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  1. Spacecadet is here

    Next Years Dates....

    Well, Here you are, Next Year Destination Star Trek Returns....
  2. Spacecadet is here

    Photo thread

    How cool was the Fenergi Family shoot.
  3. Spacecadet is here

    My Day

    Just would like to say, I attended Friday and Saturday and both days were a treat, From getting into the venue and walking around. Plenty of space to move around. All the guests I met were really great, very chatty. I did all the Fenergi Photos and they came out really good. So pleased with them. The green screens were cool too, Photos were again excellent. Again I would like to say a massive thank you to the SM staff who worked really well and kept everything running so smooth. Well done to you all.
  4. Spacecadet is here

    Interesting.. Very Interesting

    Just Seen on the Facebook Page of DST there is going to be another UK Destination Star Trek show in 2019 and Guests have been booked already. More Information is going to be Released after the show.... Interesting. Excited.
  5. They are there, Check Saturday and look for Quark Make up.. £95 just checked still available. Hope that helps..
  6. Spacecadet is here

    Talk & Photo Schedules

    The following have been added to the shop and on sale now... Captain Picards Chair Green Screen £15 Emperor Georgiou Throne £15 Theres a Green Screen shot.. £10 Quarks Bar £15. Hope this Helps... A Green Screen with a camel would go down a treat.. Still trying to agree my Fee
  7. Spacecadet is here

    Met so far

    Don't forget to add me to your list..
  8. Spacecadet is here

    Guest Announcement

    For those who don't follow SM on Facebook, There is going to be a Guest Announcement tonight at 10pm or 2200. A First Time Signer from Star Wars Rogue one. Attending the London Film Fair in November.. Who could it be?
  9. Spacecadet is here

    2019 Anniversaries

    How about a Battlestar Galactica (old series) some of these guests are popping up all over the place... Also Space 1999 Guests please.. (can't believe I missed that out) PLEASEEEEEEE
  10. Spacecadet is here

    Big guest announcement at 8pm tonight

    The only Big Announcement for me would be Sofia Boutella.. Have you got Sofia? I hope so....
  11. Spacecadet is here


    Another great Announcement, Well done SM.
  12. Spacecadet is here


    Excellent announcement SM. Well done.
  13. Spacecadet is here

    RIP Gary Kurtz

    Sad to read that Gary Kurtz Star Wars producer and Regular attender of SM Events has passed away at a young old of 78. RIP The Force is with you always.
  14. Spacecadet is here

    Post your Photos.

    Oops, Last photo is a Family photo. Not sure how that got there. Its me and wife.
  15. Spacecadet is here

    Post your Photos.

    Again Love Cardiff.. Here are some photos. Hope you like them.