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  1. Great announcement. Is Joey doing photoshoots on Saturday? As I can't see him listed for Saturday in the store, just Friday and Sunday.
  2. I don't know who she was, she was crew but not in crew clothes and on Saturday she helped me with my Hayden Christensen and Val Kilmer clash by taking me to the Val shoot and getting them to let me in so I could make both shoots. Many thanks and much appreciated for your help.
  3. She's in a slasher comedy I really like called The Final Girls.
  4. Kuato_lives checking in, I've not read through this topic, have there been any clues so far? :)
  5. Now that Geoffrey from Fresh Prince has cancelled, any chance you could movie Emily Perkins into his timeslot on Saturday so I don't have to stay so late?
  6. Are the 90's IT people not doing a talk? Seems a bit of a wasted opportunity there.
  7. I'm hoping Emily will do table photos since I'm pretty sure there won't be a single photoshoot added for her to the store at this point, could be wrong, would be nice if there were some added though.
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