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  1. spot on mate, they need to take action on this and get it sorted. out of all the people I met at this lfcc, only 1 was a member on here the rest seen to of been banned so they cant comment on the photos
  2. I can understand if it was done by school kids but I paid £110 for one and £25 for another by a "pro" I could of done a better job! for the price I don't want "looks ok" I want it right!
  3. this was the point I put to sm, ive had 2 very pro photographers look at the photos and both have said the set up was all wrong. but sm cant be wrong can they just take take take. they need to wake up and see its us that pay out all the money.
  4. thank you very much for trying to help :) means alot
  5. the reason people don't bother to say anything is we never get anywhere! if you had nothing to do with sm no mod ect and you had paid out all that money im sure you would have something to say. on the day I showed the photo to another photo area who even said that's a joke they need to get it fixed. the amount of ppl who said no point even saying anything they never do anything, and the words blood from a stone was used a few times. we all no that the ONLY way to get any money out of sm is if a guest cant come apart from that its just tough. I paid £110 for a photo that is too dark and yet all your saying is well its not that bad. when will you realise that this little mistakes all add up and soon people wont pay out that much again, I know I wont its way too much a risk. I now have to pay another 5.00 and then pay a guy to try fix it for me. its a joke
  6. no matter the date LFCC 2017 is going to be HUGE, im already saving up
  7. I heard it was going to be in june?
  8. once I have the dig copys ill see what they are like and it could be a printer error, if its not however ive found a guy who is a master at fixing photos and he will help me fix it. just playing the waiting game now lol
  9. They look great to me, not too dark at all. for £110 I expected a better photo than this, but the problem ive got is there is nothing I can do about it, nothing I can do about how rude the pit boss was, I now have to buy the digital copys just to see if its a printer setting. and then that's that its just tough, I have to lump it. the amount of people that were unhappy with the photos we cant all be wrong? but that's it now no help with it, no offer of a free digital copy just an email saying I should of sorted it at the time.
  10. im going to have to buy the digital copys when they come out and see what happens
  11. area B http://i910.photobucket.com/albums/ac304/therainman6666/IMG_20160730_0001%205.jpg area B http://i910.photobucket.com/albums/ac304/therainman6666/dom.jpg area A http://i910.photobucket.com/albums/ac304/therainman6666/IMG_20160801_0001.jpg area C http://i910.photobucket.com/albums/ac304/therainman6666/tobin_1.jpg
  12. its a 100% match I know im not the only one whos upset about the joint shoot that we paid so much money and the guy you get to take them cant seem to sort the lighting out. if you had paid £110 for a single photo im sure you would want it looking good, and "not bad"
  13. that's what I will have to do, its a shame I paid 110 for one of them and 25 for the other and they cant even get it right. I now have to pay out even more money and get them sorted
  14. http://i910.photobucket.com/albums/ac304/therainman6666/IMG_20160730_0001%202.jpg http://i910.photobucket.com/albums/ac304/therainman6666/IMG_20160730_0001%204.jpg any views would be great
  15. area D on Saturday was a nightmare, rushed, late shoots and my pics came out dark. would of looked better on my phone
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