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  1. Either that or my memory is getting worse. Oh well.
  2. Am I going insane or has this been pushed back a full year?
  3. Sean Astin is the only one of the four main hobbits that I haven't met yet, so it'd be lovely to finally meet him.
  4. I also met him that year but didn't get a photo. I'd love to get that chance again!
  5. Some Desperate Housewives cast would be great!
  6. And THIS is why I held off on buying tickets.
  7. Would love some Reanimator cast! Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott, & Barbara Cranston
  8. Bride of Reanimator I guess I'm really going down the Jeffrey Combs rabbit hole.
  9. Just watched Would You Rather. I wasn't expecting a lot from this, but this was shockingly good. Definitely worth another watch sometime in the future.
  10. In light of Anna Shaffer and Myanna Buring being announced, I'm gonna be optimistic and hope for more Witcher cast; Freya Allan, Anya Chalotra, Joey Batey, and of course Henry Cavill.
  11. I missed out on meeting her in Milton Keynes in 2014... now I'm so tempted
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