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  1. Viggo Mortensen would definitely be amazing. So would Liv Tyler. Or Sean Astin, so I can complete my core four hobbit set!
  2. Not sure if he's the sort to do cons, but with credits from Harry Potter, the DCU, The Sandman, and such a wide variety of other genres, I think he'd be a wonderful guest!
  3. Any guests from Saw House of Wax The Devil's Carnival Repo! The Genetic Opera
  4. Singing Floral or citrus (scents)
  5. Peter Capaldi was in Dangerous Liaisons with John Malkovich, who was in Queen's Logic with Kevin Bacon. Bacon number is 2. Next up: David Thewlis
  6. Just watched Divorcing Jack. As far as dark comedies go, this one was excellent. Very credible Northern Irish accents from David Thewlis and Jason Isaacs. Predictable ending but very good nonetheless.
  7. Just finished watching The Menu. Very, very good. Classic Ralph Fiennes villain.
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