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  1. Visit Sudan, We have Sand, Sun and Lots of Pyramids. Local Markets and lots of Camels.
  2. Sofia Boutella it will be... failing that I will Settle for Clint Eastwood. 'Go Ahead SM, Make my Day'
  3. I would of thought maybe the Price was a bit too high, He was £10 for Star Wars and now £30 because of Doctor who? He was cool in the photo shoot.
  4. The very lovely Jennine Taylor from Friday the 13th.
  5. This has happened before, I remembered having a ticket from another show, When we lined up we were last to go in... A lot of us thought is was unfair. SM should really either do a Separate 10-15 minute shot just for these tickets or just merge us into the batch numbers as per ticket...
  6. I can't see anything on this post? It must be invisible
  7. Tickets are shown Sold out, Will there be anymore added to the shop soon Please?
  8. Bruce Spence Please, Known for Star Wars, Mad Max and Lord of the Rings...
  9. Ive just got my Notification for a Refund... Check your Emails you should be Refunded too... Hope this Helps.
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