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  1. Sorry for any panic caused but it wasn’t just one crew member. About 4 said 360 was across the two days and 4 said it was 360 today and a new lot tomorrow starting at 0. One of the crew members who said this was one of the ones who wears their own clothes instead of a red or blue crew t shirt, so it wasn’t just a new crew member making the mistake. It’s just hard when you’ve asked so many people for a definite answer and it’s a 50/50 split.
  2. Just asked at the sales desk and they spoke to whoever was in charge and they said the number of passes is for the whole weekend. so he’ll have 120-140 diamonds left to do tomorrow and then he’ll go onto VQTs.
  3. Yeah i know. Just meant annoying I didn’t get to him today with such a low number
  4. Just spoke to another crew member who is taking Peter’s payment and she thinks it is 360 diamonds across the weekend. So there’ll be only 120 diamonds left to do. Wish we could get a definite answer because half are saying it’s 360 for the weekend half are saying it’s 360 today and another few hundred tomorrow. HELPPP
  5. So Peter had 360ish Saturday diamond passes today and only got through 240. His queue is closed at 6pm even if you have a diamond pass below 240. The crew are saying the remaining 120 will get through first tomorrow and then the Sunday diamonds will go through. but the thing is he has less signing time tomorrow than today. He has a talk and he has the group doctor photo. So if he didn’t get through his diamonds today he won’t tomorrow. There’s no point even buying a sunday diamond pass for him now because it won’t guarantee the autograph, like the 120 who had saturday tickets and didn’t get it today. So frustrating as I have VQT 6 for him.
  6. I’ve just asked again and they’ve said there are sunday diamonds tomorrow too so there’ll be more than 360
  7. We’ve asked multiple crew members and we’re getting different answers so I thought I’d try on here. The crew have said there are 360ish diamond passes for Peter Capaldi today. He has photo shoots for about an hour and a half now and he was still only at 1-200 diamond at 3:30. The crew member at the end of his queue said that tomorrow the autograph queue would continue where it left off today. So say he gets to 250 diamond passes today, it would start from 250 diamond tomorrow and then loads of vqts would get through. Two other crew members also said this would happen and that the 360 passes is split over 2 days. However, another crew member said there are 360 diamond passes for today and another separate lot of passes for tomorrow (so his autograph queue would go back to diamond 0-50 in the morning). Can we get a definite answer from someone because he’s very unlikely to get to any VQTs today and we want to know if that could be the same tomorrow (if he has another couple of hundred diamond passes, plus he has his talk and the group doctors photo).
  8. JASON IS OPEN QUEUE!! GO GO GO I had VQT 244 and they let me join. it’s incredibly fast-paced, he’s not looking up or speaking. make sure to have your cash ready, the people with him don’t like delays.
  9. Thanks, I’ve already been and got them. The crew member hole punched the autograph symbol on my Tom Baker pass instead of the bag symbol (and I haven’t got the autograph yet). Just had to sort something with a red t shirt crew member.
  10. But it still took over 30 minutes to get in, even after the majority had gone through
  11. Anyone know what the bag symbol means on diamond passes? Do we have to go somewhere to collect our prints? Anyone know where? no one at diamond pass collection mentioned it
  12. I’ve only just got through gold and diamond pass pick up and was in the venue doors at 10:25. it’s just the queues being really slow for diamond pass pick up for people with gold passes. the ONLY reason i buy a gold pass is for the 5 mins early entry to get VQTs. Getting queue priority for guests means nothing now as so many are diamonds. i was here before 10am, I have a gold pass yet general entry were all in before me. i got in at 10:25 and have VQT 244 for Jason Momoa. given the fact he’s not here until 2am and he has photos and diamond passes to do there’s pretty much no chance of me meeting him. it’ll be fine tomorrow as I can go straight in as I have my pass, it’s just so unfair for people who haven’t been free (or in london) to pick them up beforehand.
  13. So it turns out if you weren’t able to pick up your gold pass yesterday you have to stand in a really slow queue and collect everything first and lose all of the early entry time that you paid for :) :) If you’re just coming tomorrow you may want to take this into account as you won’t get any VQTs before they let general entry in. I’m still stood outside and hardly moving forward.
  14. Hi, so today I need to pick up my gold pass and also my diamond passes for Tom Baker and Nathalie but I also want to get a VQT for Jason Momoa. Normally they scan your gold pass ticket outside and give you a wristband and bag out there. However I believe that this year they’re also giving gold pass holders their diamond passes when they collect their gold passes. So this means people will obviously need to be given the correct diamond passes so I doubt the crew outside will be carrying all of these. when the doors open at 9:55 will I have to join a gold/diamond pass queue on my way in or can I go and get a VQT for Jason and then come back for my diamond passes? I don’t want to miss the VQT while I wait for my diamond passes.
  15. Is using the ‘contact us’ form on the Showmasters website the best way to do this or do they have another email address? (also for your sake I’m not going to bring up what was mentioned and I’m also not going to reply to the sarcastic comments above this but boy how I would love to. It’s taking all of the self control within me not to)
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