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  1. This was an absolute joke, over the last few weeks on this forum people have said there would not be another incident like last year, we had assurances from Showmasters but still it keeps happening. Despite being about five rows back in the gold queue having arrived just after 8.am and walking briskly to the signing area when the doors were opened all my major VQ's were in the high 100's or 200's because GA got there before me. I have been buying gold passes every year since 2006 and every year the benefits diminished but costs go up. What about next year rather than promising to allow gold's to get in five minutes earlier, we get in 15 minutes earlier to allow us to get VQ's before GA (by saying 15 minutes we would probably only get in five minutes earlier in reality). Yesterday entry was perfect, just today was a joke!!
  2. I have had a gold pass for every LFCC since 2006 and the value of them continues to be diminished. It used to cost £175 and that included around 5-10 pre-signed photos from a genre of your choice as well as being able to join the queue for every guest in attendance, be able attend all talks, they were also limited in number. Now for £250 you can't join the all the lines, you are not given the collection of pre-signed photos, you can't go to all talks, you are given x2 £10 vouchers for £10 guests to only be used on specific days and now vouchers for two talks which people may not have any interest in.
  3. diveteam

    Gold Passes

    I am in the same situation, just there on a Saturday, so the "free" photo shots are pointless last year was good as could use them as part payment for more expensive photos.
  4. I have been getting a Gold Pass every year since 2008 mainly for the convenience of being able to jump the lines and will get one again for 2015, what I worry about is if a guest such as Harrison Ford is announced I will probably upgrade to a Diamond Pass but would these Diamond Pass's offer line jumping access for other guests or photo shoots? I normally meet between 15-20 guests (both autos and photo shoots). Also what happens if you upgrade from a Gold Pass to a Diamond Pass and that guest cancels are you able to get the Gold Pass back even if they are sold out at that time?
  5. diveteam

    LFCC Schedule - UPDATE 3!

    I think I remember something about being able to use your Sat/Sun Stan Lee photoshoot ticket on the Friday, did I imagine it or is that the case?
  6. diveteam

    Gold ticket query

    It is also a "Anticipatory breach" of contract under contract law if we choose not to accept this breach we retain the right to enforce Showmasters primary obligations as set out when we entered into the contract with them.
  7. I received this autograph in my Gold Páss pack, does anyone know who he is? Unknown Autograph 3 by TravelShorts, on Flickr Thanks for any help.
  8. diveteam

    Post Your Pics Thread!

    Hi everyone I have just posted some pictures on my blog here. Mark
  9. diveteam

    Counting down the hours now...

    Catching the 16:08 train tomorrow from Chester after work. Will start to pack in about an hour.
  10. diveteam

    One last time. Finalised "to meet" list?

    Karen Allen Margot Kidder John Landis Christopher Lloyd Patrick Stewart Claudia Black John Hurt Paul Freeman and maybe: Brad Dourif Jason Mewes Carrie Henn I will be a poor, poor man
  11. diveteam

    Original Indiana Jones Prop Display

    Excellent, it is great to see original props from these films, I own one of the chilled monkey brains and beetles from the banquet scene from Temple of Doom.
  12. I will be at the Radisson Edwardian Grafton, £70 per night.
  13. diveteam

    Latest Guest announcement - John Landis

    Great guest, any chance of a 30 year Animal House reunion? Karen Allen will already be there.
  14. diveteam

    Latest Guest Announcement Jason Mewes

    Excellent guest, met him at a premiere in LA about seven years ago, top bloke.