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Latest Guest Announcement - DOLPH LUNDGREN

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Latest Guest Announcement - Dolph Lundgren

Attending: Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Autograph Price: £55 on flat items / £65 on shorts or gloves

Photo Shoot Price: £55

Sunday Talk Price: £20

Diamond Pass Price: £250

Diamond Pass Details

  • Priority access to Dolph Lundgren’s autograph and photo shoot queues
  • 2 x Guaranteed in-person autographs on any item (including shorts or gloves)
  • 1 x Standard Photo Shoot with Dolph Lundgren
  • 1 x Entry and priority seating in the Dolph Lundgren talk
  • 1 x Limited Edition Print

Drago - Rocky IV
He-Man - Masters of the Universe
Det. Jack Caine - Dark Angel
Andrew Scott - Universal Soldier
Major Frank Cross - The Peacekeeper
Gunner Jensen - The Expendables 1/2/3
Agent Reed - Kindergarten Cop 2







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Well no one got this guest right on the guessing game, I'm not into a diamond pass for him, but I'll book a photoshoot for sure...


You know, you now have to get Jean Claude Vandamme right ?

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