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  1. Yes. Check at the Show please. If it's cancelled there will be an updated schedule there.
  2. That is the Suggestion I did make. So yeah, Looks like it was added and they just didn't confirm it to me.
  3. I have already forwarded the concerns. But most of the Office are already in London for set up, so I doubt I will get a Response before Tuesday at best.
  4. If you're alone that's no Problem at all. Just tell them the second Person could not travel. I am not 100 percent familiar with the press pass System. I was thinking you'd have to Show the E-Mail, but I am not 100 percent sure. Maybe someone else can chime in?
  5. My above post is verbatim what I was told. I really don't want to guess.
  6. Confirmed update: It is NOT the West Hall. Please follow instructions by Event Crew on the day as to where to queue.
  7. I've asked for confirmation, please bear with me.
  8. I answered your last post About this with some Questions. If you could give me the info I asked for I can give you a way better answer. Your said yesterday that Noel refunds were issued the day before. I don't work with the store, I don't know when they have issued. How do you know they were issued Tuesday? Did you get an E-Mail confirming your refund has been issued? Banks like to Play with Money unfortunately, refunds to credit Cards are not as instant as charges due to that.
  9. I work for Showmasters, I am one of their forum administrators. So I can contact most people in the office. Go to the show, show the confirmation you got. Tell them that the second person could not come and someone else is replacing them. They will switch the names and give you the passes. Warning, my French is quite basic too. Allez à l'événement, montrez la confirmation que vous avez obtenue. Dites-leur que la deuxième personne n'a pas pu venir et que quelqu'un d'autre les remplace. Ils changeront les noms et vous donneront les laissez-passer.
  10. The last show had a variety of gifts. I remember pencil cases and wasn't there one of these phone battery things? For Meat Loaf I also strongly suggest getting a Diamond Pass if you really want his auto. He was an extremely slow signer last time he attended and I genuinely can't remember how many VQ tickets got seen. It wasn't a lot. For Alice Cooper I would be careful as well, but that is me personally.
  11. I got hold of Jill and she said just bring the other person, they will sort you out at the show. I will not be at the show unfortunately, but lots of lovely crew members will be around.
  12. They won't be able to help you during set up. Bring the new person and explain the situation at the show if you don't hear back.
  13. Sorry, I Need to make sure I am understanding correct. You did get the E-Mail confirming that the refunds have been actioned? If so unfortunately the delay is with your bank. Sometimes they like to Play with refunds. Did you switch Cards since you placed your order? That may cause Problems.
  14. Basically a Q&A, yes. Going by the Name it sounds like the host will be Pretty involved, asking some predetermined Questions too.
  15. Yes, they are. The only exception is the one Raylenth mentioned. There will be an updated schedule containing all the missing shoots (and also correcting the issue of one person being in two places at the same time ;)), but I have not been given a time when it will be available.
  16. I will try my best, but I can only forward it to the person handling. Some people who had asked reported they got their press passes today. So you have not heard back?
  17. Okay, merged and answering second question: There is a batch number on your ticket. The Diamond Passes are called by batches, but you can go any time after your number has been called. What is your batch number?
  18. Hello! You ca't discuss other events on the forum, that includes naming them. Thus I have edited your post a little. What questions do you have?A lot of people go and Cosplay if that's your first question.
  19. Summer LFCC is the only Show that has an early Diamond Pass pick up, yes.
  20. Stress the "if". Way to start a completely unnecessary Panic. I have not heard of any spike in UK infections let alone an imminent pandemic in the UK. Some Areas in Italy have reached the Point where Government made that decision to quarantine and the News have reported the first cases in Austria. I am Pretty sure anything significant Happening in the UK would have been reported in Germany after Brexit too. Closing here. Any effects by anything - Corona, Meteor shower, the venue being on fire or anything else - will of Course be posted as soon as Things have been confirmed.
  21. Contact the store and get their approval. Usually you have to buy the new ticket and the old one will be refunded, but I currently have no info if this is possible at this Show too.
  22. I've poked the Office again yesterday evening, but have had no Reply yet.
  23. The app will not work for Spring to the best of my Knowledge.
  24. If you have schedule Questions everyone is happy to help, but please make sure you got the days Right. Times and what Areas also help. This is not a schedule as large as the July Show, but it still helps a lot. Arrive early for Georgina and tell Crew you have the other shoots, yes.
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