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  1. Is that the one with Natalie Dormer?
  2. I've begun to- properly- watch The Tudors. I've seen it before when it was on back in the day, but never properly sat down and gave it a watch which I regret now because I'm hooked and I'm really cross knowing I could have loved this a decade ago.
  3. The way I'm seeing this, I probably won't be going at all. There's now two months until LFCC is due to happen and that's a very short time to buy all the tickets I want (usually I space out my purchases over several payslips so I don't bankrupt myself). Not to mention we have no idea whether the situation will be better or worse by July. But yeah even if things do clear up in time, which seems unlikely, I don't think I'll be going.
  4. I honestly hadn't heard of it prior to the show, which is shameful for someone who enjoys reading so much. Definitely loving it though!
  5. The Collector Online watch party with some horror loving friends. Not my favourite horror but likeable enough. Lots of over the top gore that I could take or leave though.
  6. 2027: Saw 32 - The Final Chapter For Real This Time (Until The Next Sequel)
  7. What's everyone's thoughts on The Witcher?
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