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  1. Beverly Washburn from the Original Star Trek series
  2. Ronny Cox as Captain Edward Jellico in Star Trek The Next Generation
  3. From SM Sale.. Wendy Glenn in 'You're next'
  4. Lycia Naff in Star Trek ; The Next Generation
  5. Rochenda Karen Sandall from Star Wars; The Rise of Skywalker.
  6. William O'Connell in Star Trek Original Series. Journey to Babel Episode.
  7. John Ashton from Beverly Hills Cop.
  8. Michael Berryman from Star Trek The Next Generation Episode Conspiracy
  9. Anton Yekhin from Star Trek New Movies.
  10. Stewart Moss from Original Star Trek series. By any other name episode.
  11. Joe Greig From Doctor Who and the Sensorites.
  12. Gabriel Woolf as Sutekh in Doctor Who and the Pyramids of Mars.
  13. Noah Kirby Rebel Soldier Star Wars A New Hope.
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