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  1. I'm not entirely convinced that is how the English language works....
  2. Just finished reading 'Great Expectations'.......not as good as I hoped.
  3. Do you know why they aren't actual bears? They don't have the koalafications.
  4. His appearance at the 2014 LFCC was the reason I went to my first ever convention, and whilst I wasn't able to get an autograph the few seconds I got to spend with him at the photo shoot, and the 'good afternoon' I received (although such a minor gesture for him), is a genuine life highlight for me. It's so easy to throw the word 'legend' around these days but it honestly does not do this man justice. Excelsior!
  5. He was the drummer for Slipknot (up until their last album anyway). I know they aren't everyone's cup of tea - I wouldn't claim to be a massive fan myself - but back at his peak (he's had physical issues the last few years) this guy was one of the best drummers in the world, let alone his genre. i r happy
  6. As a collector of signed drumsticks, predominantly from rock/metal drummers, I pretty much obtained one of my holy grails recently when I met and got a stick signed by Joey Jordison: This one is a big deal for me.
  7. From personal experience some of the better guest experiences have come from the 'smaller' guests, as they are often less busy and you get more time with them. My favorite one has been with, and in hindsight I feel a bit bad about admitting this, one of the token guests I went to see just because he was there and I had some free time. Met Andy Beckwith to get an autograph on my GoT poster for his role as the charming and friendly Rorge: Anyway, we got chatting and he asked my name and really made an effort to have a conversation and found him really engaging, offering me a selfie and dedication and all sorts. Part way through his phone rang and he said "sorry about this...." and looked at his screen, "....its the wife." He answers the phone and tells her "sorry, I can't speak right now, I'm busy talking to Tom" and ended the call. Honestly, from that moment on, the man could do no wrong. Total ledge.
  8. This man has broken my heart on numerous occasions now..... .....I will get you Charles. One day I will get you.
  9. Save it in the folder called 'Homework' yeah? Classic.
  10. Just finished reading a book about anti-gravity. Tell you what, I couldn't put it down.
  11. I'm not really a Whovian.....well, not at all actually (I've not seen a single episode), but based on the number of 'multi-Doctor-signed' pieces I've seen I get the feeling Jodie Whittaker would be slightly busy if she gets announced.... #understatement
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