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    Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed all 6 I've been too, but often they don't get off to a great start due to the shambles queuing and then the crush of getting in. This years set up was fantastic! Going though security and then queuing up inside before being let through bit by bit was a stroke of genius. We were about half way in the queue, but once the doors opened at 9 we were in within ten minutes, and had all of our virtual queue tickets by half past, which meant we could relax a bit. It also meant I managed to see every one I wanted (Emily Kinney, The Phelps twins, Zoe Wanamaker and Sean Biggerstaff), and got to have a leisurely walk around the stalls and go out for lunch. Well played Showmaster...well played!
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    Literally the best guest this year so nice in person well worth your time and money
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    But then ga would never get a chance and that isn't fair. Other than diamonds it should a free for all, if you get a vq then you get one. Some people can't afford gold tickets so that isn't fair at all. Saying that they should get in earlier like it says.
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    This was an absolute joke, over the last few weeks on this forum people have said there would not be another incident like last year, we had assurances from Showmasters but still it keeps happening. Despite being about five rows back in the gold queue having arrived just after 8.am and walking briskly to the signing area when the doors were opened all my major VQ's were in the high 100's or 200's because GA got there before me. I have been buying gold passes every year since 2006 and every year the benefits diminished but costs go up. What about next year rather than promising to allow gold's to get in five minutes earlier, we get in 15 minutes earlier to allow us to get VQ's before GA (by saying 15 minutes we would probably only get in five minutes earlier in reality). Yesterday entry was perfect, just today was a joke!!
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    Diamond passes means SM can bring in these guests in the first place. Benedict is white hot at the moment being in a very successful TV show, a villian in Star Trek and a freaking Marvel superhero. Did you really expect any less? The price is too rich for my blood, but I completely get it. Remember, SM isn't a charity. They have to turn a profit in order to lure in the guests and keep holding events. I've seen prices for rival cons and SM is cheap in comparison for like for like guests. I wont name and shame but it's out there.
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    GA started being let in at 8:55am. The ensuing mass running through the halls was borderline dangerous. Some really aggressive behaviour getting VQ tickets - I hope no-one got hurt. Crew are doing a sterling job in the queue management!
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    He was absolutely lovely, couldn't ask to meet a nicer person. I asked him for a hug, he said of course, when I said thanks he replied you're welcome sweetie just to make you love him that little bit more I've got 2 more photo sessions with him over the weekend and I recommend anyone who hasn't met him to do so, top guy, showmasters keep bringing him back.
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    You may have missed my prior posts. The shoot is cancelled. There will be refunds and they will be done automatically by the office. That is probably why the Pit Boss did not know, Sales Desk is not handling the refunds. My information came straight from TooTall who among a seriously long list of other positions is also Head of Crew. If Photobucket would work I would post a screencap of our conversation. Sorry if I sound frustrated. But I am spending my time and even more so my own money to forward these issues and get a response for everyone. My mobile phone bill is not covered by SM, and international texts are pricey. It is rather disheartening when I am flat out ignored or attendees don't believe me.
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    One of our number couldn't make LFCC this year so rather than have him miss out, some of his friends decided that he should still have the LFCC that he deserves. To that end a suitable replacement was located to take his place. I don't think anyone noticed it wasn't really him but I could be wrong...... 20170728_134752 20170728_114658 20170728_113730 20170728_112809 20170728_112454 20170728_111610 20170728_110426 20170728_110210 20170728_105845 20170728_104849 20170728_103306 20170728_102747 20170728_102244_1
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    Unfortunately the cloakrooms are handled by the venue too. I have put them on my list, but I really have no idea if SM can do anything about it
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    havent mentioned the biggest issue of all.... A celing tile FALLING down thankfully no one was hit. no idea how they werent tho as it was in the busy auto area near RDA/Alyson Hannigan etc.
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    Thank you Claire and thank you dodge. I have forwarded this and it should hopefully not happen again tomorrow. It helps me a lot if the areas and the shoots are named.
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    Quite tanned but not as tanned as last year.
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    The Phelps Twins are not there tomorrow. Even so, they were no photos, considering how long their queue was.
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    Gemma is still attending, but her photoshoot for tomorrow has sold out. The crew member probably misread the settings on the listing on the tablet.
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    Hmmm... I do like that idea personally.
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    I have a gold pass. This morning when we went through the doors and were crossing the hall I looked up and saw soooo many general entry attendees on the floor above and they were all running to get VQTs. I still had to cross the hall and go up the stairs and they were all ahead of me. The crew have honestly done a fantastic job this year. They're extremely patient and every year organisation is improving. But gold passes being let in late is the one bad thing that seriously needs to be looked at. We pay so much more than general entry just to see them a floor above and really far ahead.
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    You're correct, there is a relatively new user with the same profile pic. But new user. Not same user with a name change. We can't make the moderator avatars exclusive.
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    Mads is a legend! Such a warm friendly guy with time for everyone. I met him yesterday no problem with a VQ - he was getting through the signings but not in a hurried way and you don't feel rushed. Mads could attend every year in my opinion and he'd be popular.
