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  1. Spacecadet is here


    Excellent guess announcement SM. Well done.
  2. Spacecadet is here


    If you go to the Main Showmasters web page and Click on other events, then scroll down the page on the Right side is a list of SM events happening soon. Click on the London Fair box and it should show you the guests attending September. Hope this helps
  3. Spacecadet is here

    Big announcement for Spring at 7pm Wednesday 14th

    Sofia Boutella, You finally got her...
  4. Spacecadet is here


    Thank You QS, Got the Email saying its been processed.
  5. Spacecadet is here


    Is there any news about when the Refunds will be done? Katie never turned up for her photo shoot?
  6. Spacecadet is here

    Showing friends and family

    Here is a photo of my Friends Reaction when I show them my photos....
  7. Spacecadet is here

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    A few Photos of the event.
  8. Spacecadet is here

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    Jamie Hill
  9. Spacecadet is here

    Guest Suggestions

    From Star Trek Original Series; David Soul Joan Collins Shari Nihs Christopher Held Gary Lockwood Felix Silla From Star Trek Discovery Oyin Oladejo Emily Coutts Patrick Kwok Choon Sara Mitich Ronnie Rowe James Frain Rekha Sharma From Buck Rogers Gil Gerard Erin Gray Please
  10. Spacecadet is here

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    The Village of the Damned... Martin Stephens Teri ScobleLesley Scoble
  11. Spacecadet is here

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    The Very lovely Kelly Kelly.
  12. Spacecadet is here

    Day Three

    Wow, Now back at home and I can see steam coming off my Hooves, Glad thats over, Day 1 was the Best Day. Day 2 was the worst experience ever at these events with every single photo shoot running late which threw my timetable out completely and you can't do these without one. It was so bad that there were 6 of us about to go in to a photo shoot (batch 1) when the Red shirt Lady came out and said, We couldn't go in and have to come back later. Really your stopping 6 people? Saturday was a Headache. Day 3 went a bit smoother, However again Photo shoots ran over placing my timetable in clashes, which meant I had to start running around, Have you ever tried Running around on Concrete, its no good for my hooves. However because of the late runnings I found myself having to be in three places at the same time. I would like to Say a Massive Thank you to the crew who did help me out massively, and for the ones who just said to me... Go to the back of the Queue... (I can't print my reply on here) Overall I had finished 50 Photo shoots over the three days and managed 26 Autos ... Still a good Weekend (except Saturday) Might try and post photos later...
  13. Spacecadet is here

    Latest Guest Announcement - FRANCO NERO

    Franco Nero never turned up yesterday, Any Chance if we can use the Tickets today please? He is now Sold out as he only has a 5 minute slot.
  14. Spacecadet is here

    Peter Serafinowicz

    SM have said on Facebook, Peter is now only attending on Saturday. Those that have Tickets for Friday and Sunday WILL BE ABLE TO USE THEM ON SATURDAY..... this was posted 30 minutes ago on Facebook.
  15. Spacecadet is here

    Day One

    Day 1, was a very nice day, How it should be. Air Con was on and it felt very nice inside the venue, Three of my Guests cancelled, and I missed one photo shoot as they let the guest leave 10 minutes early, after me rushing through a photoshoot to get there.... Never mind going to try again tomorrow. Crew in Photo A were fantastic and very professional as always. Photo Shoot C crew were good too... Those handing out the photos. I did the Rob Liefeld and Deadpool Photo and must say it looks amazing, I think SM should cash in on some of these type of photos. Well Day 1 over and my Hooves are killing me already.....I came away with 18 Photo shoots and 11 Autos. Would of got lot more Autos but the 8x10 photos for the Stormtroopers really need to be changed for better ones. Day 2 tomorrow and the Lists get bigger.