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  1. Daniel_Baker

    LFCC 2019 Schedule LIVE - UPDATE 24/07

    Thanks everyone for the advice, I won't panic and will book a ticket for Adam :)
  2. Daniel_Baker

    LFCC 2019 Schedule LIVE - UPDATE 24/07

    So realistically what are the chances of me getting to Adam Baldwins photo shoot on Friday, considering I have standard entry so will need to queue at the special assistance desk, navigate the crowds, wait for an empty lift, then find the shoot area? Just wondering if I should buy a ticket or not and use the money elsewhere, although I'm a big Chuck and Firefly fan so would love a picture with him.
  3. Daniel_Baker

    Floor plan

    Thank you :
  4. Daniel_Baker

    Showmasters Event App Launched

    being able to print would be handy for v 1.1, still playing but looks useful so far :)
  5. Daniel_Baker

    Showmasters Event App Launched

    can we get a photo of the floor plan here too please? Or have I missed it?
  6. Daniel_Baker

    LFCC 2019 Schedule LIVE - UPDATE 24/07

    Thank you etmuse :)
  7. Daniel_Baker

    Preliminary Schedule UPDATED 10/07

    Ooh this is nice, didn't need to make myself an excel spreadsheet after all!
  8. Daniel_Baker


    Add Friday too and you can take my money
  9. Daniel_Baker

    Guest Days and Prices

    Thanks for the list Queen_Sindel, looking forward to this event, it will probably be my main one this year as one I was attending the week before has been cancelled and probably skipping LFCC, barring a must have guest being announced.
  10. Daniel_Baker

    Digital JPEG idea.

    I thought it was probably too much to hope for I really do hope SM don't keep to the resolution they used at collectormania for future events though, it's down from 12MP or higher to lower than 3MP for the jpegs
  11. Daniel_Baker

    Digital Photos

    Very disappointed the resolution seems to have reduced from previous events, it says 2400x1600on the site, really not worth buying for anything other than a digital photo frame, I wonder why things have changed, I'm sure the cameras used must shoot higher res than this
  12. Daniel_Baker

    Digital JPEG idea.

    I'd prefer a RAW option along with jpg, they don't have time to tweak each photo manually so having that RAW file would be brilliant for some of us as we could tweak our photos and bring more details out, these are pro photographers so I'm assuming they shoot RAW, although maybe due to the amount of photos taken each day and time constraints they can't.
  13. Daniel_Baker

    Guest suggestions.

    Lydia Wilson (Star Trek Beyond) Scott Bakula (Enterprise)
  14. Daniel_Baker

    New Photo Shoots Available!

    How wheelchair friendly will the bridge shoots be? The TNG one was fine but the classic bridge didn't look like it had a ramp last year so I skipped it.
  15. Daniel_Baker

    Extra Help Information please

    It's strange to hear that anyone has complained, I've found DST to have some of the most friendly and helpful people attending, admirals often tell me to go in front of them for photoshoots even though I am happy to wait, it's one of the most inclusive events, it goes with the Star Trek ethos of acceptance I think, I've never gone as anything but standard entry but doubt you'll have any trouble.