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  1. Faerie Tanith


    Is it sad that I only have any interest in him because he voiced Moses in The Prince of Egypt?
  2. Faerie Tanith


    Oh my god, that's a HUGE one!
  3. Interested to see how an autumn date will differ!
  4. Sunday hasn't begun yet but all the same. How was everybody's weekend? I know there was a general feeling of disappointment among many but I still managed to have a good day and left happy today! How did everybody else do? Who did you meet? What did you buy from the stalls?
  5. Possibly the easiest I've ever had it- I didn't even need to print my own schedule this year!
  6. Another great guest for my Saw connections! Very sweet man.
  7. Best guest there in my opinion. Laura was super friendly! She seemed to really like the little gift I gave her even though it got a bit broken and I got a hug at the photoshoot!
  8. Faerie Tanith

    How is today going?

    In my opinion it's been good! Just not a lot to do in general. What IS here is great though! For a Saturday it felt like a quiet Sunday. Laura Vandervoort was my main guest that I wanted to meet. I brought her a cuddly toy (a dog with a unicorn horn) which unfortunately broke a little on the journey over, but she seemed to love it! "We're all a little bit broken" she said when I apologized for it. She gave me a hug at the photoshoot, really pleased with how that turned out! Also to the crew member in front of me in the queue around 2pm- I hope you didn't end up being late to your other commitments! Elizabeth Webster was very friendly as well, very glad I decided to go see her. She kept complimenting my silver hair and we had a chat about the ending of Game of Thrones. It's always really nice to meet down to earth guests like her. As for stalls, I feel like there weren't many, and the ones that were there are just more of the same that we always see at these events. I couldn't find much Saw merch but did buy a Billy the puppet plushie once I tracked it down! Also got some Sansa Stark cupcakes. I definitely spent a good hundred pounds which is actually a really low amount for me at these things, but ah well! Leaves me more money for London and like I said, this was still good! Just very quiet.
  9. Probably will be showing up in the afternoon since Laura Vandervoort is my only photoshoot and she's down for 15:15. Nice and easy day!
  10. Faerie Tanith

    Guest Suggestions

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau pretty please
  11. I didn't realise how few photoshoots I've actually got- just the one. Wondering whether to buy a couple more just to fill up my day so or whether to save more money for autographs.
  12. Faerie Tanith

    Guest announcement Thursday 23rd at 7pm

    Today was an early payday for me. An omen that this is going to be a guest that I like perhaps? I hope.
  13. Faerie Tanith

    Guest announcement Thursday 23rd at 7pm

    Really hope this is someone I like. I could really do with some good news this week.