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  1. Spacecadet is here


    Star Wars and Fantastic Beast? there is no mention on his work history... is this correct?
  2. Spacecadet is here

    Potential guest announcement Wednesday 7pm?

    Can you ask her to get in touch with SM, I would love to meet her.. we need more of the Original series cast.
  3. Spacecadet is here

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Ok, Once you have down loaded your Image on Imgur, you should see a list on the right hand side. Click on the Direct Link which copies your link... Then come on here and to insert it click on the box Insert other media and then post your link then Bingo (other games are available) you should see your photo? Hope this helps
  4. Spacecadet is here

    Any Steven Seagal pics or stories?

    What your saying is Slander... or using hearsay. Every one who posted on here, talk about their experience good or bad, you can't go around saying this guest says this about this guest. I suggest you stop saying it, Your on SM forum and it has no place here... hope that helps, if not then look it up.
  5. Spacecadet is here

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Arie Dekker, Stunt Chewie in Solo. Really Nice guy and so tall.
  6. Spacecadet is here

    Latest Guest Announcement - VALERIE LEON

    Any chance of a Space 1999 Photo, when you Up load the Pre orders please...
  7. Spacecadet is here

    Are you missing the Con?

    I can't believe it's only a day gone and I'm already missing the Con... I was walking down the High Street when I saw a long queue standing outside a shop, So I just joined the Queue. I was just nodding to the people in front and behind me.. Smiling. A lady behind me was doing the Crossword, So I snatched the Pen from her and signed her paper.. she was not impressed. We then moved in to the shop as it just opened... We shuffled in. It was a Victoria Secret shop Well I walked up to the attractive Sales lady, I placed my hoof around her and took out my Camel Mobile Phone.. I said, "Smile" and took the photo... I had to rush to get to the next shop.. Honest it was nothing to do with them saying they were calling the Police.... True Story Comic Con Blues
  8. Spacecadet is here

    Any Steven Seagal pics or stories?

    Here is my Photo....
  9. Spacecadet is here

    Any Steven Seagal pics or stories?

    I had a Clash in Photos, So when I finally got to the Photo shoot, it was completely empty just waiting on the last lot, like us. Steven was sitting down. I sat next to him and said, "Hello" I got nothing back. He sat there with his arms folded and looked totally bored. So I looked forward and crossed my Hooves too.. He sussed I was copying him, so he undid his arms and dropped them, just as the Camera went snap. The Picture came out really good, Then the Photographer is Pretty good at her job, But wow there must be a better way of spending £75. I might upload the photo later...
  10. Spacecadet is here

    Latest Guest Announcement - DANIEL NAPROUS

    Can we use our Friday Photo shoot tickets on Saturday? Would make sense.
  11. Spacecadet is here

    Latest Guest Announcement - PETER DAVISON

    Same here, No batch number.
  12. Spacecadet is here

    Guest Cancellation - Megan Fox

    I got my Email yesterday, saying I have been Refunded.. They are Happening just very slowly if this helps anyone..
  13. Spacecadet is here

    Guest Cancellation - Val Kilmer

    And now that makes 15.. Have I got any Guests Left? Lets hope you get him back soon.
  14. Spacecadet is here

    Guest Cancellation - Mary McDonnell

    wow, thats guest 14 cancelled... I think SM doesn't want me to attend this year. Hope she gets better soon.
  15. Spacecadet is here

    LFCC 2018 Schedule - UPDATED 26/7

    Is it possible when a guest cancels, that eventbrite add the name of the guest for which the payment refers to... Somewhere along the Line I have lost track which payments are which.. 13 Guests Cancelled So far, and nope still not had Megan Refunded either