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  1. Tickets are shown Sold out, Will there be anymore added to the shop soon Please?
  2. Bruce Spence Please, Known for Star Wars, Mad Max and Lord of the Rings...
  3. Ive just got my Notification for a Refund... Check your Emails you should be Refunded too... Hope this Helps.
  4. The very Beautiful Ann Jackson from a View to a Kill..
  5. Alkis Kritikos from James Bond For Your Eyes only.
  6. Charlie Levi Leroy From James Bond Casino Royale
  7. Another Great Con with some Amazing Guests... Nicola Blackman from James Bond Live and Let Die.
  8. I have noticed Sally has been removed from the website and her photo shoot time has gone. I take it she has cancelled.
  9. Sofia Boutelia Make a Camel Happy and I can Retire in Peace.
  10. Terence Mustoo photo shoot tickets were taken off the shop and he is currently showing no photo shoots, but seems to be listed as having one?
  11. In case you didn't see it, SM have posted the following opening Credit image....
  12. The Knights of Ren (Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker) Please with a Group Photo shoot would be Amazing.
  13. My Last one.... Sean Crawford Stared in Star Wars Return of the Jedi.
  14. Tim Dry Stared in Star Wars Return of the Jedi.
  15. The Great Jim Dowdall Stared in Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back.
  16. 007 are creeping up, But Star Wars is still in the Lead.. lol
  17. The Very Beautiful Barbara Bouchet Stared in the Original Star Trek Series.
  18. The Very Lovely Rula Lenska Stared in Doctor Who and Space 1999
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