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  1. Nice, need him on my Hobbit poster!
  2. only_jay

    Films watched in 2018

    Tomb Raider - Finally got round to watching this after missing it at the cinema, enjoyed it enough to watch it again and maybe see a sequel if they decided to. Alicia Vikander is great and perfect for the role. Rampage - Was okay would happily watch on a Sunday afternoon at home. First Man - Saw it in IMAX and thought it was great, was quite tired while watching so will need to revisit to get a better assessment of it!
  3. only_jay

    Autographs aquired in 2018

    Quite a few big ones recently :) Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston, Karen Gillan, Elizabeth Olsen, Lee Pace, Paul Bettany, Jason Isaacs, Doug Jones
  4. only_jay

    Latest Guest Announcement - EDDIE MARSAN

    Nice announcement, hadn't realised just how much he had been in until you list it like that! Good price too!
  5. Nice first guest, glad you got him back. Liking a version of the diamond pass without talk as I never attend them anyway through personal preference!
  6. only_jay

    Films watched in 2018

    Watched A Quiet Place again really love that film. Venom on the other hand... Bad, just really bad.
  7. only_jay

    Disco Sunday group photo

    He isn't listed when you click on more info, also the fact they are the same price I doubt it either. Guessing just due to the lack of time he has they have left him out.
  8. only_jay

    Latest Guest Announcement - Alexander Siddig

    Awesome! Met him a few years back now I can finally get a photo :)
  9. only_jay

    Jeremy Bulloch announces retirement from conventions

    Met Jeremy back in 2014 at one of my first cons, really nice guy! Hope he enjoy his retirement!
  10. only_jay

    Films watched in 2018

    Ant-Man & The Wasp - Pretty much what everyone else has said... Same Marvel formula and thoroughly enjoyable and funny. I do think both Ant-Man films are underrated and have a fun cast!
  11. only_jay

    Latest Guest Announcement - SAM NEILL

    Still can't believe I met him! Thought the auto was a little rushed but he was a little late on the Saturday, however really enjoyed his photo he was nice to everyone that came up! :)
  12. only_jay

    Guest interactions.

    Don't think I had a bad experience with a guest all weekend they were all really nice! Friday was the more enjoyable day as I had time to chat to the guests Staz Nair, James Callis, Matt Wood, Tom Vaughn-Lawlor were all super nice, chatty and even allowed pictures which was a bonus! Also thought Zachary Levi was a bundle of fun which helped to kick off the con the right way as he was my first shoot
  13. only_jay

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Friday Saturday Sunday
  14. only_jay

    Pass Pickup Times

    Really quick and easy all sorted!