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  1. Spacecadet is here


    Could his Price be Confirmed Please, He is listed here as £15, Eventbrite has him listed as £15, but the Website and Photoshoot time table shows him £10?
  2. Spacecadet is here

    Statement From Jason

    Chuck Norris will be one.... he has attended SM events in Germany
  3. Spacecadet is here

    Full Metal Jacket

    If your a Fan of the Movie Full Metal Jacket then check out London Film Fair for July a few guests already just been announced...
  4. Spacecadet is here

    Guest Suggestions

    I can’t remember you ever having tennis players among the sports guests. Ever considered inviting a few along? You Cant Be Serious
  5. Spacecadet is here

    RIP Nadja Regin

    Just seen in the News the Passing of Nadja Regin, who starred in two James Bond movies. Goldfinger and From Russia with Love. She attended Februarys London Film Fair show and was looking very fit. She was 87 and never looked it. RIP young lady.
  6. Spacecadet is here

    Autographs acquired in 2019

    Art Parkinson. Game of Thrones.
  7. Spacecadet is here

    Big guest announcement wednesday 7pm

    Sofia Boutella
  8. Oh No, I knew I should of met him at the Spring Show... Hope he comes back soon.
  9. Hi SM, I'm just looking at The Boxing Legend Photoshoot The individual photos on the Website say the Legend photo shoot is £110, yet Eventbrite is charging £130? which one is Correct?
  10. Sofia Boutella, Sofia Boutella, Sofia Boutella, Sofia Boutella, Sofia Boutella, Sofia Boutella, Sofia Boutella, Sofia Boutella, Sofia Boutella, Sofia Boutella, Sofia Boutella, Sofia Boutella.
  11. Spacecadet is here

    Latest Guest Announcement - LESLIE EASTERBROOK

    WOW, Amazing Announcement SM... Why do I get a feeling more Police Academy Guests are coming.
  12. Spacecadet is here

    Quadrophenia Stars.

    The Stars from Quadrophenia Join London Film Fair. Tickets available in Store now.
  13. Spacecadet is here

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANSON MOUNT

    Excellent announcement SM
  14. Spacecadet is here

    General Chat

    And she was very Pretty too...
  15. Spacecadet is here

    First Time Signer

    On Facebook DST Have Said, Next Guest Announcement is on Tuesday 12th March at 7pm and this Guest is a First Time Signer.... Who could it be? I'm hoping for Sofia Boutella