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  1. For those attending Film Fair on Sunday 26th March, Here is the Timetable.
  2. Your Photo Shoot is in B at 1645. Hope that Helps.
  3. For those attending Film Fair on Sunday 29th January, Here is the Photo shoot Timetable.
  4. It's that time of year again to start a New Topic of Autos... My Very First one for 2023. Sissy Spacek in Carrie
  5. Susan George.. No Photos at the Table. Enough said I think.
  6. Time Table is Live, For those attending;
  7. Just a Heads up. SM has an APP you can down load with the Schedule.... and the times and Photo shoot locations have changed. I have gone from zero clashes to now lots of clashes. Thank you SM
  8. No, His Talk is 1145-1230. Then his photo shoot is at 1515-1520 in B. Hope this Helps.
  9. Young Sherlock Holmes Guests; Nicholas Rowe.
  10. Having the same trouble, I have a DST Voucher tried to use it in the shop and it says Invalid, Emailed SM but as usual Nothing heard and guess what.. with the Cancelations I am getting Vouchers.... I use to Back SM, But Sadly No more. They have become greedy and don't give a T... to their loyal customers. I can see this could be my last year supporting them. Very P*** Poor,
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