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  1. Stallone signed at a US event few years ago.But l wish it was him!
  2. Be good to have Jonathan/Marina George/Walter etc!
  3. I so wish we had tickets mailed out physically it's ridiculous
  4. I dont think they have allocated group letters for autographs am l right?
  5. Fantastic!!!Hope he is sitting down in the photo shoot l am 5'6 he is 6'6!
  6. I imagine they will get Nichelle so we have the 4 remaining TOS actors but even with 3 it's great.Hope they start doing duo photo ops ie Jonathan and Marina George and Walter.
  7. Yes!Wanted this anouncement more than any other!So happy right now!😊
  8. I wonder if like in 2012 they will introduce a bridge photo of you and William Shatner!
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