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    Planet Of The Apes Guests Andy Serkis Toby Kebbell Doc Shaw Nick Thurston POTC Guests Johnny Depp Orlando Bloom Keira Knightley Geoffrey Rush WWE Superstars The Rock(Dwayne Johnson) Stone Cold Steve Austin Goldberg Triple H Shawn Michaels Ric Flair The Undertaker John Cena Randy Orton
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    VQ only got to see her late afternoon aloof is the word I'd use
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    There is usually a sign at the Sales Table and the photo shoots crossed out as cancelled. That's the way it's always been done. The photoshoot refunds will be done ASAP - but right now everyone is at the biggest show of the year. It won't happen before the office is back in.
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    Unfortunately this was a last minute cancellation it was posted up on her table yesterday and posted on here and twitter. Refunds will most likely be processed after the show.
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    I'm sorry but letting Gold Pass members in 5 minutes early is not hard. Yet somehow every year it's something Showmasters fail on. We were hearing in the line that GE had done all bag checks before we had even started. I just don't get it...
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    Today. lol. Last weekend in July 2018.
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    We got there early got vq for Benedict Ccumberbatch no 97 told to come back at 3.45 we did stopped us going in with 4 in front of us with vq it was bad luck we will try again tomorrow but couldn't believe the abuse staff got wasn't fair on them I don't like getting my picture taken that's why I don't buy diamond pass have asked Sm to look a different pass for the people who want that but still great day crew at Kevin Smith great still got 10 autographs 3 of them diamond plus about 15 comics signed you get what you want from the con just some people are unrealistic and shellfish
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    So £100 - £200 (Diamond prices) is the new going rate for autos now?
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    I have a lot of new ones that I need to take pictures of... but I'm waiting for my newest one to arrive in the post. Can't take a picture without the whole family present.
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    they always make it clear its not guaranteed as they dont know how fast/slow guest will sign and they also always say vq most likely at end of day too. how are they being unfair? i dont see it. seems clear to me hiw it works
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    On a related note, since it's been mentioned-- I know that not all guests will have the signs up for all three days, but can we get an idea of which guests have which photo signs up and which guests don't have them at all? I know I like to get a table picture with a guest if I can but if they have any kind of sign up I know not to ask.
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    Natalie Dormer is literally perfect. That diamond pass was the best investment I've ever made.
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    As I'm going tomorrow, can any of you already there advise who has 'no photos' and who has 'no posed photos'. Cheers.
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    Just wanted to say you are doing a great job all over the forum this weekend Queen_Sindel
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    My photo from today came out ok. I knew what I was going into after reading about yesterday and yes the photo with Pamela is lighter than the standard SM picture but it wasn't that bad. I was even fortunate to get a retake as the flash took me by surprise and the original photo looked awful.
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    The goal is to have all guests out signing at opening. However, a guest can oversleep or even fall ill as it happened with Chris Judge yesterday. I don't know if you've tried being in a photoshoot for such a long time, but this takes its toll on guests as well. Also please remember Christopher's age. He will need that break. I really can't imagine him not returning to signing between photos/lunch and the talk though. But that would still mean he is signing for Diamond Guests in that timeframe first.
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    There are stalls selling plastic Wallets big enough for the DP prints. Might be a cheaper option
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    I am sure I seen at least one selling them yesterday while I was looking around. :)
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    I decided to upgrade to a diamond pass for Mads this morning. I got number 184 which I don't think is bad considering I bought it on the day! Can't wait to meet him today
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    Let's hope. Thanks for your help!
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    I don't know enough about the tech to state anything with certainty, but it feels like it may be quite difficulty to assign a scannable barcode that could track a person's completion of all the diamond pass activities, given that some passes can have up to five different things to claim on them. Their system looks like it can tell them whether a barcode has been scanned before or not, and that's it. You could do separate barcodes, but i'm not sure if that's something eventbrite do, as every eventbrite thing I have seen follows the same layout. You could also have multiple tickets, but then i'm not sure the extra hassle is worth it. Most importantly, wearable passes are cool! I might just be talking nonsense, but this is how I see it.
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    Showed brother the pic of Jason with Tim. His reaction? "I seen him! Seen him carrying the balloon around." It's gaining popularity!
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    When I got my photo i looked like Casper the ghost
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    When the flash went off I thought I had arc eye
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    Tim Balloon really is an awesome guy, and quite the party animal in the pub on Thursday night!
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    She was lovely but the lighting on the photos with her was awful. I'm not sure what happened but everyone's photos with her look like they are taken next to the Sun.
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    That was only day one... How many more might we manage before weekend is out?
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    My photo with Pamela is so bright you can barely tell I had a black and white checked shirt on! Obviously I would prefer a re-shoot tomorrow or sunday (as I'm there all 3-days), however, if this is the lighting which she has requested, in which case SM can't change it, then I would like a refund. My photo, like many others I suspect, really isn't worth £45, and had I been warned of this in advance I would not have bought one.
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    I think he will be as busy as Cleese/Lloyd , very rare guest.