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  1. Someone has to bring in some Chunky Monkey for the rest of the office for that! At least a crate haha
  2. Brina Palencia Ashly Burch Dameon Clarke All three of these guests are WILLING to come to the UK and will be a HUGE draw as no one has ever booked any of them in the UK before so huge draw... BIG BIG bookings!!!
  3. I have no words for this announcement. Incredible!
  4. Please get: Dameon Clarke - Handsome jack in Borderlands - amazing comic guest Ashly Burch - Tiny Tina In Borderlands amongst MANY MANY others Brina Palencoa - Moxxi in Borderlands and MANY anime roles These would be a HUGE draw as these guests have never been to the UK and would be a HUGE win!
  5. YES!!! My Oompa can finally get signed!!! Thanks SM!!!!!
  6. Oh Jason you have just spoilt us in one announcement! Cant WAIT to meet him!!
  7. Everyone's excited for SOA and there's me getting giddy over 2F2F!! More please!!!
  8. Nolan North has done UK conventions before, so he's good to suggest! (Don't think that breaks the forum rules...?) He is in the UK at the end of the month I know that much. A lot of that list are Uk actors who have done cons before anyways. Some i know won't happen but would be prepared to sell kidneys if they did!
  9. Can I request *deep breath* Rusty Goffe Dameon Clarke* Ashly Burch* Brina Palencia* Dan Ackroyd Bill Murray Billy Murray (yes different person) Keith David Sven Holmberg Craig Fairbrass Kevin McKidd Nolan North Jim Cummings* Ray Park David Prowse Neil Casey Kate McKinnon John DiMaggio * - All three are ready and willing to come to the UK and do a convention over here just waiting to be asked Some of these are my holy grails of guests. Some a lot smaller!
  10. How was your expereince of the queues, did you get to the front without hassle? Did you get a front-row seat for all the talks? When you look at the number its a HUGE number but when you look at some of the amazing inclusions you get its such good value. If you're a huge trekkie and love all the series its a no brainer. Just two examples (rough numbers) Shatners auto was 65 and photo was 55 Christophers auto was 40 and photo was 30 There were around 20 guests and if you say they are all charging 20 an auto thats 400 and add the two above is ish 600 Then you had some awesome merchandise which had to be around 500 for that. Thats 1100 just on autos and merchandise. If you then include the photo ops at lets say 15 per guest there is a further 300 so thats 1500 ballpark. Then you received a pre-signed (well it was signed at the event but still) poster which has everyones autos on it so thats a further ish 1300 so there is 2500 ish on that. On top of that there was every talk available so lets round that up to 500 and there is the 3k plus I know there was so much more perks to the package let alone the queue jump option to enable you to do everything. Don't look at the overall number look at the individual options and its SO SO good value for money.
  11. Thanks. I was said excellent crew member. Glad some people understood my plight!
  12. Personally for whats on that list you are better walking the 10 mins to Resorts World for the choice :)
  13. You can pretty much see both venues from each other. NEC, Hilton and Resorts World are VERY close to each other.
  14. NEC has nothing technically except a Subway As suggested above Resorts World (about a 10mins walk from venue) is the best best with shops and stuff. If you want to venture in Birmingham City Centre its only a 10min train ride either way
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