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  1. Welcome To the Crewing Area

    I was just wondering 1) As a helper, what do I need to wear? 2) What tasks do helpers get involved with? 3) Can I still book a photo with a guest or leave that until the day of the event? I only ask as I have read the handbook but it mentions so much about Crew but not much about Helpers and I have been chosen as a Helper for an upcoming Showmaster convention.
  2. I have high hopes but here's the ones of the top of my head Jason Lee Sylvester Stallone Talia Shire Burt Young Tom Hanks Adam Sandler Rob Schneider Ed O'Neill Carl Weathers Dolph Lundgren Hulk Hogan Michael B Jordan Arnold Schwarzenegger Tony Todd Terry Crews Emilia Clarke Brigitte Nielson
  3. Welcome To the Crewing Area

    Is this a topic thread about Helpers too?
  4. Guest Suggestions

    James Nesbitt Robert Lindsay
  5. Please get Robert Lindsay, it would be a great photo op with Ben and Susan Harper from My Family.
  6. Its going to really difficult to get her autograph if she is only attending the Saturday. Still, at least I can have a photo with her.
  7. When it says photo session with Delorean what does that mean? Is Christopher Lloyd in that photo too?
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Burt Young Carl Weathers Martin Freeman Matt Damon Tom Hanks Colin Hanks
  9. Guest Suggestions

    Burt Young Carl Weathers Martin Freeman
  10. Guest Suggestions

    David Spade Jon Lovitz Rob Brydon
  11. Guest Suggestions

    I'm really hoping you can get Talia Shire, Burt Young Sylvester Stallone Rob Schneider Ed O'Neill Kelly Brook John Travolta Michael B Jordan Tobey Maguire Ed Helms Adam Sandler Melissa Benoist
  12. Rob Schneider Talia Shire Rob Brydon Erin Richards Ed O'Neill
  13. Big Guest announcement Friday at 7pm

    Please say Sylvester Stallone.
  14. Showmasters Forum Exclusive Competition!

    Mark My favourite Character is Al Bundy from Married With Children. Cardiff Comic Con.
  15. Digital Copies

    What about missing photos from the Cardiff Comic con last year? I had 2 photos with Carl Weathers and I only had one posted online. I emailed the photo shelter but I never got a reply.