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  1. So I've seen this on the London Film Comic Con Winter Facebook page: As London Film & Comic Con has had to postpone it’s July dates it is now taking place 19-21 November. This means London Comic Con Winter will now take place in 2022. Entry tickets are automatically rolled over to the 2022 event. Should you wish to transfer to them to London Film & Comic Con please email shop@showmastersevents.com. The guests previously announced for these dates will be now attending London Film & Comic Con and those tickets will automatically be transferred over. --------- So just to check that I am right in reading that Showmasters are happy for entry tickets for Winter LFCC to be transferred over to the rescheduled July LFCC? Just a bit confused.
  2. I have a question regarding autographs. I've noticed with most Diamond Passes that get a priority in the queue and it's worded "guarantee in person" autograph. This doesn't appear with Robert Englund. Whilst there's no "guarantee" does the Diamond Pass at least give a priority in the queue or will it be a case of EVERYONE will need a virtual ticket. On a similar topic, can it's be clarified as to what the VIP Meet and Greet is please? I've seen these sold across various different conventions and the details of these can vary. Will it be an intimate meeting with selfies only? Or would autographs be included as well? Some clarity would be appreciated.
  3. Has Ian done a throne shoot before? If so would anyone be willing to post the photo so I could see what it looks like please?
  4. I would 100% lay down top Diamond Pass money if you can get Peter Cullen and Frank Welker over.
  5. Only had a photoshoot with him. He was sat down and very quiet. As I walkyd up to him I put my hand out and shook his hand. We were still holding hands for the photo. I said "Good Afternoon" which didn't get a verbal response but an acknowledging nod. I don't believe he said a single word during the 2nd photoshoot.
  6. Just to let you know I had 2 shoots booked with Fox. Standard and Bumblebee. I've had the email about the Bumblebee shoot being refunded but nothing about the standard shoot yet.
  7. That's a real shame, could have been an extra tenner in it for SM if they allowed it. Such a pity this couldn't have been put on offer when he was announced. I would have preferred the green screen shoot to a normal one and I'm not prepared to buy 2. Oh well, thems the decisions.........................
  8. I've only just noticed that a green screen has become available. Apologies for asking a common question but can I upgrade my standard photo shoot to the green screen and if so how can I go about doing this please?
  9. So this has now changed. Megan Fox and Ted Raimi are off the list. Steve Seagal has upgrade to my "meet" list as has Sam Neill.
  10. Was really gutted when he cancelled the last time. So pleased you've been able to get him back. Photoshoot booked.
  11. Ahh that's really lousy news. Had a Normal and Bumblebee shoot booked with her. Whilst that money can go elsewhere I'm truly gutted on this one as she was the main person I was coming for. Hopefully she can be rebooked soon, maybe for LFCC Spring.
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