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  1. Faerie Tanith

    Cities A-Z

  2. Faerie Tanith

    Animals A-Z

  3. Faerie Tanith

    I'm bored game

  4. Faerie Tanith

    Famous Person Name A to Z

    Zac Efron
  5. Faerie Tanith

    Character Game

    Eric Matthews
  6. Faerie Tanith

    Celebrities Name A to Z

    Emilie Autumn
  7. Faerie Tanith

    Movie Title Game

    Donnie Darko
  8. Faerie Tanith

    Video games played in 2020

    You know the drill.
  9. Faerie Tanith

    TV shows watched in 2020

    I've watched two episodes of The Witcher. I'm not familiar with the video games or the books so it's all brand new to me, and so far I don't really get the hype BUT I do like it! I like it enough to see the season through to its end.
  10. Faerie Tanith

    Films watched in 2020

    I'm seeing Little Women tomorrow and I'm really excited to give it a good review!
  11. Faerie Tanith

    Guest Suggestions

    William Jackson Harper, Brian Van Holt, Elisha Cuthbert, Shawnee Smith, Henry Cavill, Damon Herriman, Mizuo Peck, Bonnie Wright, Laura Spencer, Leigh Whannell
  12. Faerie Tanith

    Guest Suggestions

    William Jackson Harper
  13. Faerie Tanith

    Guest Suggestions

    Elisha Cuthbert
  14. Costas Mandylor and/or Brian Van Holt would be awesome!