head over to destinationstartrek.com or visit us on Facebook.
  4. StuartG2198

    Talk Schedule

  5. StuartG2198

    Have we lost a Dax

    As above.
  6. Unfortunately Camille is no longer able to join us for DST Birmingham. Refunds will be issued shortly.
  7. Thanks rob, I’d seen but not had a chance to update.
  8. StuartG2198

    New Photo Shoots Available!

    Brill thanks, I hadn't been made aware as yet, will remove from the list.
  9. StuartG2198

    New Photo Shoots Available!

    Rob can you confirm who has informed you of this?
  10. Just added to the store: Michael Dorn on the Klingon Bridge Mary Chieffo on the Klingon Bridge Kenneth Mitchell on the Klingon Bridge Mary Chieffo and Kenneth Mitchell on the Klingon Bridge Robert O'Reilly as Gowron on the Klingon Bridge Terry Farrell on the Tribble Bridge Alexander Siddig and Terry Farrel Double Shoot Next Generation Shoot featuring Gates McFadden, Michael Dorn and Marina Sirtis DS9 Group Shot featuring all attending and available DS9 guests (minimum of 12 guests) to buy visit the eventbrite store below. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/destination-star-trek-birmingham-2018-tickets-35341266680
  11. We are very pleased to announce that Michael Moore will be joining us at DST Birmingham. Please note Michael will not be participating in Photo Shoots. Autographs: Free
  12. Please welcome Sandra Gimpel to this years DST Birmingham. Photo: £15 Autograph: £15
  13. StuartG2198

    Extra Help Information please

    DST isn't a SM Only show if that makes sense, it is a collaboration between Massive Events, Media 10 with Showmasters involvement. All I would advise if you email them again and say you need further information and clarity on the process and procedures, if you don't get very far post back on here and we will see what we can do to help.
  14. Keep an eye on here and social media as we have even more fantastic guests to come.
  15. We are pleased to announce Steve Rankin will be joining us at DST 2018 Autograph: £15 Photo: £15