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  1. I think until you start seeing Mass gatherings allowed again, I would say this event won't be happening. Hope this helps?
  2. Andrea Dromm in the Original Star Trek Tv Series. Episode Where no one has gone before...
  3. Ursaline Bryant in Star Trek the Next Generation TV Series. Episode Conspiracy.
  4. Joan Collins in The Original Star Trek Series. Episode; City on the Edge of Forever.
  5. Michael Forest in the Original Star Trek TV Series; Episode 'Who mourns for Adonais
  6. Frank Gorshin in the Original Star Trek TV Series. Episode 'Let this be your last Battlefield'
  7. Elinor Donahue in the Original Star Trek Series. Episode Metamorphosis.
  8. I am afraid you are wrong... I have asked for a refund for photoshoots dating back to the first postponed shows and told things like Time Limit has expired for the refund, or I can vouchers... So you do lose your money Vouchers are no good for me and the photo shoot tickets are just been rolled over and over each time. I wouldn't buy anything yet until the shows starts up again.... Pre orders on Private signings are the new way forward. Shows won't be happening for a long time. I would be surprised if this show goes ahead. I did get a refund for the London Film Fair without any problems, but w
  9. Billy Van Zandt from Star Trek the Motion Picture Movie.
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