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  1. Guys, Can you please Stop Disrespecting the Guests Announcements, Not everything revolves around Dr Who. If you have nothing good to say then please Don't write anything. I am getting a little tired of reading your Negative Comments about Non Dr Who Guests. Remember this Site is for Everyone not just you. Thank you
  2. For those attending London Film Fair on 16th June, Here is the Photo Shoot Time table.
  3. Jan Williams Stared in James Bond 'From Russia with Love'
  4. Marie Elise Grepne in James Bond 'Octopussy'
  5. Great Guests as Usual. Greg Powell in Harry Potter.
  6. Looks like Nigel Planer has Cancelled London Film Fair, He has been taken down from the Line up and Tickets No longer on Sale, Lets Hope we get a Replacement soon.
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