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  1. Met all of them the last time they were at LFCC. Have to agree, they're all lovely and super friendly!
  2. I went with the Commander Package last year, which honestly was really helpful. It allows you to join the back of any queue, which cuts time considerably. However that being said, as previously mentioned DST is a much smaller event than LFCC, and with only a few guests you want to meet, a 3 day pass would probably be fine, as the queues were never really bad when I've been.
  3. Didn't meet that many guests this weekend but the ones I did meet were all lovely. The highlights for sure were: Lisa and Louise Burns (The Grady Twins from The Shining) - both really lovely ladies, more than happy to have a quick chat and a laugh and a joke. Me and my partner had something more unusual signed, which they seemed to love! Shazad Latif - had met him at another event but noticed he was quiet all weekend. I decided on Sunday I'd go over to see him as literally no one was waiting for him. He was happy to take a selfie with me (which I was glad about, as his photoshoot was
  4. Awesome announcement! Photo op booked, looking forward to starting a Punisher poster.
  5. Ahh! Was really hoping that the announcement was going to be him. Can't wait!
  6. Well...looks like I got my wish! They announced majority of Discovery cast last week & Shazad today! Soooo happy.
  7. I can't see Matthew Wood on the schedule for Sat.....can anyone else spot him?
  8. Thank you! I'm guessing that you just email them with the order number for the original op?
  9. Forgive me if this has been asked before, just wanted to clarify: I'm wanting to upgrade one of my photo ops to a diamond pass, just checking which is the email address I need to use and how quickly do they usually refund the original photo op price? Thank you!
  10. Didn't manage to get his auto on Saturday unfortunately (had VQ 94 but the queue was big all day). However, got my op with him. He is so lovely! Determined more than ever to get his auto at LFCC now.
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