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  1. London Film Fair

    Yes, you walk through the main front door, theres security on the door and they will ask you what you are here for and point you where to go... You can't get lost. Hope this helps.
  2. London Film Fair

    Yes, you just walk up and join the queue, But like i said before, its Tom Baker so it might be different.. I can't see any problem, SM will just control the queues. Im sure you will be fine.
  3. London Film Fair

    Attending on the 30th June 2018 is ANN FIRBANK starred in Carry on Nurse, A Passage to India and Space 1999
  4. London Film Fair

    Hi All, Just thought I give you a heads up about this event, Please don't think of this as how a Showmasters Events are like... The Venue is small and I mean small. Vendors are in one room and guests are in another. to give you an idea you can walk up and down within a few minutes. The guests tend to be much older. Cosplaying is a NO.. if you do turn up in costume, then you will be the only one. This is very much like the old Autographical shows, if you attended those the crew wore smart dress. There are no batches on the photos, No Gold tickets etc. This is a very civilised event, most people who go get everything done within the hour and leave. Please note there won't be anything to buy to eat on site, but you are in the west end and you could just go outside to buy food. The sellers don't sell Pop up thingy, its mainly old stuff that people want for their collections. I wanted to give you all a heads up, Again don't treat this like a Showmasters event that we all know.. otherwise you could find yourself disappointed. With Tom Baker he is going to busy. Not sure if Showmasters will do a VQ tickets with him, maybe a Mod can ask the office how the autograph signing will be done, Normally they don't use them at this event. Tom is there from 12, So if you are planning to come getting there an hour early is plenty of time. I'm sure SM will be monitoring ticket sales, its a small venue and shouldn't hold thousands of people like the other events. hope this helps.
  5. London Film Fair

    Attending on the 30th June is Tom Baker. Autograph £35, Photo £35. WOW.. Now who's coming.
  6. Countdown Thread

    Did someone say Camels and Dancing... I'm Ready
  7. What do you do with your photos?

    Mine are multi used, Some of my photos are used as Dart boards, others are used as Twister game... Trust me you aint seen anything until you seen Doris the Camel trying to put her hooves all over the place....... Oh Sigh
  8. Now this is very Interesting indeed........
  9. London Film Fair

    Can we have more Space 1999 guests for the June show please....
  10. Guest Suggestions

    Would like to meet; David Soul (Star Trek) Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) Gary Lockwood (Star Trek, 2001) Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers) Erin Gray (Buck Rogers) Melody Anderson (Flash Gordon) Gregory Harrison (Logans Run) Randy Powell (Logans Run) Nicholas Hammond (Spiderman) Herbert Jefferson Jr (Battlestar Galactica) Maren Jenson (Battlestar Galactica) Laurette Spang (Battlestar Galactica) Please.....
  11. Collectormania 25 Talk and Photo Shoot Schedule

    What you should do, when walking up to the guest stand on the side that makes you feel comfortable, I saw many people switching sides as they must have the same problem. Hope this helps.
  12. So, who're you seeing this weekend?

    Hmm, Ok Here goes, Was really excited until the Preatorian guard photo shoot got cancelled, Anyway it happens tomorrow so i should be all excited again... Christopher Lambert Photo Adrian Edmonson Photo/Auto Caroline Munro Photo/Auto Bella Ramsey Photo / Auto Brook Bundy Photo Susan Blacklinie Photo Aimee Garcia Photo Arsenal 71 Photo Steve Collins Photo Michelle Ryan Photo Richard Wilson Photo Trevor Francis Photo Daniel Dobuis Photo Lisa Wilcox Photo/Auto Harley Durst Photo/Auto Valerie Leon Photo / Auto Darren Nesbitt Photo / Auto Julian Lewis Jones Photo Kenny Johnson Photo John Wesley Shipp Photo Jordan woods Robinson Photo Beatie Edney Photo Mike Quinn Photo Beau and Dolly Gadsdon Photo/Autos Austin Amelio Photo Locklyn Munroe Photo James Buster Dugulas Photo Neil Raddock Photo Robbie Fowler Photo Michael Owen Photo Kevin Kegan Photo Daniel Bonjour Photo Lino Facioli Photo/Auto Kristanna Locken Auto Jack Mckenzie Auto Shirley Conrad Auto Les Conrad Auto Jim Dowdall Auto Elroy Powell Auto Andrea Wickman Miller Auto Tim Donaldson Auto Simon Henderson Auto James Cox Auto Andy wareham Auto Will Willoughby Auto Termirian Braev Auto Karanja Yorke Auto As you can see not so many
  13. Latest Guest Announcement - MICHELLE RYAN

    More Photo shoot tickets are available... buy now.
  14. Refund

    Have we had another Cancellation? Today I received £16 into my Bank account, although I am waiting for £51 for the Guard Photo shoot and not expecting any other Refund? Can anyone shed some light on this please... Thanks
  15. Preatorian Guard Refund

    I have had a Refund for the Preatorian Guard Photo shoot? But can't find any Info on here? Have they all Cancelled?