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  1. Hope they get some more £10 guests they've only got 8 so far I know we've got just over a month just hate waiting lol
  2. You don't. Unless things have changed last year you picked them up with your gold pass goodies at the show. cool
  3. Just wondering how do we purchase the free photo tickets online?
  4. Would be great to have more guests announced lol 😁
  5. it is homemade Realistically a guest won't eat anything homemade. They have zero idea what's in it. I always get sad when i see people have spent time and love making some handmade food knowing the celeb will never touch it. what are you thinking of making I'll have it lol
  6. No, you would have to email and request an upgrade. I'm in the same boat here, who do we contact about this? Eventbrite? shame you cant just take the photos you bought to the group 1
  7. just found it on amazon going for £199 before postage lol
  8. it quotes as saying you will get a free £5 prop shoot and 2 photo shoots from the guests of your choice attending the show on the Friday or Sunday that are charging £10, these 2 photo shoots will be free. (please note that Saturday only guests are not included) (please note photo session tickets are not Included in the gold pass. these can be purchased online) its definitely confusing a bit lol.
  9. The email you should have recieved gave all the details: For those with LFCC all day passes that included Thursday, including the Gold Pass - we will be giving you a complimentary Prop Photo Shoot to be used over the weekend for the all day passes this will be sent to you as a print at home ticket in the next few days, for Gold Pass holders youll get a voucher along with your other vouchers on the day. That and there's been two posts about missing e-mails before yours, avenger. thanx I haven't been on this topic much so probably missed it There were six posts before you asked. There i
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