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  1. Thanks not long till the event now... wooooohooo
  2. couple of questions if anyone can help, would be greatly appreciated... 1st, got a photoshoot for Jason Momoa on Sunday he has since been added Friday, batch 1, I've got entry tickets for both days , so I'll have my photoshoot, but I would rather go on Friday, any chance of being able to switch tickets, I've send an email requesting it via eventbrite, waiting for an answer. 2nd, a friend of mine is meeting Bob Gale and bringing is Hooverboard to the con, are lockers available (big enough for an Hooverboard?); or some place he can check it in while on the con. Thx, have a great Sunday
  3. Ahhhh , finally , my list has been ready for quite a while, as I would love to see huge stars such as Dwayne Johnson, Tom Cruise, Bill Murray, I made , I believe a realistic list with con friendly guests. Let me start with some improbable, but still can happen, ones... Sly Stallone Arnold Schwarzenegger Then , it was then said "a once in a lifetime opportunity that will not happen again"... BUT.... Michael J. Fox has been active in the cons world in the US... I met him at LFCC but my ultimate dream would be a group photoshoot including Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Léa Thompson, Tom F. Wilson... it will not be cheap but pretty sure it will sell out fast. NOW here comes "the easy list" , hoping to get at least a handful of guests from it... mix of realistic hard to get big guest who would definitely be diamonds and "regulars"... here we go... Mark Hamill John Boyega Daisy Ridley Jon Bernthal Michael Rooker Chris Hemsworth Chris Evans Josh Brolin Tom Hiddleston Jeffrey Dean Morgan Loren Cohan Michael Cudlitz Andrew Lincoln Simon Pegg Nick Frost Evangeline Lilly Tom Selleck Jeff Goldblum Jean Claude Vandamme Elijah Wood Ian McKellen Andy Serkis Giancarlo Esposito Theo Rossi Michael Fassbender Henry Cavill Logan Marshall-Green Aaron Paul Tom Holland Michael Mando Jorge Garcia Josh Holloway Daniel Day Kim Terry O'Quinn Matthew Fox Charlie Hunnam Kathy Sagal ...
  4. Just posted on FB, that there both gonna be big events, but I do understand that Summer will remain the flagship. It's good that it stays "smaller" , I'm focusing on summer anyway. With that said I remember Jon Bernthal was a guest at a previous Spring edition, couldn't go. so I'm kind of hoping that there won't be too many guest I'd like to meet at the spring edition as I would probably have to plan a 1 day trip rather than a whole weekend
  5. Well to be honest I'm not sure I'll attend the spring edition, while I'm 100% sure I will the summer. So I've got a list by I'm hoping for summer as two time travels costs and hotel added to the guests themselves might be a bit too much. Anyway here it is as I got my list ready, as much as I would love huge guests such as Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Rowan Atkinson, I'm gonna stay realistic (not saying this will never happen, you never know). So here my con friendly suggestions , lots of big guest in there Mark Hamill John Boyega Daisy Ridley Jon Bernthal Michael Rooker Chris Hemsworth Chris Evans Josh Brolin Tom Hiddleston Jeffrey Dean Morgan Loren Cohan Michael Cudlitz Andrew Lincoln Simon Pegg Nick Frost Evangeline Lilly Tom Selleck Jeff Goldblum Jean Claude Vandamme Elijah Wood Ian McKellen Andy Serkis Giancarlo Esposito Theo Rossi Michael Fassbender
  6. Diamond Pass booked... now can we ask for a last minute Jeff Goldblum announcement and a dual photoshoot.... Psyched about this announcement, thx SM
  7. Ok, finally, it's been way too quiet lately... no clues , so basically, it could be anyone , from any show or movie don't want to turn this into a guest suggestion post, but here are some guests that would fit my needs and that are "con friendly" ... guestssss so it's either multiple guest from a same show or movie or completely random ones... let's hope for a few clues before Friday Michael Rooker Jon Bernthal Jeffrey Dean Morgan Mark Hamill Elijah Wood Michael Cudlitz Jeff Goldblum John Boyega
  8. With Ford ruled out now, I think it 's probably gonna be Sir Ian McKellen
  9. Based on his instagram RDJ is in London right now, meaning people at SM could have taken the opportunity to make a push , meeting him in person and get the contract signed live.... my guesses so far Harrison Ford James Earl Jones Sir Ian McKellen Robert Downey Jr
  10. My guesses so far are as for most... Harrison Ford or Sir Ian McKellen
  11. I'll not be able to handle the pressure , I'm seriously considering getting carbon-freezed till next Wednesday
  12. The forum hasn't been this alive for a looooonnng time, it was a bit quiet lately for announcements, love the energy... but then again it's killing me
  13. You corrected me... because I was wrong .... I have a feeling it might be him... to to be honest I'm completely lost regarding the clues, kinda hoping you were right with Ryan Reynolds even if I'm convinced it's not gonna be him... 1h30 of suffering to go trough
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but he was in Thor Ragnarok, not in GotG... the piña colada leads to GotG , couple that with humongous, might be Dave Bautista
  15. I know I'm late to join the party but I just finished Westworld season 1.... loved it... so how about anyone, and I mean anyone from this fantastic show, even a few actors for a joint photoshoot...
  16. I really hope they continue with the Marvel huge guests they had years before (Renner, Benedict and Mads last year) ... I'm looking forward to the Chrisses (Evans and Hemsworth), Tom Hiddleston , Chadwick Boseman and Jon Bernthal... I think those are realistic, guests, not all for the same edition though and would appeal to Marvel fans as well as too others.
  17. Hello there, A shot in the dark but why not try, I have a Steven Yeun Diamond Pass with photoshoot booked for Sunday. I'll be at the photoshoot around 14.00 as I do gave Tom Wilson photoshoot from 13:40, I'll be there at 13:40 and flash to Steven's photo booth which is from 13:55 till 14:55. Here is the thing, wanted to bring Negan 's bat "Lucille" to the shoot, trick part , I'm coming from Belgium, security measures trough Eurostar 's a pain, have to pay extra, but very early, wait to get it back.... Anyway impossible. Is there a good soul outthere, who possibly goes to that same photoshoot, and who would be from the UK, thus would have no problem to bring his Lucille along, who would lend it me for 5 sec so that I can have "that little extra fun" with that photoshoot. I'll be forever in your debt.... thx, Vince
  18. Thx exactly what I tought and told him... Said I would ask anyway, he now has an official answer, have a good weekend and thanks to all the mods to take time to answer the zillion questions you have had since yesterday
  19. A friend of mine has a Tom Wilson Diamond Pass and was wondering if he can show up at the regular pic rather than the Tombstone one which is actually include in the pass.
  20. Just a heads up, guests are signing till 6 correct.... Got a Mads Mikkelsen diamond for Saturday, his photoshoot is 5 to 6, meaning he won't sign after that, the diamond pass for Mads allows me to get his signature on Sunday right? (As I wish to get the photoshoot itself signed) As I remember correctly won't be able to do that with Benedict, Saturday diamond for Benedict are for photo and autos
  21. Nice, did not met him last year as I'm not a Bond fan and haven't seen Hannibal.... I knew he was gonna be on Rogue One and Dr Strange but hate to go "blind".... no that I've seen the movies and moved them as well as his acting I'll gladly take the chance....Diamond pass booked, thx SM for the opportunity
  22. Great guest and comes with no extra money out of my wallet, except for the auto.... part of the group photoshoot, nice
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