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  1. only_jay

    Gold Pass £10 Autos

    Thanks! Already got my 2 chosen then!
  2. only_jay

    Gold Pass £10 Autos

    Yeah I had gold last year, i'm sure we could just use them on any £10 guest
  3. only_jay

    Who are you meeting!?

    Currently... Autos: Ian Somerhalder (DP), Emilie De Ravin (DP), Alfie Allen, Tara Fitzgerald, Gina Torres, Adam Baldwin, Rob Morgan, Ron Hone, Bill Westly, Alan Harris, Zachary Quinto (DP), Erin Kellyman, Peter Serafinowicz, Tom Felton Fri Photos: Alfie Allen, Gina Torres, Billy Dee Williams, Tom Felton Sat Photos: Ian Somerhalder (DP), Jenna Coleman, Hayden Christensen, Ben Barnes, Zachary Quinto (DP), Ian McDiarmid Sun Photos: Emilie De Ravin (DP), Tara Fitzgerald Still need to buy photos for Kirk Acevedo, Adam Baldwin, Robert Patrick, Hugh Quarshie, Jessie Cave, Brendan Fraser, Kerry Ingram, Julian Glover. Somebody send help haha Going to be busy but enjoyable glad I went with gold now!
  4. only_jay

    New Guest Announcements- Friday 7pm

    Yeah, I had been juggling my list but was fairly set on it in my mind last night and now this! haha Hope its not for me but who doesn't love a big guest right? haha
  5. She made an appearance on Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier last week and now shes back on my list
  6. Maybe a sign as you say getting older less appearances etc... Definitely going to squeeze him in this time.
  7. only_jay

    Entry points and pass collection

    Glad you can still do pick ups on Thursday one less thing to worry about! Also happy with the change to the gold in the morning hopefully should make that wait better!
  8. only_jay

    New Guest Announcements- Friday 7pm

    I'm really not sure my budget will stretch without some serious sacrifices
  9. Yeah past up too many opportunities on SW guests saying next time and in the end missed out on photos with a bunch of them sadly. Taught me a lesson will get Alan this year I think!
  10. Damn it I chose Saturday to try and get there first! Oh well! haha
  11. Nice guy, doesn't half do a big signature
  12. Nice! Keep saying I will get him on my Empire poster but not a lot of room in my budget, gonna have to think on this one!
  13. I'm not fussed tbh I do love the one sheet so maybe if I can get my hands on one I will get that... Like you say I shouldn't really let it stop me... I just wasn't sure if there was any other quirky merchandise I might prefer as I got Karl Urban on a phaser previously!
  14. Really torn about getting a second autograph as the new Star Trek trilogy are some of my favourites (especially the 2009 one), really wanted a signed one sheet but with Anton and Leonard sadly no longer with us i'm torn! Currently already getting a POP signed but does anybody got any recommendations of other items?