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  1. I have neighbours who work at Tesco, Sainsbury and Morrisons and they mentioned a while back that screens are or have been removed due to them not being cleaned and concerns at picking up all types of germs.
  2. Apparently it has been proven that screens do nothing to prevent the spread of Covid. The Screen should be cleaned after each person has their photo taken as a precaution
  3. If a guest is using a screen in photoshoots and I am not happy with that, as it is not what I paid for, can I get a refund?
  4. Just got voucher for my weekend ticket for July as couldn't go. Now November has Saturday and weekend tickets sold out to which I can go. They better make more available
  5. Same here I'm not booking anything for any events announced for next year until for certain. I've had about ten gigs postponed until next year and I still don't know I can attend due to work commitments. I can understand Showmasters not wanting to refund but some people may be in need of the money due to losing their jobs etc.
  6. The Ideal Home Show at Olympia which should be the same weekend as LFCC has been postponed until March 2021
  7. Postponed until November what a joke. Cinemas are open as normal and new films being released all the time.
  8. It is not illegal to sell knives or swords although there is normally an age restriction. Any that are purchased will be sent on. You can go into any leading supermarket and purchase knives, any sensible one will have them security tagged.
  9. Not everyone is on the schedule yet. Can't see Anthony Cecere.
  10. Be good to have some group photos with the Star Wars guests
  11. Can you confirm Diamond Pass cost please as is different in the store and is Saturday only?
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