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  1. Get Henry Cavill and you'll make millions
  2. I seem to be watching too many films. Last night I saw Enola Holmes. It was... different to what I was expecting. A fantastic cast all around, but it felt like it just tried to be so many different things at once it tied itself into a big knot. Anticlimactic ending. The main plot got sidelined and never fully resolved or properly explained. It's a shame, it had so much potential but fell flat. I'd still give it a solid 5 or 6 out of 10 though.
  3. Finally just seen Detective Pikachu, and I LOVE it! I didn't have high hopes but it was excellent.
  4. August Rush. It was so lovely and uplifting!
  5. I watched From Paris With Love. Bald John Travolta was very distracting.
  6. Very sad the most iconic queen of thorns
  7. Feeling like rewatching some Pirates Of The Caribbean movies
  8. Watched Bend It Like Beckham for the first time. Really liked it!
  9. The first one. And not in its entirety, either. I kind of fell asleep.
  10. Finally watched my first episode of The Walking Dead.
  11. Daveigh Chase Jonathan Rhys Meyers Henry Cavill Lily Collins Zach McGowan Charles Dance Maria Doyle Kennedy Freya Allan Anya Chalotra Evanna Lynch
  12. Anybody know if JRM does conventions? He'd be a very popular guest I reckon. He has credits in The Tudors, Vikings, Dracula, Bend It Like Beckham, Alexander, Elvis, & so many more great titles!
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