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  1. Favourite moments, I have so many... (In no particular order) 1. Having the most random chat about Harry Potter with Christian. Turns out his wife was chosen to do that the "Wand chooses the Wizard" at Ollivanders in Wizarding World, Florida. 2. A crew member coming up to my son to tell him he liked his dinosaur t-shirt! 3. Kevin Smith addressing the crowds just before his photo shoot on Sunday morning. 4. Kevin Smith asking me about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, asking if I had seen it and me admitting I have seen it 9 times and was seeing it again in a couple of weeks. 5. Alyson Hannigan telling me how much everyone loved her pink, sparkly boots after I told her I loved them. 6. Mark Sheppard actually managing to get my son (who has autism, ADHD and ODD) to engage with him, the first guest he had actually done so with the entire weekend. 7. The Edge laughing at a funny pose son was making while he waited for me to finish talking to him. 8. The look on James and Oliver Phelps' faces when I stood in front of them with all four of House Editions of the Philosopher's Stone and asked what house they had been sorted in to. 9. Seeing my daughter have first solo photo with a guest of her choice and not getting shy as she usually does. I was so proud of her! They are probably more, but these are the ones that stand out for me!
  2. Links to my photos... Christopher Lloyd and the Delorian Zoe Wannamaker James and Oliver Phelps Sean Biggerstaff The Edge and Christian Wil Wheaton Alyson Hannigan Mark Williams My Daughter with Mark Williams Kevin Smith Disney Pixar's Up Cosplay Marauders (from Harry Potter) Cosplay
  3. James Phelps: Hufflepuff 29th Anniversary Book Oliver Phelps, Sean Biggerstaff and Danielle Tabor: Gryffindor 20th Anniversary Book Mark Williams: Gryffindor 20th Anniversary Book Prints: Missi Pyle, The Edge, Christian and Mark Sheppard
  4. Personally, I always take my cue from the guest, especially as we may not always be told if they have a no touching rule. I won't put my arm round them until they have put their arm round me.
  5. Yes, I noticed that too, the lack of security checks for those us in the Extra Help queue. As we went in the other direction from the security checks, there should have been another table for our queue at least.
  6. The crew and photographer at Christopher Lloyd's shoot with the Delorean on Saturday morning. Incredibly patient as I calmed my son for the photo. The crew members organising the queues at Photo B and Photo E yesterday afternoon. Both areas were a little manic, but both handled everything calmly and efficiently. Crew members at the Phelps Twins and Mark Williams auto area. Helped me and my son out brilliantly. Every crew member was brilliant this weekend. You have all done an AMAZING job!!!
  7. The Phelps Twins are not there tomorrow. Even so, they were no photos, considering how long their queue was.
  8. My only complaint is how tightly packed the area around Photo A, B, C and D is. However, I want to praise the crew who have done a sterling job today. Especially the photographer and crew on the Delorian Shoot with Christopher Lloyd, who patiently waited for me to calm my autistic son down enough so we could capture the photo. I didn't even mention he was autistic, but they recognised there was an issue and gave me the chance to calm him and I am grateful for that. Also, to the crew members organising the queues on Photo B and Photo E, they were brilliant, smiling and calm with everyone.
  9. Thank you. Feel better already. Will be emailing the team just to clarify some other stuff as well. I seem to be a bit unorganised this year.
  10. Ok, I know you have been asked this a few times, but I need to make sure I have understood. I have a regular Family ticket for both Saturday and Sunday. I also need to collect an Extra Help Pass as my son is autistic. I no longer go to the Gold Pass Entrance as was advised in my email, but over to Gate H, where there will be a separate queue for those needing Extra Help passes. I don't plan on arriving until after the doors open anyway, but I just need to make sure I have this correct as I do want to avoid a meltdown from my son. (Only ask as it seems to have changed from when I last attended two years ago.)
  11. Thank you. Trying to push buying until Friday, so feel a little better about waiting now.
  12. I take it there are plenty tickets left for the standard. I have to wait till my refund appears before I can pay for it!
  13. Haven't posted on here in years, but I had to just for this announcement. Absolutely loved him in Dogma!!!!
  14. She was the guest I was most looking forward to meeting. Even brought a new t-shirt especially for the photo op! Oh well never mind, hopefully she come back for another event!
  15. OMG!!!! I have been a fan of his ever since I saw him in Oliver at the Palladium!
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