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  1. reelbigmartin

    Wrestling Guests experiences

    THAT is a crazy story
  2. reelbigmartin

    Wrestling Guests experiences

    My only criticism of the wrestling talk at LFCC is that it has historically been mediated by a non-fan, which is frustrating for us in attendance (I remember Edge being introduced as "The Edge", which made me cringe.) There's so much wrestling journalism and podcasts etc in the UK, that I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to get one of them to cover the event for wrestling fans over the weekend. Personally, I'd love the chaps at Wrestletalk to do it, as they are London based.
  3. reelbigmartin

    Wrestling Guests experiences

    I've either had photos or autos with: Rikishi Road Warrior Animal Edge Christian William Regal Billy Gunn Jim Ross Out of everyone, Edge was by far my favourite. Arguably the most successful there, but the most humble, most friendly and happy to discuss my favourite obscure match with me (him v Jeff Hardy ladder match at Extreme rules 2009). This year I want to meet Ted Dibiase and Al Snow. Also, the talk is always good :)
  4. reelbigmartin

    New Prop shoot. Note the details.

    Is there a post which lists all of the prop shoots and their prices?
  5. reelbigmartin


    Will the throne be available as a prop shoot?
  6. reelbigmartin


    Wonder if he has manakin heads to sign ...
  7. reelbigmartin

    Guest Suggestions

    I love me some wrestling guests, and personally, I think it would be really smart for Showmasters to try and get some kind of agreement/relationship going with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Get to know them early, before they are super popular and busy in a couple of years time. I think there would be huge demand for it. Would love to meet Kenny Omega, Young Bucks, Cody, Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho etc. There's no AEW events on for LFCC weekend, just saying... Make it happen Showmasters!
  8. reelbigmartin

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    Pretty sure this is simply down to time scale and nothing more. You would need at least a week to design and get it printed. Plus they wouldn't know how many they needed. Unfair to blame SM for this.
  9. reelbigmartin

    Sherlock Set Photos

    The Sherlock set this weekend was brilliant. Has anyone received their photos yet? I'm keeping an eye out for emails but I'm afraid of it going to junk!
  10. reelbigmartin

    Stranger Things Alphabet prop photo shoot?

    Does anyone have a picture of this? How did it turn out?
  11. reelbigmartin

    Big thanks to SM and Mark Henry

    Lovely to hear the big man being so nice
  12. reelbigmartin


    Do you know if he was doing posed photos at the table?
  13. reelbigmartin


    Sorry, I misread. Thank you!
  14. reelbigmartin


    Can anyone who saw Hurricane let me know: Is he in costume? Does he do posed photos at the table? Thank you!!!!
  15. reelbigmartin

    LFCC 2018 Schedule - UPDATED 26/7

    This is nit-picky, but it's a shame that the wrestling guests are so spread out, likely because there is so many. I'm only looking at Sunday, so it might be alright on the other days, but JR being at 1740, and the others starting at around 1220 is a tad inconvenient. I'm being selfish though as I wanted JR to sign my photo, and won't be able to as he will likely go home after the photo op. I'm still very much excited though!