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  1. Kevin smith appreciation

    All of this. I agree with everything you have said.
  2. William Regal Appreciation Thread

    It was the Edge and Christian Podcast. If you want to listen, you should be able to download it for free in the next couple of weeks. However, it's actually a genuinely good podcast, so I would recommend regardless.
  3. Fave moment of the convention?

    Mine was probably talking to Edge. I've already posted appreciation on here, but despite having a decent sized queue, he was still happy to have a chat about one of my favourite matches of his with Jeff Hardy. As it is likely my favourite match of all time, it truly was an unique experience for me, and one I will cherish forever.
  4. Feedback - Saturday problems and other things

    I didn't have a gold pass, but did have a Diamond. A good way to solve the disappointment with Gold Pass holders is to perhaps allow them the first VQ tickets for DP guests, even if it is for the first half hour. This still give Diamonds the guarantee, but offers more value out of the Gold Passes? I personally wouldn't go for the gold pass, but I understand frustration
  5. MC at the talks

    That's a fair point. As I said I only sat in on 2, and there were, in my opinion, glaring errors. I don't want to poo-poo every MC as I believe there are ones there. When I've been to wrestling talks in the past, the MCs generally aren't too clued up, but again, I don't want to throw everyone under the bus.
  6. MC at the talks

    Is it just me or was anyone else really unimpressed with the MC? I went to Edge and Christians talks and Kevin Smiths. Here are my main points: 1) He called Edge 'The Edge' which was super cringe and awkward. At least E&C could make light of it 2) He called KS' podcast "Batman on Fatman" which again is incorrect and made it very cringe worthy. 3) Both times, he gave no warning to the guests for last questions and cut them off without warning. Luckily for KS, he just carried on anyway and knew how to close down the show, but for E&C the show just ended and that was it. I've seen this complaints from previous years, and it would be nice if the MC was just a bit more educated about what was about to go on the stage.
  7. First time as Crew

    Do you find out who you are crewing for ahead of the weekend?
  8. Edge Appreciation

    If it wasn't for Kevin Smith, Edge would've been my convention highlight of my lifetime. He was super cool, happy to take pictures etc but was really engaging in conversation. We watched his ladder match v Jeff Hardy from 2009 and I said how its my favourite match, and he started talking about different spots, the experience and little tid-bits about it. It's one of those things that you can only gain from an event like this, and he was just super awesome. I think anyone that met him would agree how cool he was, and how it would be great to have him back.
  9. William Regal Appreciation Thread

    He was awesome, really nice, chatty bloke.
  10. Kevin smith appreciation

    Kevin is an absolute hero of mine, and he went beyond any expectation I may have. When we went up for the photo he held out his arms for a hug, like is said above, like an old friend. He was awesome and I want to thank SM for allowing me this experience.
  11. Incredibly unfair for VQ ticket holders

    Diamond passes means SM can bring in these guests in the first place. Benedict is white hot at the moment being in a very successful TV show, a villian in Star Trek and a freaking Marvel superhero. Did you really expect any less? The price is too rich for my blood, but I completely get it. Remember, SM isn't a charity. They have to turn a profit in order to lure in the guests and keep holding events. I've seen prices for rival cons and SM is cheap in comparison for like for like guests. I wont name and shame but it's out there.
  12. Pilou Asbaek autograph queue

    Nothing can be accomplished by posting this now on here. Tell someone at the con
  13. Incredibly unfair for VQ ticket holders

    You only get one auto over the 2 days, do not all Diamond holders will go today. Plus, Diamond have every right to have priority, and getting a VQ never guarantees you an auto. That has always been the case. On another note, why complain on here? Nothing will get done until it is too late for you.
  14. Latest Guest Announcement - KEVIN SMITH

    Can anyone post a pic of the Kevin Smith diamond print? Please and thank you