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  1. 2018 Anniversaries

    YES YES YES!! I'm 1 million % behind this idea PLEASE make this happen
  2. What guests do you want to see next year?

    Just my usual wants: Kurt Russell Brigitte Nielsen Tom Hiddleston Henry Cavill Chris Hemsworth Jeremy Renner Gal Gadot Kit Harrington And so on ...
  3. Fave moment of the convention?

    Asking for a hug from Terence Stamp at the photoshoot. He hugged me so hard and squeezed his face against mine
  4. Feedback - Saturday problems and other things

    I mean, when the schedule is updated, aswell as changing the time on the schedule, it would be better to write what has been updated, like "Julian Glover has now been moved to 11am on Saturday" or something like that. Anyway, next year, i'll just need to check the times again when i get in
  5. Feedback - Saturday problems and other things

    On the whole, me and my daughter had a fantastic weekend, couldn't fault the guests or the crew who were extremely friendly. BUT i just want to make 2 points: Firstly, I missed my Julian Glover photoshoot on Saturday because his time had been moved from 4.45pm to 11am. I had everything written down in order of the day and also saw it was that time in the programme so i never thought to look. I ended up queuing at Pilou's photoshoot for about 20 minutes until i realised. There's no point asking for a refund because the shoot went ahead. I was very dissapointed as i've wanted to meet Julian for years ( I kept missing him at other events ) Yes, i did meet him to get an auto but now i have no picture. All i can say is please announce a bit clearer on here if times are going to change. When you update the schedule, you could write what has been updated aswell. Secondly, this VQ collection needs sorting out. Me and my daughter split up to get the VQ's, she does one side and i do the other. Yes, she is 18, but she is small. She was crying her eyes out by 9:15 yesterday because of the scrum of people pushing, shoving, snatching and climbing over her to get the tickets. Why can't people just form an orderly queue? The word vulture springs to mind. I hope this is sorted for next year as there's no need for it.
  6. Pamela Anderson

    She was an absolute sweetheart at the photoshoot, a lovely lady, really pleasant. The photo was light but I was expecting it so no complaints from me.
  7. Printing tickets

    BUT i always print my tickets just in case my phone goes flat. I don't trust technology
  8. Yes, entry ticket as soon as they go on sale. Work on the rest later
  9. I know it's each to their own but i'd rather the photoshoot went ahead rather than having to buy individual photos at this late stage, especially as Terrence is only there on Saturday. But that's just me
  10. Yes I'm disappointed about Jack but under the circumstances it's nobodies fault. I'm still willing to go ahead with the group shoot and I'd just say Superman cast photo rather than villains. Get well soon Jack
  11. AAHHRRGGHH!! Why now! Just as i'm finalising my schedule! Oh well, i'm sure i can fit John in somewhere
  12. My one and only clash: I have batch 5 for Mark Williams at 3pm and batch 1 for Tom Skerritt at 3:15 in Photo A and Photo C Which one first? Any ideas?