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  1. Guest Suggestions

    Brendan Coyle, Lydia Wilson, Clare Calbraith and anyone else from the upcoming supernatural BBC drama Requiem please!
  2. Guest suggestions.

    Any chance of inviting Lydia Wilson from Star Trek Beyond? She's a UK local, also quite up and coming so could be good to catch her now
  3. Answers to FAQ

    Olympia may have parking left https://olympia.london/visiting/parking/book-parking it's expensive but I'm guessing on street parking may be an issue with the bike race going on.
  4. Answers to FAQ

    Just wanted to say you are doing a great job all over the forum this weekend Queen_Sindel
  5. Pamela Anderson

    Good to know
  6. Pamela Anderson

    I'm worried about my photo now, I've already paid so all I can hope is that something changes by tomorrow or the photographer manages to tweak their settings, it's a lot of money for a bad photo
  7. https://roadclosures.prudentialridelondon.co.uk/
  8. Sundays looked to still be free in Kensington? Unless their website hasn't been updated, I've marked some disabled bays on a map so if I'm extremely lucky one will be free, really getting stressed about this weekend now, oh well nothing I can do I've bought my tickets already.
  9. Wow that's not bad, I looked at getting the train from here but it's a lot longer and would cost me over £100, tried to get parking but they have sold out at Olympia for the car park with 2.3m clearance so I'm going to just have to try to find some on street parking somewhere, if not PA is going to have to drop us off and find somewhere!
  10. Thanks Rob, I'm thinking I'll take the M40 and A40 so I come in from the North instead of our normal route of M4/A4, it SHOULD be safer.
  11. Argh going to have to try forcing my sat nav to a route that avoids the A4, this is not going to be fun!
  12. Answers to FAQ

    Thank you, that's what I thought, with so many big guests it must be very busy, I'll be patient.
  13. Answers to FAQ

    I've sent two emails to extrahelp, one last week and one this week, from different email addresses to make sure they get it, when should I start panicking if I don't get a reply? I usually do this much more in advance but wasn't sure I could go until recently.
  14. Guest suggestions.

    Scott Bakula, Nichelle Nichols and Jolene Blalock would be top of my list along with everyone already attending
  15. Thanks Raylenth, he had tweeted me and said he hadn't been asked, but he thought I was asking if he'd be on Star Trek Discovery, then checked the site and briefly panicked