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  1. Guest Suggestions

    I'm fortunate that I have all of the available main cast apart from Zoe and Jayne, and Chiwetel was awesome in Serenity (and Dr. Strange). Thinking about it more I could add Christina Hendricks and David Krumholtz to that list to have a good set! I would spend ALL the money if those five came :)
  2. Guest Suggestions

    Just throwing my hat in the ring with these three: Gina Torres Adam Baldwin Chiwetel Ejiofor :)
  3. Thanks for all the positive responses. Makes it all worth it :)
  4. Wrong Name's Wround Up!

    Ooops! Sorry Mr Leming!
  5. A huge thank you to everyone who came along on the night. A few little hiccups at the start in getting the tech sorted (big thank you to Wrong Name and Smithy) but got there in the end. Some feedback from the duty manager on the night was that they had more bookings in their restaurant than on any other evening over the last few weeks, and that at one point there was a half hour wait for a table, which he had never seen! He also said that the group of people we had in on Saturday were awesome, and although the bar and kitchen staff were run ragged for a lot of the evening, he couldn't be happier with how it all ended up. I know it was crowded. I know that it was difficult to get a space to sit/stand. I appreciate everyone's patience and commitment in seeing it through and I hope that you all enjoyed yourselves. I do hope that this event will carry on. It takes your support to keep it going, and I look forward to seeing all of you (and some brand new faces of course) in 2018. Thankyouplease. Pen x
  6. Chris Judge

    Once I get out of photo queues I'll ask :)
  7. Chris Judge

    Any news on a Chris Judge cancellation? He's not here today and his sign has been removed from the auto area.
  8. does anyone know where Dan fogler is?

    Shooting on Fantastoc Beasts overran. He's only coming tomorrow. Heavy Metal advise to check past the table at different times as they don't know exactly when he will arrive
  9. Answers to FAQ

    I have, Mr Fairy Potato
  10. If anyone else wants to email, it's in my profile :)

    That's an early start to get the countdown in!
  12. Hi all Have added those on FB hat I didn't have as friends so that I can be contacted on the day if needed. If you're not on the FB event, drop me an email to the address in my profile, and I'll sort out a way of you contacting me if needed. It's nearly here! Thankyouplease Pen x
  13. It's OK that it slips every now and again. We have a good amount of people already confirming attendance. If those who are undecided want to rock up on the day, then they can :)

    6 days to go!!!
  15. Travelling to Olympia

    Northern line one stop to Kings Cross. Picc line to Barons Court. Shorter walk than from Earls Court :) is another option. District line runs direct to Olympia at the weekend too