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  1. Faerie Tanith

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    I'm only two months late, but here are my photos! BONUS IMAGE: me being overwhelmed by Matthew Lillard doing his Shaggy voice for me
  2. Faerie Tanith

    Showing friends and family

    Oh I do. They never like it when I do that! I have to say that while I don't earn much, this is really the only thing I do splurge on. I don't drink or smoke or go out, I don't have holidays, I don't have a car or my own home that I have to pour money into, so these events are the only things that I'll spend vast amounts on right now. Most of the people who act snotty about this are the ones who blow 200 quid in a single night at a club or a bar. Not much room left to judge me when you're basically paying for a hangover!
  3. Well this is always a read and a half. Good seeing you on the Saturday even though it was brief! I actually saw very few forum people this year. Shocking.
  4. Faerie Tanith

    Showing friends and family

    I also get mixed reviews. Some people are quite interested and enjoy having a nose through mg autograph collection, others turn up their noses and ask who would ever spend money to meet these people.
  5. Faerie Tanith

    Celebrity Photo Boards

    Interesting! Never heard of that before. Matthew Lillards board will go for lots I'd imagine.
  6. Faerie Tanith

    Dates for next year

    Gets earlier and earlier by the year. In a few years it'll fall on my birthday!
  7. Faerie Tanith

    Guests you missed this year

    I think some diamond passes ended up missing out on Ian. Anyone without one didn't stand a chance.
  8. Faerie Tanith

    Guests you missed this year

    I missed out on Ian Somerhalders autograph, but I expected that might happen. Got my photoshoot with him so it wasn't a total loss.
  9. Faerie Tanith

    Bernard Cribbins appreciation

    Oh! I glimpsed Eccleston a couple of times but didn't realise Bernard was around there too.
  10. Faerie Tanith

    Signature quality

    My dad said this! He came with me when I met Emilie and exclaimed "now THAT'S a signature!" when she signed my print. Really pretty penmanship!
  11. Faerie Tanith

    Bernard Cribbins appreciation

    Where was he? My dad wanted to say hi but we didn't spot Bernard anywhere.
  12. I have to shout-out to Joshua Dunlop and his art stall of Pokémon Zoology. I'm fairly sure I'd seen some of those prints online a while ago but I've never been so enamored by concept art like his before. He was incredibly sweet and chatty, and took the time to explain his inspiration for some of his pieces while I looked through the portfolio. On Saturday I was there with my friend for quite a long time and ended up buying three lucky dip bags. When I got home I was raving about the stall to my dad and when we went back today, I dragged my dad to the stall because there's no possible way to describe that art and do it justice, it has to be seen to be appreciated! All in all I think I spent a total of £40 at his stall while even my dad ended up buying a Pikachu badge. I think he's an astounding asset to the stalls this year, which in general seemed a lot better and more varied this time. If you didn't see his stall, I urge you to look him up and have a leaf through his art because it is truly phenomenal!
  13. Faerie Tanith

    Matthew Lillard Appreciation

    Highlight of my weekend was Matthew saying "zoinks!" in his Shaggy voice, and then leaning over the table to give me a hug. I wish I could go back and tell 8 year old Scooby Doo obsessed me that one day I would receive a cuddle from Shaggy himself! As soon as I got home I had to put on Monsters Unleashed.
  14. Faerie Tanith

    Guest Experiences From The Weekend

    J Isaacs was so incredibly sweet and down to earth. Very humble and easy to talk to! We bonded over both being left handed and he was all smiles the entire time I saw him- whenever I was in a queue nearby I'd glance over and notice he was still every bit as lively and engaging with every single person who came to meet him. He's a childhood hero of mine so it was amazing to meet him. Ian Somerhalder, well, I wish he hadn't been as busy as he was, but that's hardly his fault and I didn't expect him to be easy to get to. I missed out on getting his autograph which is a shame, but I got my photoshoot with him yesterday and what a lovely man he is. Considering he must have been rushed off his feet and barely had a second to himself all weekend, he seemed to be making sure that every person who came through felt valued and appreciated. Everyone was greeted with a smile, a term of endearment, a handshake or a hug, rather than it just being a mindless factory line. When I had my photo done he squeezed me real hard so I ended up looking a little overwhelmed, and then I asked if it was okay to have a proper quick hug which he was more than happy to give me. He used to be a huge crush of mine a few years ago; alas my Vampire Diaries phase came and went fairly quickly and he's no longer really the apple of my eye, but for old times sake I'm so glad I got to meet him and that he made a rushed and hectic experience as pleasant as he possibly could have done. I don't know how I'd have kept calm in his shoes. Emilie de Ravin was very very sweet! Similar to Vampire Diaries, my Once Upon a Time obsession lasted a good long while but ended a few years ago, so I almost didn't go for any of the OUAT lot especially given the prices. But again, for old times sake, I knew I'd regret not meeting one of them and Emilie was the most affordable and easiest to queue for. My time with her was very brief but she was all smiles and looked absolutely beautiful! Matthew Lillard I almost didn't meet. As a child the live action Scooby Doo film was one I'd watch 50 times a week and drive my mum mad with, and even now I can quote the movie by heart! So in a way he's another big hero from my childhood. I also loved him as Stu in Scream, but Scooby is where it's at for me. I realised I actually really wanted to meet him when I walked past and saw his queue wasn't that long and I got a surge of childish excitement. When it got to my turn I made some small talk with him about the weekend, and then briefly gushed about how he's my favourite Shaggy and that he was a big part of my childhood. And then the highlight of the weekend; he treated me to a "zoinks!" in his Shaggy voice. My inner 8 year old was in tears! Kane Hodder was one I only met because my friend wanted to but didn't want to go alone. He'd drawn a watercolor picture of Jason and gave it to Kane at his table, which he genuinely loved- sometimes it's obvious when a guest is just being polite about a gift but he was getting his handlers to look at it and everything. He said he'd put the art in his office and urged my friend to pursue his talent, and gave him a free autograph. My friend came away in literal tears. I also got a handshake and a photo with him, lovely guy! My dad went to meet William Shatner and Vladimir Furdik. Can't say too much about Shatner on account of he was very quick about signing my dad's autograph, but my dad seemed thrilled enough. Vladimir had a chat with him about his favourite Game of Thrones scenes and his role in Skyfall. I got to sneakily meet them both since I was with my dad so I can't complain! Kerry Ingram instantly remembered me from Milton Keynes 6 years ago, when I was in full Elsa cosplay! She was very lovely just as before, I'm a little sad that she never seemed to have a queue on the go. Another one I'm surprised had no queue was Jessica Henwick. And Finn Jones for that matter. I said hello to both of them and they were so lovely, but every time I walked by them they had literally nobody waiting at all. Finn especially had been insanely busy in previous years so I was quite shocked. Alfie Allen, Christina Ricci and Tom Felton I can't really say much about. I only had photoshoots with them and while they were perfectly pleasant, there was barely much interaction besides greeting, photo, and goodbye. Very glad to have met them all the same!
  15. Faerie Tanith

    Help finding an artist

    I know exactly the one you mean- it was by the saltwater taffy stall right? I didn't get the name of the sellers but they had some great prints!