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  1. Hoping for Nichelle and as many TNG folk as possible!
  2. Hoping for Nichelle and as many TNG folk as possible!
  3. Stallone signed at a US event few years ago.But l wish it was him!
  4. Howie

    Special Photo Combos

    Be good to have Jonathan/Marina George/Walter etc!
  5. Howie

    Eventbrite ticket buying

    I so wish we had tickets mailed out physically it's ridiculous
  6. I dont think they have allocated group letters for autographs am l right?
  7. Fantastic!!!Hope he is sitting down in the photo shoot l am 5'6 he is 6'6!
  8. I imagine they will get Nichelle so we have the 4 remaining TOS actors but even with 3 it's great.Hope they start doing duo photo ops ie Jonathan and Marina George and Walter.
  9. Think it means 7.pm tonight.
  10. Yes!Wanted this anouncement more than any other!So happy right now!😊
  11. I wonder if like in 2012 they will introduce a bridge photo of you and William Shatner!