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  1. Spacecadet is here

    RIP Gordon Banks

    Sorry to Hear the Passing of Gordon Banks a Regular Sports Guest with Showmasters and a Great England Goalkeeper and really nice guy.
  2. Spacecadet is here

    Announcements Thursday 7th at 7pm

    There is going to be guest Announcement tonight at 7pm Who can it be?
  3. Spacecadet is here

    Latest Guest Announcement - TALA ASHE

    Tala Photo shoot tickets are shown as Sold out for Saturday, Will anymore Tickets be added?
  4. Spacecadet is here

    Todays Show.

    Sarah Bullen
  5. Spacecadet is here

    Todays Show.

    John Hug.
  6. Spacecadet is here

    Todays Show.

    Sam Dastor.
  7. Spacecadet is here

    Todays Show.

    John Standing
  8. Spacecadet is here

    Todays Show.

    The Very Lovely Catherine Schell.
  9. Spacecadet is here


    For those attending on Sunday.. Photo shoot Timetable is out.
  10. Tom Chadbon has been Announced for London Film Fair, Known for Doctor Who, Blakes 7, Game of Thrones and James Bond. Autograph £10 / Photoshoot £10. A great Announcement
  11. Spacecadet is here

    Random things you remember from school

    "why is there a Camel in Class?" I heard that every time..
  12. Spacecadet is here


    Thanks QS. Tickets all booked many thanks.
  13. Great Announcement SM, Any chance of a Professional photo shoot please
  14. Spacecadet is here


    Could one of the MODs please give SM a Big mighty Poke and ask them to put the photo shoot tickets on sale please..
  15. Spacecadet is here

    Gold Pass wishes

    So Glad for my Platinum Camel Hoof Pass, it gives me Free entry into the venue, Access to all Photo shoots, unlimited Autographs and front of queues for Photos and Autos, it gives me 10 minutes chatting time with each guess If i wish. I also have access to the green Rooms where Camel Chews are laid on for me. Oh and I get a Free SM Mug. Yep my Pass is only for Camels. How cool