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  1. Thank you Showmasters i enjoyed weekend so much loved meeting Dolph Lundgren, Jeremy Renner, Bonnie Langford, Michelle Gomez, Carl Weathers, Paul McGann and Frazer Hines. well done to cosplayers fantastic. Hopefully to come next year
  2. I am so annoyed that guests are committed to attend conventions/events but a month or 2 weeks or 1 week or even few days before the actual day they decide to cancel events due to other commitments. If guests have filming to do, appear on chat show etc, they should not attend any events unless they are 100% available to attend, its not fair on the fans who are looking forward to meeting them. Its the fans that keeps them going, make them popular and pay for guests to appear. Latest cancellation is Ron Perlman. I feel for the fans who were excited to meet him, get a photo shoot , autograph and spend lots of money for travel, accommodation, buying souvenirs etc. Guests should think about their fans instead of deciding to cancel at the last minute. Organisers will have to do their part to make sure guests can be available and committed 100% at the event otherwise get someone else. Events like LFCC, Collectormania, Star Trek, Dr Who, Star Wars, etc you always get cancellation from guests. They do get plenty of time to be invited to events. Guests if you attend DON'T CANCEL AND UPSET YOU FANS.
  3. will there be signs for guests to do autographs if they are not on photo shoots and talks? also can we buy autographs at the events?
  4. look me up on facebook aftab Hussain profile pic with david tenant. then u know what I look like
  5. im arriving at 6pm on thursday from dundee. i will be staying at sapphire hotel on thursday. i will collect my dolph and jeremy diamond pass but dont know how to get to olympia exhibition centre
  6. The numbers will be on the actual passes themselves that you will pick up at the event. They are not on the tickets you were sent as an email. thanks
  7. My Dolph Lundgren and Jeremy Renner diamond pass does not have batch numbers . Help!
  8. I'm confuse .com I got email from showmaster on 8th July saying to collect diamond pass from the show as they have problem with postal system last year. I'm sure all diamond pass got email on 8th july unless showmaster decide to post them out. if they are posting them out I did inform them a change of address.
  9. I'm sure there are people who watch EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks and Doctors. Wouldn't it be great to meet your favourite soap stars. I think SM should start getting these guests. I'm a massive fan of EastEnders would love meet Danny Dyer Kellie Bright Scott Maslen, Samantha Womack Lettitia Dean Ross Kemp Nitin Ganatra Nina Wadia Gillian Taylforth Jake Wood these are the few of so many stars. Who would you like to meet from British Soap Stars?
  10. Got photo shoots of Dolph Lundgren Friday, Saturday and Sunday, duo photo shoot Dolph Lundgren and Carl Weathers, photo shoot Jeremy Renner, Paul McGann and Bonnie Langford. i think thats me done unless SM gets another exciting guest
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