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  1. Fishy

    A man was harrasing people for bus fare in Sweden , when cops confronted him they found out he was carrying 6 mill krones in cash Cops found No evidence as to criminal activity so they had to let him go
  2. 10 yrs since Heath Ledger died

    Makes you wonder what he'd do post-2008 in his career......it reminded me of the passings of the Lee's (Bruce and Brandon) , another star gone much too soon
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - SHANE RIMMER

    Nice fella......had to go to 2 LFCC shows to meet him so was worried he wouldn't show the next day up but he did. He is well worth meeting ! Would love some more Bond guests , how about Moonraker girls , OHMSS guards etc ?
  4. 2018 Anniversaries

    TMNT orignal toon (premiered December '87....technically an anniversary can last a whole yr
  5. years of regret

    That show is religion to me
  6. years of regret

    Skeletor to Randor : "You royal boob !"
  7. Display cases

    It's clip #9 , had it custom made.....the puppet theatre is certainly worthy to display
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Indeed , maybe some day......
  9. 2018 Anniversaries

    Janet Jones (Police Academy 5) Other PA stars : Easterbrook , Hooks , GW Bailey , Proctor
  10. Guest Suggestions

    Hoskins died 4 yrs ago.
  11. Guest Suggestions

    How come certain dealers have Bond stills signed by him , truth is he refuses to sign Bond items since many yrs.....it doesn't add up. Heck , he even refuses to sign non-Bond photos.
  12. Guest Suggestions

    I believe Weathers wants more to sign your own stuff now.
  13. John Saxon, Amanda Wyss, Jsu Garcia and Ronee Blakley

    I heard that Saxons wife isn't too thrilled about him doing cons in the US these days , much less doing on in Europe (his health isn't the best supposedly)
  14. Happy birthday John Erwin

    The legend , the icon......He-Man turns 81 !
  15. Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis.

    I figure at the minimum their price tag will be like Weaver.