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  1. Showers. And I'm not just aiming that at other people. By 16:30 I'm as guilty as everyone else.
  2. Guest announcement Wednesday at 7pm

    Were you thinking royalty is a clue:
  3. General Chat

    As someone who has yet to actually buy their entry ticket, that felt like a warning shot that it could sell out. Time to stop to procrastinating and buy my ticket! Later.
  4. General Chat

    I dunno - I can definitely see some Jason Momoa resemblance:
  5. Gif Free Soccerball World Cup Serious Talk Thread

    I (ambitiously) popped in here for some quality World Cup chat (actual football fan here!) but after reading through I need to ask: why has this place become so GIF obsessed lately?
  6. suggestions for GOT stars

    As a heads-up, from experience, undertaking a GoT poster is great way to drastically reduce your disposable income.
  7. Guest Suggestions

    I've never seen him in his most prominent role (Stargate) but after playing God of War I was massively impressed with the performance of Christopher Judge. Would very be interested in seeing him return and getting an autograph on my game! Even know which quote I'd get: "Boy".
  8. What do you do with your photos?

    Given that I only bother with autographs that I have directly obtained myself, that's not really an issue. Seeing them sign it with my own eyes is verification enough for me! In my humble opinion, autographs obtained indirectly are completely worthless anyway.
  9. What do you do with your photos?

    It's pretty much the reason I've stopped buying them - they just end up being an expensive page in a book I don't read. Plus I'm not really a fan of just looking at pictures of myself - not that I have a complex about my face or think that I'm ugly mind. Quite the opposite in fact
  10. What do you do with your photos?

    I have a nice little folder in a drawer where I put them in and never end up looking at them again.
  11. Has it ever been clarified why she can gives clues for some guests but not for others? Why would she need permission for some but not be allowed to do it at all for others?
  12. Countdown Thread

    In 60 weeks we'll have had LFCC 18, had all the guest announcements for the 2019 one and the convention will have passed.
  13. General Chat

    0/10 would not watch
  14. General Chat

  15. Kirby - this concept intrigues me: Try and unsee that.