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    Excuse that this is short, I am on my phone and in a moving car. A guest announcement went up that should never have gone up. Some people played a cruel joke and someone fell for it. We are currently investigating. An official statement from the office will be up soon. For now please wait for this statement.
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    This is John’s husband, Scott he is super nice and he signed my programme which was a bonus! I have waited for this photo for a long time, can’t believe I’ve finally met John Barrowman! He said he liked my name and I asked me if I could sing to which my Mum replied yes she can but we don’t get to hear it often, so he said to me if you’ve got a lovely voice don’t feel like you have to hide it from anyone, make sure you use it. He then asked me what my favourite bit of the show was and at first I said all of it but then I said when he sang The Doctor and I because I know all the words (seriously I had a fan meltdown when he sang this, and clips from Doctor Who with David and Chris were playing on the screen!) and he just gave me this adorable look and said I like that, I like that a lot! He also asked me if I was following him on social media and I said yes and he said awesome, and that was it. I may have got a longer conversation with him then anyone else did, I don’t know why, but I’m not complaining! He is such a nice guy and really appreciates his fans, you guys are in for a treat at LFCC! Okay so this photo John asked me to do a sass face, I have no idea why I pulled this face it is terrible, I look like a fish but I had fun doing it!
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    Yeah I’m outta of the hospital I got to catch the announcements last night now I can book some photos need to hug me some podrick
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    There will most likely be updated versions so keep an eye out for new copies. If you keep clicking on them they should maximise and be readable. FRIDAY SATURDAY Sunday
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    In other news, all the active forum mods will actually be together at the this show!!
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    Finally got the chance to pick up my pre-order from CM26. (Arrived the same day I flew to London). Faye Marsay
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    This year has been great for me so far, feeling very lucky! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings! Amber Heard Sarah Paulson Bradley Cooper Timothee Chalamet Chris Pratt Anya Taylor-Joy James McAvoy Samuel L Jackson Margot Robbie Lily James Olivia Colman Nicholas Hoult Gillian Anderson Olivia Wilde Bryce Dallas Howard Taron Egerton Jessica Chastain Tom Holland Zendaya Paris Hilton David Harbour Zachary Levi Mark Strong Emma Mackey Aimee Lou Wood Hayley Atwell Dove Cameron
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    Man, you people are getting really sappy in here today. My Mum (the one that's not Broo) would never go to a Con with me but we have been going on holiday together for the last 6 years. Before then neither of us had been anywhere outside of Western Europe and the US, but now we've been to: Australia; South Africa; China; Norway; Japan; Iceland; Brazil; Argentina; and Tanzania. Later this year we're going to Vietnam and Cambodia. She's 73. The only problem is my savings have disappeared and she's spending all my inheritance.
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    That’s a nice thing to do. Im jealous of both of you as my Mum passed away a couple of years ago and she would have loved me meeting Martin Sheen as she was a massive West Wing fan. It is a special show for me because we probably had more conversations about that show than anything else. She had a little ceramic tile with the picture of the “Bartlett for America” napkin on it (if you know the show you’ll know what I mean) and I’m hoping to get him to sign it. Hope I don’t get too emotional telling him all this
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    If a guest isn't for me, I just enjoy others' excitement. It genuinely is lovely to read people's responses if it's someone on their dream list or a person they've been wanting to get an auto for to complete a collection, or any reason really. If they're happy and excited, I'm smiling.
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    Dear showmasters running out of cash, willing to trade in my car, house and my soul. I have to two good working kidneys a slightly ok liver a week of no gin may sort that out and a fully functioning limbs that I would trade for a fair price. It’s either the above or I become a stripper and at the age of 32 I’m struggling to get out of bed never mind getting up from sliding down a pole, I’m also as sexy as a giraffe on skates please hear my plea. for those or you who can you can donate now to my cause www.seriousconaddict.com page right now kind regards
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    I'll post this here as it's interesting info from Jason, posted in reply to someone on Facebook so it might not be seen by a lot of people. The last bit about the new systems in particular. Jason V Joiner there is a reason we ask people to not to encourage people to resell there tickets , and this is why , last years event we had 150 plus people that had bought tickets in auction and on line and they had been given a valid ticket number but in this case the person had resold this ticket to over 30 times to people and then event canceled the ticket to buy an upgrade which we do allow and he then proceeded to re sell the Dimond pass , he did this all with stolen credit cards and as such everyone got taken and we estimate that around 150 plus fans got ripped off . this is why we don't allow reselling because this happens , its hard to say it but it helps stop scalpers and con men , this years event will have both con men and scalpers as the guests for this years event are going to be amazing so please tell everyone to not buy tickets from anyone other than the official ticket office, also we have two things that we have held of useding to stop this from happening , with the big names that we have for the first time we are using this new security system so we will spot around 50% to 70% of tickets that have been resold , ANY transferal ticket that we find we are going o ban the person that bought them from being able to buy them in future , we are sorry but this cost lots of money to real fans being tickets they though were valid so this is not right and we do have to do something to stop this , so please don't try to resell ticket and i would hope the page owners can help us and the fans by not allowing this to happen on this page as it is agents the rules and they are there to stop people from getting ripped off , thank you all for reading , jason
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    Back home again. Recharging and repacking. Next time it will be for LFCC.
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    I would think that they've waited to make this announcement until near absolute certainty it's going to go ahead. They did similarly last year that there was going to be an announcement and that the finalities in contract were just being done (this was for Aidan Turner). At that time they'd given an announcement date but that then needed to be delayed because of unforseen circumstances arising so you could say, since they haven't given a date yet, they *are* "learning lessons" as you put it. Honestly, even if a guest has been announced, there's no 100% guarantee they will be able to attend, such is the nature of conventions. Should they then not announce any guests until a few days before the event to avoid this? An extreme example maybe but it's just to point out that nothing is certain, they sounded excited in this and wanted to give heads-up, personally I like that they've done this cause it means we get to share in that excitement :)
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    My sister made me a cake for my birthday with a yoda figure made out of sugar paste on top and blue cake inside to tell me she's gonna have a boy. I was already asked to be the godfather but now I know the gender. Couldn't be happier with my birthday gift
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    Latest Guest Announcement: Hayden Christensen Attending: Saturday ONLY Autograph Price: £145 Photo Shoot Price: £145 Diamond Pass Price: £325 1x Guaranteed in person autograph 1x Guaranteed standard photo shoot 1x Exclusive gift *Star Wars Attack of the Clones: Anakin Skywalker *Star Wars Revenge of the Sith: Anakin Skywalker View Filmography
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    Some brilliant guest announcements this evening. Pity some lowlife takes pleasure in spoiling things.
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    Emmmmmm SM you spelt Henry cavil wrong in all ur announcements tonight and it has the wrong pictures lol
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    I got so excited for this I legit walked in to a bush while checking my phone
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    Found a nice, shady spot in the garden. Gentle breeze. No-one around to interrupt. Chilled glass of white wine. Just planning which horror guest autographs to get in my book. This is the life!
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    Have wonderful Midsummer! Major public holiday in my country but this year I will celebrate it here in the UK.
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