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  1. Howdy quiz-nuts Bit of a mixed bag here but the correct answer is that the planet Fhloston is indeed in the Angel constellation. Good job! The next question takes us back to the 80’s... What was the highest grossing film of the decade? Was it... A. Top Gun B. Die Hard C. E.T: The Extra Terrestrial “Engage!”
  2. Hello quiz fans! Day two of your questions has arrived! As (almost) everyone rightly guessed yesterday, the answer to the question was indeed: A. The Shape of Water. Today's question takes us to the future, and the world of Luc Besson... In The Fifth Element, in which constellation is the planted Fhloston located? A. Crab B. Archer C. Angel On your marks... get set.... GO!
  3. Ok trivia fans! Only 5 days to go until quiz day, and as it’s the fifth anniversary of the very first Geek Off, I am going to be asking a question every day until Friday. No prizes, just for fun Let’s see how you get on... answers will be revealed with the next day’s question (and at the quiz on Saturday for Friday’s!) Monday’s question: Guillermo del Toro won the Best Director Oscar at the 90th Academy Awards. For what film? A. The Shape of Water B. The Darkest Hour C. Lady Bird Aaaaaaaand.... Go!
  4. Topics have been chosen and the questions are finished. Looking forward to seeing as many people as possible at the event :)
  5. Thanks but its only becuase the event is set as private rather than public. More than happy for people to delete me after they have been invited.
  6. So.... we are having a little vote on the FB event as to what topics we could use for two of the question rounds. If you want to vote, you'll need to be invited into the event. Head to FB and use my username to find me :) Add me as a friend and I can invite you to the event - then you can get cracking! Also, the link is on my profile here :)
  7. Put your forum name down. I’ll post how you can find my FB profile so you can friend request me, and then I can add you to the event. And yes. Totally free :)
  8. First post updated! Add your names to the list if you want adding to the FB event and tell me if you're bringing anyone else List: 1. PenThePirate +1
  9. I had a feeling you might not come.... again :) thanks for the response though Mr Bear
  10. *UPDATE* The Great LFCC Geek Off - 5.... is going ahead! We have just had confirmation that we will be hosting the event at The Beaconsfield pub opposite the OIympia West entrance again this year on Saturday July 27th at 8pm. I have also had confirmation from the manager that there will be a chef on hand until 9/9.30 so food will definitely be available this time :) Standard rules apply, teams are a maximum of 5, the quiz itself will be 6 rounds - three specialist topics, one pictures round, one music round, and of course - General Nerdlage! I'll be setting up an event on Facebook, so anyone who wants to come can you add your name to the list I have put in my latest post (copy and paste in a new comment) Looking forward to seeing you all! Pen x
  11. Oh wow... first time back to the forum in ages and welcomed by talk of The Bear's poo. Gotta love it :)
  12. Good lad Smithy. Should be good for this
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