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  1. Old (2021). The reviews for it on letterboxd are unforgiving, but I loved it.
  2. Just watched Pixie (2020). I love that, in peak Irish cinema fashion, I can't tell if this is supposed to be a thriller or a comedy. One thing I know for certain though is that I would murder and be murdered for Olivia Cooke.
  3. I haven't cosplayed in years, and I was thinking about doing Alicent Hightower seeing as Olivia Cooke will be there this year, but between the cost of putting the cosplay together and the sweltering summer heat, I don't think I'm going to go ahead with it.
  4. Bike Chinese or Indian takeaway
  5. Winning this once and for all.
  6. Robert Maschio (best known as The Todd from Scrubs) has expressed interest in doing a summer con this year and tagged Showmasters in his mentions.... you know what to do SM please get The Todd this year!!!
  7. Robert Maschio just expressed an interest in attending a summer con and mentioned Showmasters in his post... please PLEASE get him for LFCC!
  8. Just noticed she and Olivia Cooke aren't doing the same day
  9. Throwing out some names seeing as we're getting closer and closer to the event Brian Van Holt Scott Eastwood John C. McGinley Jason Isaacs Ewan Mitchell Henry Cavill Lily Collins Natalie Dormer Jonathan Rhys Meyers Zach McGowan Katheryn Winnick Gal Gadot Jason Momoa Adelaide Kane David Thewlis Freya Allan Stuart Townsend Ian Somerhalder Bonnie Wright Daveigh Chase And my all time fave of them all... Costas Mandylor
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