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  1. Brec Bassinger Danielle Panabaker Melissa Benoist
  2. Mobile. But I always have used my mobile. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll live lol!
  3. Having to scroll down through every single guest rather than a list of thumbnails...not good :-/
  4. Joined the queue to get in at about 8.45, was in at about 9.15, got my ticket for Tom Felton, went and got my three other autographs in the meantime (Devon Murray, Ruggero Deodato, Francesca Ciardi), had a walk around the merch stands and got a few bits, went back to get Tom Felton’s auto, and out by midday. Perfect!
  5. Holy crap! Amazing guest! I wasn’t planning on coming this year, but now I might have to move some things around!
  6. Also any big names from Harry Potter to add to my collection :-)
  7. Gal Gadot Chris Hemsworth Chloe Grace Moretz Emma Dumont
  8. Just saw that on IMDb. Gutted! :-( Such a shame I didn't get to meet him. RIP Minister of magic.
  9. Obviously it's quite a personal question but it fascinates me how much some people spend. I love coming here but I always budget myself to about £100 for autographs plus the general admission ticket. But a few people I spoke to yesterday had diamond passes for the whole weekend, and we're getting 10 or so autographs and photo shoots! How do people afford it? Haha!
  10. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed all 6 I've been too, but often they don't get off to a great start due to the shambles queuing and then the crush of getting in. This years set up was fantastic! Going though security and then queuing up inside before being let through bit by bit was a stroke of genius. We were about half way in the queue, but once the doors opened at 9 we were in within ten minutes, and had all of our virtual queue tickets by half past, which meant we could relax a bit. It also meant I managed to see every one I wanted (Emily Kinney, The Phelps twins, Zoe Wanamaker and Sean Biggerstaff), and got to have a leisurely walk around the stalls and go out for lunch. Well played Showmaster...well played!
  11. Hey guys! So I was wondering if anyone knows why some guests have "no photos" signs. The "no posed photos" I get, but I don't understand why some don't allow any photos at all.
  12. After last year I was kind of dreading queuing up this year. But they got it spot on this time round. I arrived with my mum and sister at about 7.45 on Saturday and was inside within 20 minutes of the doors opening. I got two of the four autographs I was after, which was fine as it was my main two. And the four floors helped with overcrowding to an extent. However many of the attendants, who I applaud for volunteering, and I'm sure through no fault if their own, often didn't seem to know what was going on. The main problem being my mum and sisters MJ Fox clock photoshoot. They got sent to FIVE different places before ending up back at the second spot they were sent to, and only just made it...sister was the last of batch one to be seen. The worst thing is that the clock photoshoot wasn't only not listed on the sheets dotted around the venue, but it wasn't on the attendants sheets! Anyway, all in all it was a good day, and the overall organisation is getting there. Fingers crossed for next year! :-) P.s. How about instead of dotting everything random over four floors, why not have merchandise and misc on two floors, autos on another floor, and photoshoot on another?
  13. Is that going to make the queuing system better than last years mess, do we think?
  14. OMG! OMG! OMG! I literally almost had an asthma attack when I saw this! At first I was like "OMG Robert Englund!" Then I shifted my gaze two inches to the right, and almost passed out! So excited!
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