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  1. Finally got around to watching the live action remake of The Little Mermaid. Oh, my god. 10/10. I had chills most of the way through it. I know we're sick of Disney churning out remakes but this made up for all the disappointments they've put out over the years.
  2. Heart of Stone. Gal Gadot was the only good thing about it, and even she wasn't good enough to make the film worth watching.
  3. Saw Barbie last night. 100% absolutely loved it. Makes the hate against it seem even funnier now that I've seen it myself.
  4. People have always expressed disappointment over guests on here, I think the difference is that there used to be active moderators to curb too much complaining. Those mods were also responsible for a lot of the type topics. This place never really bounced back after Queen Sindel's departure for example.
  5. Gosh the guessing games were always so fun. One time when Costas Mandylor was announced they actually referenced me in the guessing game post. I miss that close knit feeling there once was on here.
  6. The forum feels like an airport at 2am. The only real activity is the announcements but hardly anyone is around to hear them and those who are are the tired frequent fliers.
  7. Surely LFCC Winter would be in trouble too then.
  8. This is why I think they're using the strikes as a cover for something else. Collectormania has always been a little more diverse in its contents, and while I have zero interest in sports guests they've always been a large part of the show and a big reason for a lot of people to come. Add to that people like cosplay guests or comic artists, maybe some prop photoshoots, and you've still got an event people will enjoy even if the film and tv guest numbers are low. To cancel it altogether and then keep promoting and hyping up LFCC Winter makes me think they just couldn't be bothered with a smaller con like this one. Again I know I'm a bit of a Cynical Cynthia but there's my thoughts.
  9. I don't usually go for autographs that I haven't acquired in person, but I won a personalised John C. McGinley autograph a while back and it's just arrived today. Beyond thrilled, he's one of my childhood idols!
  10. They said it's due to the strikes but honestly I saw this coming a mile off, my guess is they couldn't get enough guests or interest to justify going ahead with the event so they pulled the plug to save face. Cynical of me I know.
  11. If I go to these things I usually only ever do one day, and Saturday has more going on.
  12. Awww Sunday only. I wanted to ask him to do the Tarzan yell!
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