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  1. Chris Bunn (Stormtrooper in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back) Now which one was he?
  2. Richard Herd from V: The Original Series.
  3. Today I got Pierce Brosnan. Was waiting ages for this one..
  4. Barkhad Abdi from the Captain Philips movie.
  5. This one came Today. Reg Whitehead Played a Cyberman in Dr Who: Moonbase. First Time we see the Cybermen.
  6. Liv Lisa Fries from Babylon Berlin TV Series.
  7. Carter Wong from Big Trouble in Little China movie.
  8. I got another Email back saying the closing date was the Website? Still cant see anything.... and certainly doesn't mention anything about a time limit on this thread.
  9. Did anybody get their Refund? I Requested a Refund about a few weeks ago... I just got a reply saying the Cancellations refund was only valid until 31st March? But there is no mention of this... Does anyone know if it was published until March?
  10. This one arrived today, Bruce Glover from James Bond movie, Diamonds are Forever.
  11. For those who have not seen the Announcement. July's London Film Fair has been Postponed until 20th September. All Tickets Bought will be Transferred to the Next Show. If you cant attend then please contact SM Check their Website for Details. Stay Safe everyone.
  12. I got this one the other day, With no SM events had to buy from the Internet. John Dugan "Grandpa from Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Met him few years ago at a SM Event. Nice guy.
  13. There can only be one Camel.....
  14. We need more Guests from Star Wars Attack of the Clones please...
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