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  1. Was he a stormtrooper in ANH and a scoutrooper in ROTJ?
  2. Double86

    Pamela Anderson

    VQ only got to see her late afternoon aloof is the word I'd use
  3. He only got to VQ 160 yesterday a lot of people, myself and my 6 year old, left disappointed
  4. Double86

    Pamela Anderson

    She was hardly there TBH kept disapearing for long periods and turned up late i found her quite rude and totally uninterested in being there she won't sign nude or topless pics
  5. Has Malcolm McDowell cancelled???
  6. Hi all and especially the guest assistnat with Malcolm mid to late Saturday afternoon. I somehow managed to leave two items. If anyone picked them up (pleas ebe honest), or if the guest assistant picked them up, please can you reply on here so I can get these pieces back. I was the guy who had 17 items signed including some pop art Clockwork Orange posters signed, that Malcolm commented on and liked - if that jogs the Guest Assistant's memory at all. Here's hoping! Thanks