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  1. Clue List from Guest Announcement Guessing Game

    Are we guessing when QS is going to make the next Guest Announcement.. If so I guess later today..
  2. London Film Fair

    Yes, tickets for entry and photo shoots can be bought on the day on the door.. hope this helps.
  3. London Film Fair

    For those attending the London Film Fair this weekend.... Here is SM's Photo shoot schedule... Tickets still available.
  4. Interesting note about any evening activities

    Scratches head with hoof... Hmm Interesting.. very very interesting indeed.
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - MICHAEL CULVER

    A great guest Announcement, Known for Star Wars, Space 1999 and James Bond... and needs a Photo shoot Please....
  6. Humongous Guest Announcement Thursday

    Wow, Just seen who's coming, Wow... thats amazing SM, How did you get her to come? You guys are going to be amazed..... hehehe
  7. Humongous Guest Announcement Thursday

    Well, All I can say is.......
  8. Humongous Guest Announcement Thursday

    Dwayne The Rock Johnson...
  9. Well on Collectormania Facebook page, there is going to be a Humongous guests Announcements for both LFCC and Birmingham on Thursday at 7pm? Who could it be.....
  10. Guest Days & Prices Cardiff 2018

    Is there any Chance of a Professional Photo shoot with Adam Basil, He has been in so many movies, he deserves a Photo shoot Please
  11. Films watched in 2018

    Winchester.. A really good movie, About the Winchester Company they employ a Doctor to Asses Lady Winchester who owns 51% of the company, The Company want the Doctor to say she is Mad, so they can take the company from her. So they send him to the Mansion, To the House that Ghosts build...... Good story, some jumpy bits too. Worth seeing 5/5
  12. Guest Suggestions

    I would like some Buck Rogers and Space 1999 Guests please....
  13. London Film Fair

    Guest Announcement For Feb 24th London Film Fair... The Great Freddie Jones will be attending. Starred in Space 1999, Krull, Dune and Fire Fox movies. Photo Shoot £20.
  14. London Film Fair

    Further Guests have been Added to the London Film Fair... 24th Feb. Marilyn Galsworthy. Starred in James Bond Octopussy Photo Shoot £15. Alison Worth. Starred in James Bond Octopussy Photo Shoot £15. Joni Flynn. Starred in James Bond Octopussy Photo Shoot £15. Carole Ashby. Starred in James Bond Octopussy. Photo shoot £15. Catherine Rabett. Starred in James Bond The Living Daylights. Photo Shoot £15. Marianna Hill. Starred in Star Trek Original Series. Photo Shoot £15. Patrick Ginter. Starred in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back. Photo Shoot £10 Ivy Wong. Starred in Rogue one Photo shoot £10. All Photo shoot tickets are Available now.. Check out on SM Home Page under Other Events.
  15. Guest Suggestions

    Good Job I put my glasses on, otherwise I wouldn't be able to read this....