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  1. Oooh! More than one guest. Very interesting!
  2. Very interesting....who could it be?
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - RAY PARK

    Didn't manage to get his auto on Saturday unfortunately (had VQ 94 but the queue was big all day). However, got my op with him. He is so lovely! Determined more than ever to get his auto at LFCC now.
  4. 7pm show closing time

    More time to get autos now! Yay!
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - ROBERT ENGLUND

    Had VQ 97 on Saturday. Started queuing for his auto at 11am, managed to see him around 2pm. 3 hours waiting in the queue, but totally worth it. What a gent, one of the loveliest guests I've met.
  6. Toby Stephens Photoshoot

    I booked just before Lost In Space came out, I think that show has probably boosted his popularity which caused his ops to sell out. Can't wait to meet him though!
  7. So, who're you seeing this weekend?

    Photos - Robert Englund, Ray Park and Lochlyn Munro. Autos - Robert Englund and Ray Park. Not a busy one for me thankfully, saving that for LFCC.
  8. Collectormania 25 Talk and Photo Shoot Schedule

    I've noticed it seems quiet too. Heading to Birmingham tonight! Can't wait for tomorrow.
  9. Collectormania 25 Talk and Photo Shoot Schedule

    Will be attending on Saturday - no clashes for me!

    I'll be purchasing a shoot for sure! Jeremy is lovely.
  11. He was great in Infinity War. SQUIDWARD!
  12. Latest Guest Announcement - TOM WELLING

    Amazing guest announcement! May buy an op in the next few weeks if they aren't sold out.
  13. Guest Announcement - Friday 7pm

    Excited for tonight....even if my bank account isn't joining me in that excitement.
  14. So excited to meet her, mainly for her voice-over work in Star Wars The Clone Wars/Rebels.