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  1. Guest Cancellation - Paul Darrow

    He was my main reason for coming up to Sheffield. Blast.
  2. Latest Guest Announcement - TERENCE STAMP

    Is there any update on the Diamond Pass poster issue?
  3. Fave moment of the convention?

    John Rhys Davis - You should have that guy every year. He was just a joy. My favourite part was watching him forge Orlando Blooms signature for anyone who wanted it. Julian Glover - Who was made up when my companion presented him with a copy of his book to sing (he wrote his own translation of Beowulf) and his taking the time to explain why he did it and that he considered it the most important work he's ever done. Tricia Helfer - Beauty, grace and charm personified. Matt Lucas - I made him blush. He was just so welcoming and friendly. Veronica Cartwright - Talking about Michael Connolly and Titus Welliver from her time on Bosch. Terrence Stamp, Sylvester McCoy, Michael Madsen, Lala Ward, Louise Jameson, and Mr Mads - all of whom where just top, top people.
  4. Experience with the SOA guys

    Exact same experience with the added bonus of witnessing him fire of a volley of four letter expletives at his companion.
  5. So just add, regarding David Bradley. I waited 35 minutes in a queue for him to return to the table at his published time of 11.35. He returned, picked up his bag and left. The crew then said he decided to go to lunch and to return at 1.30pm. Bit of a lack of information and coordination - no reflection on David himself I may add. The pit boss handed everyone in the queue a ticket with their position on it so they could return the queue at the same positions at 1.30pm - which worked out ok in the end. But by 1.30pm he had only got to number 20 in the VQ!
  6. Weekend Highlights!

    I saw a guy go up to a young lady on Sunday, who was really upset that she wouldn't get to see Chris Lloyd (she has a VQ number in the 300s) - he gave her his VQ ticket - number 12. That was a highlight for me, that and all the other random acts of kindness and helpfulness, from guests, crew and attendees.
  7. Small world Syndrome...

    Yes. Myself and my companion were constantly bumping into a small number of people we had got chatting to in Auto lines (particularly BC). I refer to it as Q Bonding!
  8. Ahh ok. That I did not know. Thanks QS. Lala never went VQ. Quite a few didn't to be honest and this cause some quite long queues in areas!
  9. Pamela Anderson

    Could the digital downloads made available in RAW format? Or do the JPEGs have the exif data embedded, allowing for a greater degree of image manipulation. Just thought about being able to do some white balance corrections and tonal highlight manipulation. Lightroom is fantastic for that and has a free trial version.
  10. I stood behind an attendee, not a dealer, in the Lala Ward queue who had her sign fifteen VHS covers (all different). Crew did not state maximum of five autos to him.
  11. I suggested this very thing to a number of the crew. Particularly the guy who handled the BC queuing on Saturday.
  12. So this morning (Sunday) the Gold pass entry was much better and we got to the guest area. GA were appearing at 9am, just as it should be. Much better this morning. But, why were no VQ tickets being handed out to gold pass members? All of us were made to queue, with none of the queues handing out VQs except Alison Hanigan. The crew said they had not been told to hand out tickets. I complained to the pit boss who said they should not have been handing out any tickets until authorised. Can SM clarify if VQ tickets should be handed out to GP pre 9am (as they were yesterday) or should we have to wait until 9am?
  13. Ahh the result of the water leak I think. They had a dustbin and a lot of towels around it to catch the steady trickle.
  14. Faye, who are you looking to get vq for tomorrow?