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  1. I made this point yesterday.. I am a big fan of Mads. If his auto was cheaper I would of met him again yesterday. So say he made it £35 at London when I saw him in 2017 and £35 yesterday he still would be £10 up on the deal and I would of got to meet him twice. At £60 He is a one off.
  2. Comicons = queing up. It's a rule everyone should get used to. Robert Englund was my most painful wait but that was only because he was signing agonisingly slow. As with every main showasters event I get to London at 5am opens at 9am I got to Birmingham 7:30am opens at 9am. This dedication enables us to get the low VQ tickets.. enables us to avoid the chaos. If you really really want an auto.. early bird catches the worm. I thought it was a great event today and improvement on last year and it's growing nicely.
  3. I can't see an option. I can a standard family ticket entry from 11am I can see early entry from 9am but no child or family option I can see weekend family option from 11am I want a weekend ticket to cover me and my 2 kids entry from 9am both days Thanks for your help
  4. Hello.. need some help please We intend to goto collectormania next week. There is me and my partner and our 2 young kids. I don't seem to be able to purchase eary Bird tickets for 9am for us all? Can anyone help?
  5. Can really see a difference. How did you get a digital version from showmasters with the signature on it? thanks
  6. Hello, im looking for a bit of advice, i have a ton of prints from comicons, especially London. What im wondering is, if i buy a scanner and scan and save the image on my PC will it print in good quality later? Does anybody scan there photos? Any advice is great. thanks you
  7. Its Asoss the name of the company. Iv emailed them and they never replied. However they do most showmasters events i believe.
  8. I binned all mine, just a way for showmasters to advertise. Nothing good about them really.
  9. The event was very very good. I hadn't been since 2015 and everyone moaning this year obviously didn't go in 2015, the event was miles more enjoyable, more space.
  10. I totally get this. The adrenaline takes over for me and sometimes, not so much this year as I thought the event was miles better planned out, but in 2015 after the BTTF event it was a blur I got so much done so many photo ops and so many sigs and it was more of a 3 day battle in big ques and intense heat. 2017was miles more enjoyable for us.
  11. Yeah I second all the positive comments, when i compare meeting BC to Micheal J fox who I paid £495 to meet there was no comparison, I know MJF has a condition and I know he was very far behind on the Sunday with his autographs but there was no comparison to how friendly benedict was and he was actually responsive to being spoken too. MJF will always be one of my all time heros and so grateful he did a con and I have that opportunity.
  12. This is something me and my missus discussed over the weekend, obviously we were just guessing and have no clue, but doing a few basic sums, there are massive amounts of money flying around. we would love to know who gets what and how it works.
  13. Benedict was amazing both in his auto and photo... as he's such a HUGE star at the moment it's always nice to see they remember there fans. meeting him twice was one of the highlights of the weekend.
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