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  1. 007 spells Bond

    Latest Guest Announcement - TONY ROBINSON

    BA = Iznogoud , both are scheme-ing/evil , have their plans foiled & power hungry Baldrick = Iznogouds helper , both are naive and driving their master mad Iznogoud only takes place in one time period though unlike BA........
  2. 007 spells Bond

    2018 Anniversaries

    40 yrs ago : Deer Hunter (John Savage , por favor ?) , Jaws 2 55 yrs ago : Dr No 45 yrs ago : 007 LALD (imagine Jane Seymour as a guest !)
  3. 007 spells Bond

    Guest Suggestions

    How bout Norway : zero cons
  4. 007 spells Bond

    Guest Suggestions

    These guys are not getting any younger , that's for sure , Swit turned 80 last yr......what a shame that Morgan , Ogden Stiers (he might've sgd for charity) , Linville never happened
  5. 007 spells Bond

    Guest Suggestions

    Jun Katsumura (Suzukis body guard , Fist of Fury) Bruce Liang Bruce Li , Bruce Le Bolo Bob Wall Peter Schweer (back alley thug , Way of Dragon) Chen Ti aka Gam Dai (waiter , Way of Dragon) Marco Pane (Way of Dragon airport boy with ice cream) Nora Miao (first lady of Bruce Lee films) Malalene (Wu Man from Big Boss) Tony Liu (starred in all 4 Bruce Lee's) James Tien Ghostbusters '84 (Moranis maybe ?) Masters of Universe movie (Karg , Blade , Saurod.....c'mon , this could happen. Langella is prolly not gonna happen but you never know) How about some movie poster artists , Dan Gouzee did some wonderful 007 art ? Could even have artists who did art that for some reason wasn't used , it would still be cool. Composers (Morricone , Silvestri)
  6. 007 spells Bond

    Guest Suggestions

    Why not Police Academy ?
  7. Its about time Norway gets one
  8. 007 spells Bond

    Remembering actors

    1 yr ago : Roger Moore RIP , Adam West RIP Still cant believe these legends are gone
  9. 007 spells Bond

    2018 Anniversaries

    20 : final Seinfeld , Sex and City Bloodsport 30 Enter Dragon 45 (Bruce Lee deserves something for the 45th his death) 50 : Where Eagles Dare , Funny Girl
  10. 007 spells Bond

    Guest suggestions

    Would love to add Idle and Gilliam to my MP poster , Jones is prolly not in shape to do a con these days ?
  11. 007 spells Bond

    Latest Guest Announcement - NICK CASTLE

    Dont care much for H20 , I prefer H4 , H5-6 I kinda like , I find prod cut of H6 interesting
  12. 007 spells Bond


    A man was harrasing people for bus fare in Sweden , when cops confronted him they found out he was carrying 6 mill krones in cash Cops found No evidence as to criminal activity so they had to let him go
  13. 007 spells Bond

    10 yrs since Heath Ledger died

    Makes you wonder what he'd do post-2008 in his career......it reminded me of the passings of the Lee's (Bruce and Brandon) , another star gone much too soon
  14. 007 spells Bond

    Latest Guest Announcement - SHANE RIMMER

    Nice fella......had to go to 2 LFCC shows to meet him so was worried he wouldn't show the next day up but he did. He is well worth meeting ! Would love some more Bond guests , how about Moonraker girls , OHMSS guards etc ?
  15. 007 spells Bond

    2018 Anniversaries

    TMNT orignal toon (premiered December '87....technically an anniversary can last a whole yr