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  1. actually Madonna sell for 1k yet Kevin can set you up for just 100....lol In few hrs he will auction Batman Bane costume for 6k , thats a felony if its fake & considering POTP been scamming since 90s theres reason for concern - BIG TIME. What I find suspicious is that Earl Hayes Press been incommunicado about this despite this pos using EHPs name in their ads
  2. Check out my stuff , some unique ooak items
  3. Look at what hes sold on liveauctioneers : J Dean sgd photo 500$ (in reality its worth 15-20k dollars) , Monroe 1k (just check alone 3-4k) , Prince 300$ (worth 2-3k easily) , Jacko 200$ (same thing) , Steve Jobs 300$ (lol , he HATED signing anything) , Madonna 100 (worth 5-800$ ?) UK Yorks dealer alleged makes Queen which POTP resells on liveauctioneers : 750$ for album.....I think not. Beatles pc POTP has now is fake , sgd by same hand. All signs points to fraud and this guy has minimum 9 dealers aid him sell fakes , among them jackmsell (sold 5k worth 0f 007 last xmas : fake Shaw/Dalton/Connery among others , also certed by Bondcollectibles - another dubious dealer) and colbystreetartandantiques Hollywood Show sell fake Stan Lee funko (source redditor "fake autographs") and Meriwethers (similar to junk POTP mailed me , autopenned.....one even had burn marks on it....the female sigs he mailed me lack proper flow/too stiff) Facts : -West had inscribed since around 2004 , what HS sent me in 2011 was un-inscribed. Newmar , same thing......they refused to sign at cons w/o insc , Wests manager Fred was firm on this rule. I see lately Newmars thru mail w/o insc , imo theyre fake. -Ward specific told me in person he adds "Robin" , fakes said 'Robin'. I met 60s Batman cast 2015/16. -a Meriwether had literate burn marks......what hand writing does that ?? POTP sold Bowie dated '17 when B died 2016 , Shaw on a post death still......what moron forges these ?? sold by jackmsell , certed by POTP : sig is off (I own 2 real ones , I know) , no fading to sharpie sig after 45yrs...as if ! & RS been dead a yr when this came out = 100% fraud https://www.bbb.org/us/nv/las-vegas/profile/autograph-dealer/piece-of-the-past-inc-1086-62692/complaints#1439945223 "This guy thinks he is a god in his own mind. All and all, the items were returned as he requested and arrived almost 24 hours ago, tracking #XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and there has been no word, no refund, no anything as of 1:15pm April 28, 2021. I now believe Mr. ****** may have committed mail fraud and has not only taken the money, but the items in an attempt to cover himself, all were very much documented though. I guess time will tell whether he will honor his word or he proves to be a con artist" Nuff said !
  4. Barbara Bach , Daniela Bianchi , Akiko Wakabayashi......now *those* id like to meet ! Im surprised Dolph doing cons now......Curry will prolly not happen now , cant imagine him travelling overseas with his poor health now Imagine Soto/Wilson MK photo shoot
  5. Don Rickles sgd my Casino poster upside down , he prolly didnt notice it....still cool to have though
  6. https://live.autographmagazine.com/forum/topics/no-luck-with-piece-of-the-past I would under no circumstances buy anything from POTP , his CoAs are toilet paper as he does not honor refunds (Recently Newmar has been sending out un-insc thru mail , this doesnt add up as she was very strict about insc due to resale.....i even had to write down my name so she would spell it right)
  7. Un-insc West/Newmars (Adams manager Fred was abso firm : "Mr West will only insc at cons" & hed done so since around 2005) , wrong Ward insc (he adds "Robin" or Robin , never 'Robin') The Meriwether had burn marks (!) , what hand writing does that.....none ! This in combination with several sites makes me 100% theyre involved in criminal activity (autograph live forum , Piece of the Past bbb review from last yr where Kevin Martin tried to steal items to avoid refund , StarWorld yelp review where Scott M of CA lost 1000s - again KM (Rocky Horror stuff....funny thing is KM is alleged a RH fan , hmmm) & 2 items KM tried to steal from me and had a fence try ebay them but i caught the fence red handed. I sent items to HS , they forward to KM in Vegas , KM had my items last , KM mailed me fakes Elkouby has also had a fake Bruce Lee costume in his possession , same costume sold for 73k thru spinks 2013 auction , wooden nunchucks also fake as Lee used foam rubber chucks in Game. 2+2 = 4 Whoever forges for KM does not get the details right : wrong 'Robin' insc , Shaw dated a yr after he died (and no fading on it or on the Elvis despite these been dead 45 yrs !) , Bowie dated '17 when B died 2016.....what clown forges these ?? https://live.autographmagazine.com/forum/topics/gene-hackman-private-signing-hollywood-show HS has been accused forging several , it has been mentioned on reddit among other sites : Aniston , Swift , Eilish , Steve Martin , Newmar.....met N twice and what HS sold was way off , also SM is imo not real either I cannot comment on their private signings , however i would def not buy from their ebay store or their website
  8. 50£ for Dalton would be kinda reasonable imo.....
  9. Reminds me of Andy D*ck paying with pennies as a prank , lets just say the shop owner was NOT impressed
  10. several Bond anniversaries now : YOLT 55 , TSWLM 45 , TLD 35.....Akiko , Rick Sylvester and (dare i say it) Dalton (i never thought Rigg would happen but it did......) Barbara Bach & Caroline Munro photo shoot would def be cool Maybe one day......
  11. Hollywood Show sold me un-inscribed West/Newmars in 2011 , they are fake as West/Newmar only insc at cons and ttm.....West had done so since 2005 or so. Recently Newmar sends out un-insc , this doesnt add up when she has a strict rule about insc. HS has been linked to Kevin Martin , buyer beware.
  12. 007 YOLT 55 anniversary (Akiko !) 007 TSWLM 45 (Rick Sylvester who did the amazing ski jump) 007 TLD 35 (Dalton......i never thought Rigg would happen but it did so never say never)
  13. Farewell mrs Peel/mrs 007 , met her at EMS '11 :(
  14. Batman TAS voices What a shame we will never meet Steve Irwin aka Croc Hunter , he had such a passion about animals
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