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  1. My entire met list is in my signature, and unsurprisingly my fave person is Costas Mandylor.
  2. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia cast would be great
  3. With nothing else to do, I ate an awful lot today. So much so, I've ended up in a food coma. Though not before I attempted a forward roll. Just because my floor is now tidy, and because I can. Turns out, I actually can't. My body is not as nimble as it was when I was 6. One week of isolation and I'm already losing the plot.
  4. Officially quarantined. Got so bored I actually cleaned my room.
  5. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT D: The forum won't seem the same. Good luck with your future ventures!
  6. I've heard we may all potentially be getting a grand each to help us through this trying time. I certainly wouldn't say no to that as it's more than I'd earn in two months.
  7. May as well let a mod decide then, idk. I only made this because I was bored and it felt like a good idea at the time.
  8. I'm holding off from buying tickets but so far Robbie is the main guest I want to meet.
  9. I've not really been into anime since I was 14 but Gakuen Babysitters is really cute. It's such a pick me up!
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