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  1. Apparently Captains Chair was broken, and they cancelled the Saturday afternoon session without prior notice, so I didn't get any chance to use my photoshoot tickets as I wanted being a GP holder.
  2. GP I have always in previous shows joined the back of an autograph queue, never required to have VQ ticket, this year I was informed that changed, even though the website tells different, so on Friday I was there at 8:50, but could only get 1 non Diamond guest, to beat my duck of getting zero autographs for the whole day, see out of all the guests most of the ones I wanted were DP, so I was unable to get any, for a GP that costs £265 I felt disappointed that GA could then get VQ tickets ahead on Saturday so what was the benefit of GP, I appreciate I probably didn't understand this based off of my experience from previous years but why the change? Saturday was a joke, everyone battled to get a VQ, it was a feeding frenzy, why only 5minutes fpr GP, for someone who has difficulty moving, the guests are further away for GP holders than GA, so when they got in en-masse we were left hanging. A suggestion for GP entrance, could SM speak to the security staff to search bags at the front of the barriers opposite Kensington Olympia tube station, then we could all enter quickly when those doors open, rather than because we only have 5minutes that time is impeded by the bag check, so if you do that before we all queue we'd get in far quicker, as we're all patiently waiting in the GP queue for upto 30mins??? I was hoping to get an autograph for John Cleese, but in the afternoon after his 2nd photoshoot we queued with VQ only to later get refused in favour of your DP holders, this was very unfair especially for GP holders because of your new 'rule' where we can't join the queue but have to go VQ, my VQ number was <30 on that day yet I couldn't get his autograph, really poor, SM seem to have really oversold John Cleese, I noticed at the photoshoot we did get into that queue, but the people waiting outside was 8-deep!!
  3. So this alternative bi-photo, got posted on Twitter got posted here in the forum's, but not emailed to those who actually purchased the Superman group photo?
  4. Thanks for that, but Margot hasn't yet been added to your 'Guests Days & Prices London Film & Comic Con 2017' section, I'm sure it'll be at somepoint, but just saying :)
  5. I was informed by a pitboss at the sales desk that the Superman group photoshoot was not cancelled, and there would be no refunds regardless of the fact supposedly two out of the four have now cancelled, it's somewhat disconcerning to be told this when you're paying £110 for a shoot, it is a problem now because I can't rely upon guests not turning up if I can't get refunds, kind of akin to trying to buy a car, but it's only being sold to you with two wheels, yet if I purchased the wheels separately then I'd get refunds, doesn't seem fair.
  6. Hi there, I purchased 2 Gold Pass tickets, but want to collect these on Thursday, now I realise this forum is very busy, but as only myself will be collecting the Gold Passes and these are wristbands, is that possible to still collect both as the 2nd Gold Pass ticket owner won't be able to be with me on Thursday, so can you verify for me if I will be allowed to collect both?
  7. Hi Showmasters team, sorry to hear about the last minute guest cancellations, but this does mean I would like to request the cancellations of the following photo shoots, I hope this forum is the best place to request this? 1. Superman Group Photo Session (due to Jack O'Halloran cancelling) 2. Both of the Iron Fist Group Photo Sessions (due to Tom Pelphrey cancelling)
  8. Sorry I must have missed this when purchasing my tickets, so as a Gold Pass holder, could you help me to better understand this differential now between Gold and Diamond: I can't just join the autograph queue if they are a 'diamond' guest I have to go VQ I thought Gold holders could join any queue without having to go VQ? I thought for Gold you can join any talk, but now there's only 2 tokens to choose between the possible 10+ 'diamond' guest talks, again I thought I could go to any talk now I can only go to the free ones and two tokened talks by diamond guests? I'm in the dark so to speak as to know who are the 'diamond' guests, so I can work out who I have to miss, but forgive me for saying at £261 for a gold pass I thought that I'd have more perks for that price, how I read this forum is that now I'm feeling quite limited in my options.
  9. I was at collectormania, using an iOS for your eventbrite tickets, there were NO batch numbers on the eventbrite wallet, please can you fix this, as I still have no batch numbers for the upcoming LFCC2017 tickets I've purchased either. On the day it's easier to manage my tickets using your Eventbrite wallet that having to go find my email with the batch numbers on them, it's inconsistent behaviour, which is a mere detail but one which causes us anxiety and frustration on the day when your Showmaster assistant on the day is struggling to manage 200 people into an organised queue if you know what I mean.
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