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  1. I was told that they sold out yesterday but then someone else said they had them at the sales desk today, I hope one turns up for you. I don’t think I could even spend another £5 this weekend without giving up food for the next month!
  2. I was told by a pit boss this afternoon that she become quite ill over night. I suspect she was seeing if she would be able come this afternoon, which she didn’t. I hope see gets well soon.
  3. The auctions finished each day at 3pm, if you had won anything you would have a text on the day. I was lucky and managed to get autos of Ariana Richards, Colin Salmon, Greg Gunbreg and Amanda Abington.
  4. I would not use the ones sold at the show they are only good for one thing and that's as a fan!! If it's that hard to get your photo in then it can't be storing it well. There are a few other threads with website links in for places/things to get.
  5. I'm in the same boat although I have weekend tickets bought from the old store and was not told there was a wrist band (they sent individual tix for each day) I'm in the line to get in now about a mile away from the venue
  6. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone is online and knows if you bought weekend entry from eventbrite you got one ticket and the changed it for a wristband on Friday? I have seen a few people with weekend wristbands and myself bought entry tickets off the old store months ago and got sent individual tickets for each day so pursued I had to line up each day. I am going to be extremely annoyed if I could of got a wristband that I was not told about I have been in a line for ages out in the sun and I'm still a mile away from the venue!!
  7. The button that adds the charge is there it's just hidden in a menu when you click the second box to accept the t and c the box below that you click on and the charge box appears you then click that and it will add it to your cart as they say check the final payable amount before you finalise your order if it's not in there scroll back to you find it. I have used my iPhone multiple times for orders and always managed to add the charge without a problem.
  8. You have to be careful as the ticking of it just asks you to confirm you have added it on. To add it on using my iPhone I have to tick that box then under it is another option to select it, I choose this and get an option to add it to my order, I can always tell its worked as my order total ends with a 50p if its not there go back and look for the button to add it then confirm the order.
  9. Hello all, I have had a refund tonight for £15 but no clue what it's for. Can not see any cancellations on here, anyone know? Thanks
  10. I disagree with your comment about paying over the odds the archive ones are the same price as the hard plasric ones. If you are planning to keep your autos photos etc for a while then I personally stay away from hard plastic. I have personally lost a Jennifer Aniston auto in one of them. I have always said if it's hard to get in it will be hard to move get out etc. plus after a few mins they are already sticking to the auto. After time the auto with the chemicals from the plastic lift the auto from the photo and leave it on the plastic. The archive safe ones also completely seal the auto in so air can not get to it where as the the hard plastic let air in via the top plus stacking them up together adds weight to each auto. I have been using the archive ones for a few years now and don't regret it at all. I have spent no more money that I would have before and my autos eye still look great. Ok enough rambling on I could talk for hours!!
  11. The daily mail story shocked me there are hundreds of events you pay to get in and view e.g. a toy fair you pay to get in and just see stalls selling stuff. Sherlocked had displays, free talks/demonstrations/free autos etc The article is a load of nonsense.
  12. Hello all, As with all of these events there is the usual, I met you in line but forgot your name or saw you in a crowd and would have loved to meet you or they were cute!! I thought I would start a thread so that we can all say hey who we are and who we saw that we would like to keep in contact with, get to know better etc Anyway I'm Adam over the weekend I was wearing a Trixin Jumper and a wholock Sherlocks wallpaper with a Doctor Who crack on Sat and a Van Gogh Sherlock view on Sunday. Here are my links - Twitter - https://twitter.com/AdamsAdventures Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/adamrlake Come and say hello all My hello thanks go out to Juliette (hope thats right and spelt correctly) who was punching holes in the line on photoshoot area 3 I hope your hand is feeling better and not bruised. Till next time
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