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  1. Gutted about Brenock was looking forward to meeting him finally! Hoping you manage to bring him back again.
  2. 1917 (5/5) - Absolutely brilliant, loved every minute one you have to see on the big screen especially the IMAX if you can! Marriage Story (5/5) - A grim story but a brilliant movie, was great to see Adam Driver's acting skills here after the movie that was Rise Of Skywalker... Hacksaw Ridge (3/5) - After watching 1917 I needed to watch another war movie and this had been on my list for a while, was okay but to over the top for my liking. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (4/5) - Can't believe it's taken me to watch this film thought it was great! Hopefully it doesn't take me as long to watch the next one.
  3. One I have had to miss previous years, glad you got him back!
  4. Finally been catching up on season of 3 of Legion, still a couple more episodes to go. Love this show it is so crazy and totally different to any other comic book series.
  5. I used them at the con, there was a special £8 price on people that signed at the show anyone else was individually priced (I believe you can search their database on their site). If you are getting a multi piece signed it is a bit more complex and works out by how many you have on it I believe. About the sticker they usually ask where you want it as for example on posters some people prefer on the back than the front however just specify when speaking to them to make sure.
  6. After seeing some autos from Val Kilmer kinda wish I went and got one, also was gona get a photo with Peter Serafinowicz but by the time it was confirmed he was attending Saturday only was too late.
  7. Definitely felt an improvement with the Gold Pass this year, the change to how we queued in the morning made a massive difference! Only downside for me is the way the the £10 vouchers are structured just ended up using them on random guests in the end.
  8. I definitely think the Once Upon A Time guests have it nailed down to a tee! Especially as you say Lana and Emilie!
  9. Had an awesome time this weekend, got plenty of items signed! Here are a bunch of my posters I either added to or started as well as new POP! additions!
  10. Spider-Man: Far From Home: On the fence with what I think of this, initially was a tad disappointing despite enjoying whilst watching. However now upon reflection I like it more has quite a few layers to it. Wouldn't say it was amazing or rubbish just middle of the road Marvel, I would say I preferred Homecoming Captain Marvel: Re-watched it for the first time since the cinemas as I got the Blu-ray, thought it was a bunch of fun. Massive fan of Brie Larson and Lashana Lynch who I would have loved to have seen more of! My main negative is I would have maybe loved to have seen more from Minn-Erva and Ronan also.
  11. Yeah it's hard to say... As Raylenth says who is your favourite of 2 characters? Also I would say Billy hasn't been over for a few years I believe so not sure how often he will be back!
  12. Well I found a Westworld and Punisher poster i've already started last night... Oh dear...
  13. Final list however if I avoid spending money on stalls and find more time in my day (highly unlikely) I may add to it Autos: Ian Somerhalder (DP), Emilie De Ravin (DP), Alfie Allen, Tara Fitzgerald, Gina Torres, Adam Baldwin, Rob Morgan, Zachary Quinto (DP), Erin Kellyman, Peter Serafinowicz, Tom Felton, Gemma Whelan, Kerry Ingram, Vladimir Furdik, Finn Jones, Jess Henwick Fri Photos: Alfie Allen, Gina Torres, Billy Dee Williams, Tom Felton, Kirk Acevedo, Adam Baldwin Sat Photos: Ian Somerhalder (DP), Jenna Coleman, Hayden Christensen, Ben Barnes, Zachary Quinto (DP), Ian McDiarmid Sun Photos: Emilie De Ravin (DP), Tara Fitzgerald, Brendan Fraser, Robert Patrick
  14. Got my full Thrones and Serenity posters also the mini Daredevil and Rogue One posters too. I have like 6 POP! Vinyls ready too That got out of hand very quickly... haha Also decided to finally start an 8x10 collection for Game Of Thrones!
  15. Looks like I best make a decision on Jessie Cave then...
  16. Yeah I had gold last year, i'm sure we could just use them on any £10 guest
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