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  1. ANJA TAYLOR-JOY I have a tonne of stuff for her to sign please!!!!!!
  2. Anyone from the dark crystal age of resistance
  3. I would love to meet beccy Henderson!!!!! From derrie girls and the dark crystal age of resistance!!!
  4. Star wars classics Simon Williamson Toby philpott Mike Edmonds Kiran Shah Dave Barclay!!!!!
  5. This man needs to be booked he was meant to do a con a few years ago in the US but dropped out whatever he wants pay him so many of us need him on alien items it's unreal my cash is sat here waiting
  6. He was meant to do lfcc last year and pulled out please get him back
  7. Alan Oppenheimer Noah hathaway Tami stronach Please can we have these rather than the same guests recirculated every year, the 3 have never done a UK con
  8. I would like the following people please for a dark crystal reunion with a group photo :) Kiran Shah deep roy Mike edmonds Peter Burroughs Malcolm Dixon (already attending)
  9. Mike Quinn / Bob Payne / Tim Rose / kathryn mullen / Toby philpott / dave goelz please showmasters
  10. He's also one of the fiery's and he also helped puppeteer the worm :)
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