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  1. smithy270492

    A Cards against Humanity meetup

    Hey Tim :) we will definitely be doing this again!!! Also will be doing the usual Thursday night meet up for those that want :)
  2. smithy270492

    Guest Suggestions

    Seeing as this seems to mostly be a line up of previously cancelled guests... any chance of Mike Colter?
  3. smithy270492

    Thursday Meet Up!

    just wanted to thank people again for attending this weekend at the various meet ups! it was fantastic :) I promise to arrange the meet ups again next year :)
  4. smithy270492

    Thursday Meet Up!

    Hey guys :) turnout was better than I ever could have expected! It was great seeing everyone again, and meeting others for the first time too! For those wanting, we will be heading back to Latymers after the convention tomorrow :) there's no set time for this, it's not a strict meet up! Just if and when you want to go along, go :)
  5. smithy270492

    Thursday Meet Up!

    @robmoriarty ive just rang Latymers, they've told me that there is the step that leads to the inside of the bar, they've also told me their toilets are on the first floor which is only accessible by stairs. I can only apologise, naturally assumed it would be wheelchair friendly as most places are these days! it is a little too late to change the venue now especially due to facebook advertising as well, I hope you can still join us - even if we sit outside at their tables! If not I understand, we will definitely be looking to change to a different venue for the other nights/future years. My apologies again!
  6. smithy270492

    Thursday Meet Up!

    new venue? its on the first post... Latymers :)
  7. smithy270492

    Thursday Meet Up!

    hey guys :) Tonight is still going on! cant wait to see you all! @robmoriarty weve changed venues this year so tonight is my first time going to this one, recommended by a friend going. I will do my absolute best today to find out for you if there is wheelchair access and will post on here!
  8. smithy270492

    Big Guest Announcement- Tonight 9pm

    please... no more... cant take anymore expense..... p.s. please be a Marvel guest!
  9. smithy270492

    Latest Guest Announcement - SAM NEILL

    last time the greenscreen was meant to be the Jurassic Park Gates on the green screen, with a model velociraptor as the prop... no guarantees it will be the same this time of course!
  10. smithy270492

    Thursday Meet Up!

    great! see you there!
  11. smithy270492

    Latest Guest Announcement - SAM NEILL

    no! then it will all be over
  12. smithy270492

    Latest Guest Announcement - SAM NEILL

    I ca t wait to meet Sam Neill!!!! Why isn't it Thursday already -.- I want LFCC trip to begin
  13. smithy270492

    Guest Cancellation - Megan Fox

    But your entry ticket isn't for the guest. Your entry ticket is to give you access to guest halls, the Merch tables, the free talks... none of that has changed. And if we focus on the guest halls specifically, we are talking about wanting a refund due to one cancellation out of near on 120 guests still attending I believe. You want a fair refund system? By my math you are entitled at most to 1/120th of your entry ticket cost :)
  14. smithy270492

    Latest Guest Announcement - SAM NEILL

    I love this guest!!! Any chance of the raptor and green screen shoot that was planned for last year or is it too last minute?
  15. smithy270492

    Thursday Meet Up!

    this is open to everyone of course :) more the merrier!