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  1. Quick q: is Andrew Robinson still coming to the event next month? Thanks!
  2. In case anyone missed the website announcement:
  3. Thanks to everyone for giving their opinions/updates, guess we'll just have to wait and see. Fingers crossed for no plexiglass--I feel like if we're at the stage where we need that, we shouldn't be having the con at all. Just a personal opinion though, I'm sure others would disagree, and the guests have the right to feel safe after all.
  4. I don't think they have announced it yet, waiting to hear about this too Wondering about plexiglass/masks in photo ops...
  5. YESSSS thank you SM, have been asking for him to attend for years!
  6. Here's my experiences: Billy Dee Williams: I wasn't expecting much from him as he's 82(!) and I met him late today, around 4 PM. By that time, I was fairly exhausted, so I can't imagine how he must have been feeling! But he was polite and smiling, and looked up during the signing and wished me a good day, so that was sweet of him. Lourdes Faberes: She was so sweet! We talked for a while about Good Omens, and she let me take some extra photographs with me, too! She also informed me of all of the other Good Omens guests who were there, just in case I'd missed any. Jamie Hill: Met him today and we talked for ages about Good Omens and his role in it, as well as Doctor Who and some other things. Very kind guest--would definitely recommend chatting to if you like Good Omens/Dr Who, he's very happy to chat and is super sweet :) As always, comics people were fantastic, with some highlights being Ian Richardson and Mark Buckingham. Was great to see some independent artists in attendance too--would love more of these next year! I got a few commissions and would have got more if time had permitted! Overall I had a lot of fun and all of the SM staff were very helpful :D
  7. Amazing!!! Can we please please get more video game voice actor guests???
  8. Lol true! Bless him, I must imagine it's pretty exhausting for them. But still, one can dream, haha.
  9. Now that Sean Bean's done some US cons/signings, I can be a bit more optimistic when asking for him to attend
  10. Few more suggestions: -Richard Armitage -Chiwetel Ejiofor -Billy Dee Williams -Steve Blum
  11. Some people I'd love as always: -Pedro Pascal (still have my photo ticket from when he cancelled in 2014 lol) -Miranda Otto (Lord of the Rings, War of the Worlds) -David Wenham (LoTR--he was lovely when I met him a few years back!) -Daisy Ridley (Star Wars, obvs) -Robin Atkin Downes (Team Fortress 2, Metal Gear) -John Patrick Lowrie (Team Fortress 2, DOTA 2) -Ellen McLain (Portal, Pacific Rim)
  12. I know I've posted this elsewhere, but just wanted to echo how kind Mads was!
  13. Yes, the layout was amazing! Honestly after last year's lack of space, I was honestly considering not coming, but this year's layout was fantastic!!! Lots of free space but it didn't feel at all empty.
  14. Here ya go, have the Instagram'd version of my Mads photo lmao:
  15. No, because there is nothing to refund as Raylenth says. In the old store there was a postage fee (which under those circumstances would of course have been refunded), but the only thing that was charged now is the 1 pound fee which is due in any case. Cool, thanks for your quick response!
  16. Quick question: are we getting postage costs refunded? Assuming they were built into the price of the Pass, thanks.
  17. No worries Raylenth, was honestly just confused by the conflicting info. I can purchase a Sat ticket if necessary, just didn't want to do it if the Eventbrite information was the correct one.
  18. Thanks for clarifying but I wasn't panicking, I was just asking for some clarification as the information given seemed to be different than from what was on the ticket, i.e. the "autos can be got on any days" line. Hi Icena, where does it give you the slightly different information? Is it on your ticket that Eventbrite sent you? Can you copy and paste the relevant bit here so that we can see what it says? Yeah, it's just on the Eventbrite site, on the part where you selected your photo day: "Please select the day you want your included photo shoot(s): This day selection is ONLY for your included photo shoot(s). Autograph can be got on any day the guest attends. Talk(s) are on the day(s) in the pass description."
  19. Thanks for clarifying but I wasn't panicking, I was just asking for some clarification as the information given seemed to be different than from what was on the ticket, i.e. the "autos can be got on any days" line.
  20. Where you hearing it? On the Jeremy Renner announcement thread, unless I'm reading it wrong.
  21. Hi, Sorry but there's been a couple of posts on this and I'm honestly still confused by it. I have a Diamond Pass for Mads and am only attending on the Sunday. I thought this would be fine (as on the ticket it states "Autograph can be got on any day the guest attends.") but now I'm hearing that we might possibly be assigned a day for autographs? Sorry I'm sure I'm just confused and reading things wrong but I'd really like some clarification, thanks :)
  22. Comic guests do not operate on a VQ system as often there are 3-4 people in a queue at most for comic guests. If you're wanting autographs, these are *usually* free but I know for example that Rich Buckler charges, so maybe do a quick online search for any guests' prices beforehand! Also if you want a commission, your best bet is to see if artists take pre-commissions, where you e-mail them and they complete the artwork at home for you to pick up at the con. If they don't do pre-commissions, they'll probably only get the chance to do a handful of sketches during the day, so make any comic artists a priority when you get through the doors so that you can get on their sketch lists!
  23. Thanks SM! Great guest! I can get him to sign my copy of that great Strange variant cover you have up there, hehe :)
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