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  1. He did. There was a dance routine and audience participation. At one point we all threw bobbins of cotton onto the stage and shouted 'make it sew'..... Good times!
  2. If they could get Sir Patrick Stewart doing his one man performance of Dickens 'A Christmas Carol' I'd be all over it. I saw him perform it at the Old Vic in the 90's. It was utterly spellbinding.
  3. Hi there Can someone post a link to the send in service for the April guests please? Link on the LFF web page only directs to the February guests. Cheers.
  4. Ive been trying to find the link to the autograph pre orders, but I really am looking but not seeing! Can someone direct me to the link?
  5. Have the send-in / pre-orders now stopped?
  6. So, another week has gone by and still nothing further from the pre-orders team about the Michael Shanks issue.
  7. I used the same email address as here. Regarding Gmail, Ive had no issue getting the automated emails from the Pre-Orders team, and indeed an initial email from Jason G asking for photographic evidence that Michael Shanks's autograph was missing (sent over on the 5th August). Order number was 6147749.
  8. Sadly, I have still had no resolution to my Pre-Orders issue. I appreciate that the team are busy with events etc, but it has been a fortnight! Its disappointing its taking this long to explain why my mail-in item was returned unsigned and bearing the holographic sticker authenticating the signature - and indeed what can be done to rectify the problem.
  9. Having seen dysfunctional behaviour such as tthe above in previous years, my vote would be to move to a sealed bid type of auction. Post your bid on a folded piece of paper into a sealed box. Bids are opened at close of auction, highest bid wins. No pen stealing, no sheet hogging, no opportunity for people to start hitting each other over the head with clipboards like a fish-slapping dance.
  10. I wont be there this year, so everything's being done via post. Christina Ricci and Ian McDiarmid on the Sleepy Hollow poster Michael Shanks to finish off the Stargate pilot promotional photo Walter Koenig on the ST:Generations poster. Gina Torres and Adam Baldwin on the Serenity poster. Ill post pics on here one day - I need to get a photo posting account thingy. That's the problem with having no social media presence!!
  11. Is it possible to have two 'send your own item' pre-orders, each for a different guest, but to have them both sign the same item? For example, Gina Torres and Adam Baldwin to both sign the same Firefly poster.
  12. I was wearing shorts. No one needs my legs immortalising in print for posterity. Or my posterior for those sideways shots!
  13. See my suggestion of using Whatsapp broadcast groups in the 'Highs & Lows' thread....
  14. I am going to try to keep this concise! The Great :) GP entry times – So much better than last year – and whomever let us into the GP atrium area on Sunday to get us out of the rain needs a pay rise. So many of the pit bosses were fantastic. Mary, in particular, needs a pay rise! So many of them were all great at resolving individual issues. Kelly. She rocks in so many ways and was utterly, utterly brilliant. Also a shout out to the woman staffing the Extra help desk in the mornings who was doing sterling work. In fact, so many of the red and blue shirt crew were superb
  15. I was going to ask the same thing. There are known issues with some types of printer paper and sharpies, to do with ink interactions between the printer ink and the carrier for the sharpie ink. I havens found a specific list of paper brands / types, just mention of 'cheaper brands' and inkjet specific paper.
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