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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - STAZ NAIR

    Yes! Missed him previously, another one i need!
  2. Nice met him in Newcastle was a nice guy!
  3. Hoping he is doing table photos as I’m not sure I can stay until his photo shoot!
  4. Damn it another Sun! Cool guest though not seen her at one before!
  5. Have him on my SHIELD poster but yet to met him personally and having revisited Blade Runner this weekend I think I will be definitely meeting him!
  6. Heard she is going to appear in season 4 of The Flash too? Might be a single episode though...
  7. Damn it! I'm only there Saturday!
  8. Emailed about my Gemma Whelan photo and it's been sorted now! Thanks!
  9. Nice! Shame i'm only there Sat!
  10. Thanks for the response I will drop them an email about mine :)
  11. Guest Suggestions

    Hoping for some more Thrones guests I don't have to go with Indira! Rosabell Laurenti Sellers would be awesome being the only Sand Snake left to get! Would a few of the less household names too... Wilf Scolding, Paul Kaye, Charlotte Hope, Art Parkinson and Oona Chaplin!
  12. Guest Suggestions

    I loved the Preacher season finale so I think it is time to get back on my Ruth Negga campaign again for next year!
  13. Yeah my Keisha Castle-Hughes one from 2015 is still not on there so i'm expecting my Gemma Whelan one from this year to have been lost too now...