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  1. only_jay

    Who are you meeting!?

    I have him on my Thrones poster, a signed a POP and have a photo with him already so don't need the diamond pass. The auto is a nice to have to if I don't get then oh well, but yeah I do agree it will be tough! haha
  2. only_jay

    Who are you meeting!?

    Current list is... Diamond: Emilie De Ravin, Ian Somerhalder Photo: Alfie Allen, Jenna Coleman, Tara Fitzgerald Auto: Alfie Allen, Jason Momoa, Tara Fitzgerald Hoping to buy Billy Dee Williams, Blake Harrison and Hugh Quarshie photos next month.
  3. Haha did not expect this one! Will have to get a photo methinks.
  4. only_jay

    Latest Guest Announcement - ALICE EVE

    Yes! Happy with this one! Funnily enough just finished her season of Iron Fist!
  5. only_jay

    Announcements Thursday 7th at 7pm

    I just want the 2 Pike's please! Anson and Bruce!
  6. Missed him at LFCC might have to get a photo this time!
  7. Always remember her from Casper when I was younger! haha Left me with a decision to make here in regards to a photo, hmm...
  8. Nice guests, shame about the funko rule but it is what it is haha
  9. Awesome bin wanting to add him to tmy poster for ages, keep missing him. His auto will sit nicely next to Gemma and Pilou! :)
  10. only_jay

    Guest Suggestions

    Gemma Chan and Lashana Lynch!
  11. Great guest, sadly Bournemouth is to far for me! Also header says cosplay guest!
  12. only_jay

    TV shows watched in 2019

    Been playing catch up for a while but finally sat and watched season 2 of both Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Enjoyed both more that there previous seasons and it is a shame they are cancelled if only to see where they would take both shows as both had interesting endings as far as direction goes.
  13. only_jay

    Films watched in 2019

    Vice - Thought it was bang average and a massive disappointment, such a strong cast and Bale is great but ultimately i found it to be quite a messy film.
  14. only_jay

    Films watched in 2019

    Glass - Had a lot of potential and thought it started well but ultimately it falls flat for me. Also not really a fan of how it ended.