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  1. I'm thinking Sam Neill also...I can feel it in my water
  2. Would LOVE to meet Jenette Goldstein, Linda Hamilton and James Marsters to name just a few. Jenette and James seem to be appearing all over the UK at Showmasters events with the exception of Cardiff Come on guys, make my year and get these people to Wales if their busy schedule allows
  3. I have just ordered a photo shoot for my husband for Jack and there doesn't seem to be a batch number on it. Any ideas why not? Bit worried
  4. Aww bummer. Was really looking forward to meeting him
  5. Met Lee today. Was very friendly and chatty. Did an amazing sketch of The Hulk for me which I intend to frame and display in my living room.
  6. Feeling a bit down at the moment after a very tiring journey back to Wales. However, in 5 weeks time I will be attending LFCC so am looking forward to more excitement and meeting even more fantastic guests
  7. I have had a great time this weekend. Met many fantastic guests, both with my husband whilst he was getting autographs and on my own in the photo shoots. In no particular order I met: Samuel Anderson,a genuinely nice guy...pretty eyes. Steven Williams, brilliant guest...got 'double-dipped' in the photo shoot. Dave Prowse, IS 'Darth Vader'...lovely man. Ryan Gage, absolute gent...fantastic smile and so polite. Raymond Griffiths, short of stature but BIG on personality...funny guy. John Barnes, cheeky sod played with my bra strap in the photo shoot Paul Gascoigne, called me 'Love' twice...LEGEND!!! Ian Wright, thoroughly tidy bloke...Wright Wright Wright!!! Peter Ebdon, looked very dapper...top bloke. John Leeson, Affirmative A few others were Christine Adams, Ellie Haddington, Brennock O'Connor, Art Parkinson, Chad Coleman, Rupert Vansittart, Toby Sebastian and Charlotte Hope, who were all a joy to meet. I'd like to give a special thank you to Steven Cree and Gareth David-Lloyd who allowed me to have a cheeky little photograph I also had a sketch done for me by the artist Lee Townsend who was a joy to meet and was more than happy to oblige my request. All in all a wonderful weekend
  8. My husband is a big boxing fan and the main reason for him attending this Collectormania was the fantastic line up of top quality boxing guests. Having spoken at length about our Saturday experience I would agree wholeheartedly with everything that has been expressed on this thread. He was stuck behind at least THREE lots of dealers getting umpteen items autographed. Although this did not detract from his experience with any of the sportsmen, we can see how some people may be cheesed off by it.
  9. My husband and I have decided to start collecting the figures after seeing a LARGE variety of them on a LARGE amount of stalls!!! We paid between £9 and £10 from 3 different sellers. Hubby was totally blown away by the Predator so had to have it, and I had to have Ariel from the Little Mermaid along with a brilliant Hulk Hogan and Rafiki from Lion King. We also saw the EXPENSIVE signed Pops, and stayed well clear of them as they are totally out of our price range!!!
  10. I was one of the 2 lucky gals to be 'dipped' by Steven today. I accidentally stepped on his foot, but being the true gentleman he obviously is he made a special effort to come over and ask if he had hurt my back immediately after the shoot. I had a lovely little chat and a hug from him. Truly memorable experience from a fantastic guy !!!
  11. I have got a standard photo shoot ticket I panicked a bit when the forum crashed and I couldn't get on here or the shop though Roll on July
  12. Used to watch the original Power Rangers with my son back in the day so I remember him being the Green and White Ranger. Good guest announcement
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