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  1. General Chat

    Kreed Kafer Rik Eedles
  2. General Chat

    I don't believe in mediums at the best of times, but especially not Derek This is from the Wiki page of the show: "On several occasions the former Spiritualist medium Derek Acorah was supposedly possessed by an entity, sometimes evil or sometimes "lost and confused". Two such cases exposed Acorah. Before the filming, Acorah had been fed misinformation twice about the non-existent ghosts of Kreed Kafer and Rik Eedles by the show parapsychologist Dr. CiarĂ¡n O' Keeffe (under instruction from Karl Beattie, according to Bad Psychics website). During the investigations, later broadcast, Acorah presented the information as fact and even behaved as though being possessed by the fictional ghosts. O'Keeffe later revealed in the Daily Mirror that Kreed Kafer and Rik Eedles were anagrams of 'Derek Faker' and 'Derek Lies'" What a clown.
  3. General Chat

    I used to watch Most Haunted' back in the day, and then it was revealed that Derek Acorah was just an absolute fraud pratting about making up spiritual encounters. Looking back now, I can't believe I ever considered him to ever be legit
  4. General Chat

    The moderators are too scared to issue me a warning. #Baiting
  5. General Chat

  6. Who are you meeting!?

    I currently look more like the dwarf hamster than I do my previous avatar of little 18-year old Tom.
  7. Funko Pop Collection

    Pops out of their box, you say? How do we report forum members to mods/admins?
  8. Who are you meeting!?

    Next you'll be asking for photos of us so you can identify us there
  9. Funko Pop Collection

    You should see my Baby Groot pop collection. They milked that little tree for all he was worth and I continued to buy them!
  10. Who are you meeting!?

    Have I just lost ownership of that GIF?
  11. General Chat

  12. General Chat

    Think I'll just wait for her to reply to confirm. Although assuming '97 is her date of birth, we probably wont hear from her until she finishes school at 15:30.
  13. General Chat

    Just wondering - is the 97 in your username the year you were born in? Just so I know whether to feel old or not.
  14. F.R.I.E.N.D.S game

    I was hoping this would be a game about making friends Oh well. *returns to loneliness*
  15. General Chat

    This is what sprung to mind when you said that...