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  1. Literally any major hero or villain from the Arrowverse. The voice actors of yugi and kaiba from yugioh
  2. Its clark gregg, im trying to see if I can go when realistically I probably shouldnt.
  3. Already have but was just curious if this was happening to anyone else.
  4. Anyone in the U.K still waiting on their pre-orders?
  5. Thanks for your help, too bad I cant seem to find it. No matter im sure ill see something else I like on the internet soon enough.
  6. This is the best Defenders poster ive seen, where did you get it?
  7. Avengers Endgame, wow. I laughed, I cried and was on the edge of my seat all night. Cant wait to do it all again.
  8. SIIIICK!! Such a fan of the book and movie, no idea what to have signed. Bring on the High 5!
  9. Doug Jones and Jonathan Frakes
  10. Dont care what anyone else says, Captain Marvel was brilliant. Looking foward to seeing it again. Brie Larson nailed it and SLJ was hillarious.
  11. She was real nice and genuinely happy to have someone come up and get her auto. Way to go SM, keep up the good work for next year.
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