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  1. Post Con Blues

    Getting up at 3:15am for a 3 hour train journey to spend a day in a boiling building in a permanent crowd of tens of thousands of other people to spend half my time queuing to spend money I'm not sure I could justify spending? Damn, I was glad for it to be over!
  2. Wrong Name's Wround Up!

    tl;dr But glad you had a good time
  3. What do you do with you're photos?

    Print off small wallet-sized copies of my Natalie Dormer one to show to strangers.
  4. Pamela Anderson

    To be honest, I can't see why you are 'very unhappy' with that. Yes it's a little bit brighter than usual, but other than that there's nothing really wrong with it in my opinion. I was expecting a lot worse...
  5. Natalie Dormer is literally perfect. That diamond pass was the best investment I've ever made.
  6. *Checks Eventbrite app to make sure Saturday ticket was definitely purchased* Phew.
  7. After her 2014 cancellation, every time I click on 'Unread Content' and I see Natalie Dormer in a thread title for a split second my heart pauses....
  8. The joys of having just one photo and nothing for it to clash with
  9. Auto number enforcement

    You should have been around for Stan Lee in 2014...
  10. Community Reputation/ Forum Rank

    If you are still around in 14,668 posts then you'll have probably acquired a title a lot less flattering than 'Forum Royalty' somewhere along the lines...
  11. That's cool. It wasn't me bitching as such, just providing feedback as a customer!
  12. As someone who is in the same boat - Natalie diamond pass whilst only attending on the Saturday - this is where it would be extremely convenient to know what diamond pass number you bought when you buy it so you could plan accordingly. I bought mine the evening she announced - I could be number 5 or number 205, yet I won't know where I stand until I pick it up on the day apparently If they can assign you a photo batch upon purchase surely it wouldn't be that much more effort to assign you a DP number straight away?