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  1. This feels like when the teacher had to leave the classroom to make a copy and the second they left the entire class would start a ruler war
  2. I'd volunteer to step into a mod role, as I kind of miss my forum moderating days, but knowing myself I would cave at the first sign of trouble and honestly would just be another 2020 catastrophe.
  3. I wouldn't trust that anything is set in stone for the moment, no matter what gets announced
  4. Brian Van Holt Henry Cavill Jonathan Rhys Meyers Lily Collins Zach McGowan
  5. I was just observing! I also just watched Coraline for the first time. Not that into it I gotta say.
  6. Ahh, I forgot we're under no management...
  7. Mads looks like he's having one hell of a time there
  8. Should the two guest suggestion topics be merged?
  9. Age 77. Absolutely gutted to hear.
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