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  1. I thought I will start this off... Post your Autos. Denise Richards in James Bond.
  2. The dates are 19th and 20th November 2022. Hope this helps
  3. For all those attending here is the Time table. Looks like another great show.
  4. Has Milton cancelled? He has been removed from the photo shoot schedule for Sunday? I am really getting confused over these schedules keep changing.
  5. If you have Printed tickets and the Original Emails... Go to the Original Email Ticket you bought (Entrance ticket) Scroll down on the ticket until you see Order Summary.... Highlighted is Manage and View which you can Click on... Click this and then print Tickets it will show your Entry Tickets with old 2020 Date but underneath that will be the New Date. Print this out and hopefully it works. This is what I have done. If you are doing it on a Mobile then Try it as I have not tried it on a Mobile. Hooves cant press the buttons.. Let me know if it works and Hope that Helps. Good Luck
  6. Timetable is now Live.... Check on Showmasters Website for details. Hope this Helps.
  7. Noah Averbatch-Katz, A Really nice guy very chatty so be prepared to queue and wait and wait.
  8. On the Voucher is a code. Then go on Showmasters website and when you are ready to buy a photo shoot ticket or on their Pre order page, you just select the item you want to buy, then once selected the Eventbrite page is shown, at the very top of this page it says Enter Promo code.. insert your code and press the Apply. You will then see the code accepted and then continue your order as you would for buying a photo / pre order, everything is done automatically. Also to work out what this order voucher is for there should be a reference number on the ticket, you would need to match that up with your Eventbrite tickets. There is also a guide on the vouchers which shows you how to redeem them on Showmasters website.. check ticket info on their main website. Hope this helps.
  9. Tickets: If anyone is wondering if their Tickets are going to be Valid, Here is something I just stumbled across, If you check your Eventbrite Ticket and scroll down to the Order Summary, you will see highlighted section saying... View and Manage which you can click on. then the orange box Print Tickets is shown on the left side. Click on Print tickets and it should show LFCC new dates. I have noticed this on my Entry Tickets which seem to be forever rolling over, but it now shows the new date on them. Also a few guests are the same, It hasn't done it for all but those who attending in November have been changed. I hope this helps and works for you too.. If so please let me know.
  10. Konrad Sheeham. Rollerskating Punk in the movie The Warriors.
  11. The following have been Cancelled, According to an Email I received today.... Steven R McQueen Mandeep Dhillion Janet Fielding Ashley Walters Daniel Phillips Danielle Nicolet Moved to LFCC 2022 Julius Leflore Moved to LFCC 2022 If anyone gets anyone different, then please add to this message... Thanks
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