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  1. PenThePirate

    The Great LFCC Geek Off - 5!

    Thanks folks. I'll get back to you ASAP :)
  2. PenThePirate

    The Great LFCC Geek Off - 5!

    That's fair :)
  3. PenThePirate

    The Great LFCC Geek Off - 5!

    I had a feeling you might not come.... again :) thanks for the response though Mr Bear
  4. Hello guys and gals, Apologies that it seems like it has taken ages to get this thread up and running this year... Just wanted to get an idea of the appetite for another installment of the Great LFCC Geek Off this year? Last year's event was in a new venue, incredibly well attended and everyone seemed to have a great night, so if you all want the quiz to carry on, let me know here and I will happily make all the arrangements :) Once confirmed I will set up a Facebook event as usual, add everyone who has me on there, and give instructions on how to find me so that you can be included for updates and suchlike. Looking forward to your replies.... Pen x
  5. PenThePirate

    General Chat

    Oh wow... first time back to the forum in ages and welcomed by talk of The Bear's poo. Gotta love it :)
  6. PenThePirate

    Thursday Meet Up!

    Good lad Smithy. Should be good for this
  7. PenThePirate

    The 4th Annual Great LFCC Geek Off

    Hiya, the FB event is private but if you contact me via FB (you can find me using the email address in my profile) I can add you. :) Failing that, add yourself to the list on here Thanks!
  8. PenThePirate

    The 4th Annual Great LFCC Geek Off

    Little bump :)
  9. PenThePirate

    The 4th Annual Great LFCC Geek Off

    Hello chums. We have confirmation of a venue so ill edit my original post
  10. PenThePirate

    The 4th Annual Great LFCC Geek Off

    Noted. I’m happy to push it back :)
  11. PenThePirate

    The 4th Annual Great LFCC Geek Off

    Yep... got my dates wrong! Edited...
  12. *ORIGINAL POST EDITED 13/06/18* Hello fellow nerdlings :) FINALLY! After a few quiet weeks waiting to confirm a few bits and bobs... WE HAVE A NEW VENUE! The Great LFCC Geek Off is back for its 4th year in a shiny new home - The Beaconsfield, which is just opposite the exit from Olympia West (24 Blythe Road, W14). Witth just six and a bit weeks to go, there is lots to do to prepare, but rest assured you will get your fix of geeky questions, theme tunes and celebrity pictures to pour over! Due to the short time to prepare I will be putting a poll out for ONE question round to be chosen by you guys through the FB event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/938902049621417/?ti=icl As the show finishes later on Saturday, the quiz will start at approx 8.00pm. Food is available at the pub and I am working on arranging some deals, so I’ll keep you posted For now, let me know if you’re interested in coming, and if you have any questions :) Hope to see you there! Pen x
  13. PenThePirate

    Guest Suggestions

    I'm fortunate that I have all of the available main cast apart from Zoe and Jayne, and Chiwetel was awesome in Serenity (and Dr. Strange). Thinking about it more I could add Christina Hendricks and David Krumholtz to that list to have a good set! I would spend ALL the money if those five came :)
  14. PenThePirate

    Guest Suggestions

    Just throwing my hat in the ring with these three: Gina Torres Adam Baldwin Chiwetel Ejiofor :)
  15. Thanks for all the positive responses. Makes it all worth it :)