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  1. Yes! Love him in Black Sails, cpt. Flint is brilliant
  2. Guest Suggestions

    Simon J Williamson
  3. Guest Suggestions

    James Nesbitt Kristian Narin Valene Kane
  4. Guest Suggestions

    Ewan McGregor
  5. Guest Suggestions

    3rd Brent Spiner, hes awesome!!
  6. Guest Suggestions

    Oh yes please!
  7. Guest Suggestions

    Anyone from Pacific Rim
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Oscar Isaac Gwendoline Christie
  9. Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    Cant stop thinking about it, excited to watch it again.
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    3rd John Boyega And I beg of you, Mark Hamill
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    Hell yes to Mel Gibson!
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    Anthony Smee Vladimir Furdik
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    Can we get Robert Englund back?
  14. If I get the chance to meet him, think ill start by saying "My man!".