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  1. Thank you David. Yes, I can imagine. And I know SM will update us as soon as they are able to.
  2. Exactly this... It's great that it has been rescheduled, but a lot is still uncertain. With you (and me!), a lot of people don't want a huge gap between the guest and themselves during a photoshoot. That won't make a great memory indeed. I am sure SM is working hard on the procedures and hopefully it will work out for the best. Can anyone tell when this will be more clear? Thank you for the update SM and hopefully we will more about the show soon
  3. Will Ferrell, Steve Carell or Paul Rudd. All starred in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Even Harrison Ford was in it Have no idea about con appearances though
  4. Well, this is (at least for now) my final list Friday: Rick Gonzalez - photo + auto Kirk Acevedo - photo + auto Matthew Lillard - photo Adam Baldwin - photo + auto Lennie James - photo + (maybe) auto Manu Bennett - photo (maybe) Saturday: Emilie de Ravin - photo + auto Charlie Sheen - photo + auto Robert Patrick - photo + auto Martin Sheen - photo Ben Barnes - photo + auto Carrie-Anne Moss - photo Just one clash on Friday (Adam and Matthew). As I have batch 1 for both, I think I will be good
  5. Arriving the 25th and departing the 28th. I guess it won't affect me
  6. Thanks Rob, it's a bot better readable, but still hoping for a better version, like a link to .pdf or Excel document
  7. I tried that, but zooming in makes it still blurry... but will give it another shot.
  8. I find it very hard to read... will wait for a better version
  9. That was my first guess too... but then again I was thinking the same for Today's announcement
  10. Awesome! Billy freaking Russo Now bring on the Punisher himself
  11. Awesome guest! Out of my price league I am afraid, but happy for those who can afford him
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